Are North Wales Police Protecting The Ugly Face Of Welsh Nationalism?

With the Scottish independence issue quickly approaching the ‘Day of Reckoning’, we have seen horrendous instances of Scottish nationalism and its hatred of anything English.

Anti-English racists, better known as ‘Cybernats’ are using internet to intimidate, threaten, smear and demean anyone who happens to hold a different viewpoint or belief on the question of Scottish Independence.

We do have legal provisions to protect people from hate campaigns at long last and certainly in the Sottish context the Crown Office may start to get tough on the trolls and make them accountable for the often incessant and hysterical on-line abuse of innocent victims.

Time will tell if the Crown chooses to act and prosecute as they have the tools and could demand locking up the low-life nationalists, assuming they are found guilty in Courts of Law, for up to five years.

Personally, I’m not holding my breath that anything tangible will be done as nationalists in the UK context seem to be the ‘protected species’. Often authorities, mistakenly in my view, choose to turn a blind eye through ‘political expedience considerations’ rather than to face head-on the bullies who believe that they are untouchable and above the law.

Overzealous political expedience and political correctness must never be a consideration if we are going to have a fair and balanced society and above all we must uphold the duty of care by protecting vulnerable and abused people in our society – Case in point, the current Rotherham Child Abuse Scandal, that could have and should have been avoided. In other words there must never again be ‘Sacred Cows or Invisible Elephants’ that create precedents for doing NOTHING!

I’m writing this from the personal experience of having had to face the wrath of Cybernats for some time now, but within the Welsh context where the Anti-English sentiments are just as strong as those found in Scotland.

In Wales hate campaigns are promoted by a minority of people who are stooped in a warped XIII century world where a ‘nation’ that never existed is being recreated by missionaries who still speak the ancient Brittonic language known as ‘Welsh’ and long for the day to be ‘Free of English Shackles and Colonial Oppression’.

So, what’s my crime to deserve intimidation, threats, bulling then often vile, libellous and inaccurate distortions within Cybernats web pages about my background, my politics and myself as a person?

Apparently I dared to challenge the new order and the privileges that Welsh Labour Party under the leadership of Welsh speaking Celts (Rhodri Morgan first and now Carwyn Jones) imposed on Welsh populous to accept and worship the Welsh Language Supremacy in public employment and education. Therefore I’m often called a ‘Welsh Hater, sometimes a ‘Foreign Nazi that should not be here’, then ‘An English Colonialist’, a BNP Creep and a lot worse!

When insults fail, they damage my car, so I wonder what next and especially how long the North Wales Police (NWP) will take to act as so far they are doing nothing tangible to protect me or bring the perpetrators of an incessant and hysterical hate campaign against myself to face the justice!?

Policing and Justice are not devolved matters, therefore both bodies are within the control of the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice and as such outside, at least for now, any influence of Cardiff based Celtic Government. But in my view and from my experience the NWP has already devolved itself and increasingly plays a role of defending the Y Fro privileges and by any means.

It’s no longer possible for those wishing to pursue a police career in North Wales to get a job or to qualify to apply unless they are Welsh speakers. Even the ‘proverbial floor sweepers’ must have basic conversational Welsh to get the privilege of being considered worthy of a cleaning job in North Wales Police establishments.

For proper policing jobs candidates need fluent Welsh which is primarily found within applicants who have Welsh as the first language at home and as of now NWP has nearly 40% of Welsh speakers in their ranks.

This is a staggering number as the community they serve (Counties of Anglesey, Gwynedd, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham) at best have Welsh speaking population of circa 15% and their formally declared aim is to be 100% ‘bilingual’ in the Welsh language context – In other words soon to be the first all Welsh speaking Celtic Police Force and sod the majority of people who do not share their vision of the new Welsh order and the employment privileges for the few.

This hasn’t happened overnight and the initial culprit was their often controversial Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom (now retired), who elevated Welsh speakers into a ‘special status’ and even attended and addressed Welsh Language Society Annual meetings to promote their political interests. Which are basically English Free Wales (perhaps akin to a Metropolitan Police Head attending a BNP rally in London, which would have create a national outcry – but in Wales anything seems to go if it means sucking up to the Welsh nationalists and their insatiable demands for more Welsh)!

His successor (Mark Polin) did nothing to re-balance the situation and he seems to be ‘blind and deaf’ to the ongoing erosion of policing standards under his leadership – which is now rife within the force. Perhaps not surprising when it appears that the main duty he has is the following: “A day to day responsibility for Corporate Communications and Welsh Language Cultural Issues”.

To cap it all NWP now have a Commissioner who is of the Y Fro background and committed to the Welsh language imposition and this is none other than the Honourable Winston Roddick QC.  In the last communication I had with him he arrogantly told me to expect more Welsh language prominence within the NWP!

The reason I had to approach Winston Roddick was that the NWP failed to act upon some serious allegations of criminal activity and corruption within the Conwy County Council and especially within their Local Education Authority (LEA) under the leadership of Geraint James (Director for Education).

The LEA was using illegal means to impose Welsh language education within the County primary schools through blatant fraud and has also failed to carry out any consultation process as prescribed and contained within the Education Act for England and Wales before changing linguistic profile of primary schools within the Conwy LEA to more Welsh and more Welsh speaking teachers.

As the alleged crimes are related to ‘Welsh Language’ the NWP who at first stated in writing to me that they would investigate the allegations, then quickly changed their tune and refused point blank to get further involved, then in my naivety I approached their Commissioner!

I did not engage into any further correspondence with Winston after receiving his letter, but instead looked into his background and especially his conduct prior and during the elections for the Police and Crime Commissioner in North Wales. I was ‘gob smacked’ when I discovered the extent of the smoke and mirrors he used to get the IPCC to drop the investigation into his alleged criminal behaviour and alleged improper conduct, then to publicly claim that he has been vindicated, therefore the end of the matter!

Was Winston exonerated as he claims to be so – apparently not based on the information I have and in my view this man has no integrity or honesty whatsoever and my opinion is not fit for any public duty.

Harsh Words? – Definitely not as the IPCC’s Investigating Officer DI Sparrow failed to apply the Representation of People Act 1993 when looking into Roddick’s case and the issue was fudged (My last communication with the IPCC goes back to December 2013 when IPCC’s Director Colin Woodward sent me a letter that effectively said ‘Bugger Off’ we are not disclosing any further information)!

I heard recently some anecdotal evidence that Winston Roddick may have used his Free Masonry connections to get sympathetic treatment from the IPCC – According to the national press, it appears that the police and judiciary contain significant numbers of ‘Funny Handshake’ people!

Finally on the Hate Matters and Hate Campaigns in Wales, I received yesterday the following note from a sympathiser which aptly sums up what kind society we have in ‘Devolved Wales’ – TSK said:

“The LANGUGE MAFIA have ruined our great little country…..75% of us are ENGLISH as FIRST language speakers. Time they STOPPED hating us maybe?”

In my view TSK was overgenerous by implying 25% of ‘them’ hate ‘us’ and a more accurate figure is likely to be circa 5%, but they have the power through Celtic Governance to control the rest of us on their terms!?

Jacques Protic 

11 thoughts on “Are North Wales Police Protecting The Ugly Face Of Welsh Nationalism?

  1. I am English, raised in the East of England. I’m quite frankly offended… not by your poorly written article itself, but by the use of entirely fictional statistic to back up bigoted and ill conceived arguments…

    For example….'(Counties of Anglesey, Gwynedd, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham) at best have Welsh speaking population of circa 15%’ – where did you find this statistic from? ‘At best’ the percentage of welsh speakers in Gwynedd according to the most recent census was 74% and the average from all of those counties is considerably higher than 15% at… 43%

    This makes your other point that ‘NWP has nearly 40% of Welsh speakers in their ranks.’ actually rather reasonable. Around 40% of the population in the area covered by this force speaks welsh….around 40% of the NWP force speaks welsh.

    As you seem to be incapable of conducting sufficient research I have provided you with a link that you may find useful

    I sincerely hope you use this in the future….i agree with you that nationalists (where ever they are from) inciting hatred should not be tolerated….if you truly believe this, i would suggest further educating yourself in order to remove yourself from this category of people

    • Fascinating ‘indignation’ and from an ‘Englishman’ too but remember the old saying “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”! Fully aware of the ONS figures but you’re using them out of context relative to the main article – Knowing Welsh or some Welsh doesn’t mean fluency in Welsh and specific to Gwynedd only circa 25% of all Welsh speakers there insist on using Welsh in their dealings with the ‘Public bodies’ Circa 75% prefer to use English! Suggest you read comments to a recent IWA article on the Welsh Language Standards especially those from J. Jones and John R Walker –

      • The fact some people in Gwynedd decide to speak English with public bodies as the have been lead to belive ‘Welsh is not important ‘ does not mean they prefer the English language. If they did why do so many speak it as a first language and pass it on two their children?

        • Not just ‘some people’ Efa based on survey of Welsh speakers nearly 70% prefer to use English language when dealing with public bodies or seeking medical treatment. To my thinking Welsh language is a cultural language of a minority that needs supporting but can not and must not be imposed on the majority without a referendum (All Welsh language measures have been imposed either by the Westminster or the Welsh Assembly but at no point Welsh people have been consulted – Social Engineering by stealth)!?

  2. I am so glad that people like Jaques are prepared to speak up for the rights of the great majority of the people living in Wales who either do not speak Welsh or whose first language is English.

    I have witnessed repeatedly how people are treated cruelly by Welsh Language militants, punishing school children for speaking to their siblings in English at break time, giving planning benefits to Welsh speakers, hiding fraud and embezzlement behind the screen of the Welsh language by people in positions of local authority.

    The problem we face now is the spending of public tax payers money in ways that bring cultural or economic benefit to Welsh speakers, and prevent access to local employment to non-Welsh speakers. The multi-million white elephant arts scheme for Bangor will only employ people if they are fluent Welsh speakers. The ability to speak in welsh is given much higher weight than the ability to perform in post. Members of the local community who are not fluent Welsh speakers are not even able to be involved as volunteers.

    Bangor is now a very muti-cultural social mix, and I estimate that at least 50% of all the people within Bangor city area would not normally speak Welsh or English to their family. It is a serious waste of public funding if a huge new arts centre is imposed upon the people of Bangor where only Welsh speakers may be employed and may take part as volunteers. This gives a message that people who do not speak Welsh are not regarded as equal and valued members of our society or community. It is a process of division, when we should all be working towards a more integrated and culturally diverse society.

    • Well stated, surely it is against EU law to have this situation where a job is only given to someone because they speak a minority language?
      What about the students in Bangor?? Or Welsh people who don’t speak Cymraeg? That’s why this website exists. Not saying people should not speak Welsh. This whole situation is crazy. If something does not change soon. I suggest a post graduate or a Welsh person does take this discriminatory fraud to the EU courts. Being Welsh is not just about speaking Cymraeg.

      • S & J, You’ve made a sharp observation ‘Legality v Minority language imposition’ – Plan to cover this aspect in some depth soon. Sadley, the Welsh Labour controlled by the Welsh speaking First Minister has decided that Wales is a ‘Bilingual Nation’ therefore according to them everyone living here has a Duty and an Obligation to learn Welsh!

        In the post devolution period covering the last 15 years the Governing party (Welsh Labour) has created an Orwellian World where privileged few (7% fluent Welsh speakers and to lesser extent 13% who speak ‘Wenglish’ are made ‘More Equal’. In other Words No Welsh Language = No job in the Public Sector (Minor exceptions).

        ‘Legality’ Screams Out’ but the Welsh Media is complicit and an integral part of the Social Engineering process by being 100% behind Carwyn Jones and his policies! No Government scrutiny by the Welsh Media, masses left ignorant and coupled with the fact that Wales is largely invisible to the national media the Welsh political establishment is getting away with the murder and the victims in this context are the Welsh majority (Non-Welsh speakers) and their children who are damaged for life (Academically) by the Welsh language imposition! The Editor.

  3. I can’t comment on the police matters but I’m increasingly alarmed at the vicious nature of Scottish and particularly Welsh nationalism on the internet.

    We seem to have traveled backwards in this country into the realms of the little known 13th century and allow myth and legend to fester as if it occurred yesterday live on 24 hour media. Wales has proclaimed itself a “celtic” country at the very time nationalists are falling over themselves telling everyone their nationalism is ‘”civic” for example If Plaid Cymru the self styled “party of Wales” is “civic” why do they have official links with self styled “Celts” in far off Cornwall?

    This form of ethnic nationalism has so far been seen as innocent and unworthy of note but it has a common thread and that is hatred of England and the English who are often regarded as a different race, ie Saxon.

    Those in authority would laugh this off and ordinary people wouldn’t give it a second thought but when you’re dealing with nationalists fully committed to these peculiar ideas and you happen to find yourself on the receiving end the threat is as real as any other kind of bigoted hatred.

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