WELSH DEVOLUTION – A Single Party Governance on Orwellian Terms: 16 years of failure and more to come!


With the Assembly elections looming upon us the Welsh electorate has some unenviable choices to make, but can it make the real choices in the absence of the free media and with virtually no scrutiny  of the key issues that have made Wales a basket case ‘nation’ of Europe and the UK?

Of all the devolved UK regions, Wales happens to be relatively unique in the context that it has a ‘living’ minority language and a culture that has somehow become ‘More Equal’ and where some 7% of fluent Welsh speakers have managed to take over the Ownership of Wales.

It’s not simple to explain this phenomenon but the nationalist agenda of creating a ‘Welsh speaking Cymru (Wales)’ started a long time ago and over time they managed to infiltrate the key Welsh institutions, then simply waited for the right opportunity to arrive.

The following statement is from the House of Lords archives (1958) and it goes a long way to explain what’s happening in Wales today:

“Welsh nationalists have captured the BBC Wales and are making a determined assault on our schools. I am afraid these Eisteddfod-going Welsh-language-thumping people will stop at nothing to force their views on the majority”

Devolution has given them the gift they waited for, then the sinister political manipulation of devolved powers by the Welsh speaking Labour Party leaders (Rhodri Morgan first and now Carwyn Jones) who together with the unquestionable complicity and support of the Welsh Media (BBC / ITV Wales) and to the lesser extent Western Mail and the Daily Post seemingly managed to achieve the impossible – A Tribal Minority ruling the Majority!

Fluent Welsh speakers have created a myth that Wales belongs to them: “Their Country, Their Language, Their Culture“. Therefore, the Welsh Governance should be on their terms – A form of self-granted ‘Exceptionalism’ and all at a huge price to Wales and so it seems everything that matters or should matter to Wales is now in a terminal decline!
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LIGHT A FIRE FOR WALES – Burn an English Home

mug350Mug Inscription: Taniwch Dros Cymru which when translated means ‘Light a Fire for Wales’, the motif shown depicts a Burning Home and to make sense in the Welsh context it must be an English home?

This is a chilling and sinister Welsh souvenir from the not so distant past and whilst the burning of English homes has stopped, Wales now has a new and an equally sinister order named ‘ENGLISH NOT’.

The Welsh Labour Government over the last 16 years has used its devolved powers to elevate a minority language and its culture through compulsion and diktat to a privileged position.

The better informed but gagged and silenced people of Wales see this as a Social Engineering concept not seen in Europe since the Stalinist era and for some very good reasons:

It’s now no longer possible for the lesser equals (Non Welsh speakers circa 80% +) to hold most of the public jobs or to educate their children THROUGH THE MEDIUM OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE (The parental freedom of choice to choose educational language for their children in primary years has been or is being removed by the Local Education Authorities on Anglesey, Gwynedd, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire)

This policy has been fully endorsed by the Welsh Government and by Estyn also and is now a format planned for the rest of Wales.

These measures appear to have the full blessing of BBC Cymru Wales (note the order!) and other Welsh media who will say and do anything to suppress, sanitise, and squash an open debate on this subject.

Perhaps we should not be surprised that anything that matters or should matter in Wales is in a downward spiral; including standards in Education, the NHS and the Economy (Is a common link the Welsh Language)?

The people of Wales should take the heed of Gwyn Thomas and what he had to say on this subject some 30 years ago.

YouTube clip here : yt1

Finally and back to the contemporary Wales, came across a fascinating assessment of Welsh Government’s Orwellian world by Natalie Solent on Samizdata web pages and well worth reading:


YouTube clip here :yt2 (The original YouTube clip was taken down after Welsh nats sent a deluge of complaints to YouTube to silence Gwyn Thomas’ message – The new clip contains some other material but the key note about the Welsh language is about 15 min’s in)

Jacques Protic – March 2015

Y Fro Nationalists ‘Shoot down Royal Air Force’

At this very moment David Cornock of BBC Wales, as their Westminster correspondent, has written an article which touches upon the Welsh Language: “William Hague’s Bed Time Reading” ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-29159356 ) and inadvertently opened up a small opportunity for those who feel uneasy about being forced to assimilate into the Welsh language and its culture to express their feelings and thoughts.

This is easier said than done as BBC Wales in post devolution Wales excels itself by sanitising and censoring comments that expose sheer nonsense and insanity of Welsh language imposition and policies in Wales, especially in education, that is damaging children “Socially and Academically”.

This brings me back to RAF Valley on Anglesey who in 2011 published on their website a Welcome Message from the Station Commander to promote Day School Allowance for North Wales (DSA) aimed at service personnel with young children – In other words RAF is providing an opportunity of good education for children in their care in English language within the local independent schools, by funding the school fees.

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Are North Wales Police Protecting The Ugly Face Of Welsh Nationalism?

With the Scottish independence issue quickly approaching the ‘Day of Reckoning’, we have seen horrendous instances of Scottish nationalism and its hatred of anything English.

Anti-English racists, better known as ‘Cybernats’ are using internet to intimidate, threaten, smear and demean anyone who happens to hold a different viewpoint or belief on the question of Scottish Independence.

We do have legal provisions to protect people from hate campaigns at long last and certainly in the Sottish context the Crown Office may start to get tough on the trolls and make them accountable for the often incessant and hysterical on-line abuse of innocent victims.

Time will tell if the Crown chooses to act and prosecute as they have the tools and could demand locking up the low-life nationalists, assuming they are found guilty in Courts of Law, for up to five years.

Personally, I’m not holding my breath that anything tangible will be done as nationalists in the UK context seem to be the ‘protected species’. Often authorities, mistakenly in my view, choose to turn a blind eye through ‘political expedience considerations’ rather than to face head-on the bullies who believe that they are untouchable and above the law.

Overzealous political expedience and political correctness must never be a consideration if we are going to have a fair and balanced society and above all we must uphold the duty of care by protecting vulnerable and abused people in our society – Case in point, the current Rotherham Child Abuse Scandal, that could have and should have been avoided. In other words there must never again be ‘Sacred Cows or Invisible Elephants’ that create precedents for doing NOTHING!

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Glasnost is back!

For a full year now Glasnost has been involved in exhaustive and at times frustrating investigative research upon delicate aspects of ‘Welsh Governance’ by extracting information of public interest from the Local Authorities and the Welsh Assembly Government – Glasnost is now back with new revelations that will disturb and shock as to the context of what is being done in our name by the few and for the few.

The next article is a simple prelude to a series of articles that we will publish over the next few months; all evidence based with the primary focus being on Conwy Borough Council and their Local Education Authority.  What has happened and what is happening in Conwy today is simply a platform as to what to expect in the rest of English speaking Wales in the not too distant future.

BBC Wales and other Welsh media will not be spared either as they have all tried to stop significant news from breaking into the national domain.  They have concealed the real issues and facts relative to a recent ‘incident’ specific to Conwy LEA and of prime significance and relevance to the English speaking community of the county of Conwy and rest of the Wales.

The details of the ‘incident’ were highly distorted and only broadcast to the Welsh language audiences by the BBC. Trinity Mirror newspapers were just as bad if not worse with some appalling and warped standards of ‘journalistic objectivity’.

Surprisingly, BBC Wales formally requested an interview with the Glasnost political editor, and then at the last minute the interview was cancelled.   We have no doubt that a gagging order came down from the very top of the BBC Wales hierarchy with no explanation other than a deafening silence.

Conwy Local Education Authority Shamelessly Stealing Children’s Future and Practising Ethnic Cleansing – Part I

If you are a parent of a child from an English speaking home, and you want the best possible English medium education for your child in their crucially important primary years; you will be hard pushed to find a primary school within Conwy LEA that can be defined as a good school and the few that are left are oversubscribed and under increasing pressure to lose the remaining teachers who can’t deliver Welsh Language Curriculum and within a County that is predominantly English speaking.

Conwy Borough Council and its LEA have been planning your child’s future for many years and have used deceit, fraud and stealth to impose terms that suits their vision of the Borough’s future.   This future is based on Welsh nationalist terms where only those being able to use the Welsh language with significant fluency will be considered suitable for public employment including education.

There are some exceptionally strong words in this statement that some people who may not be familiar with the legal provisions applicable to Local Authorities in the discharge of their duties as a public service may consider this article to be unfair and perhaps unbalanced.

Not so, as those very words have been used in direct correspondence with the Conwy Borough Council’s Legal Team on the matters concerning the Borough’s primary education policies and all we have from them were some muted apologies for getting legislative provisions wrong and a large amount of irrelevant nonsense with the intention to deflect from the real issues at hand.

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Welsh Language Experiment Has Failed

It’s nearly 10 years since the Welsh Labour Government introduced its vision and policies for the ‘Bilingual Wales’ and since 2003 we have seen a deluge of Welsh Language measures introduced onto the Welsh statute and most of them without any public debate or detailed assessment of any implications that such measures may bring about and we find the media silence on this issue exceptionally eerie and against best interests of Welsh people at large.

BBC Wales is effectively applying censorship on wider public awareness upon the language issues and closely followed by ITV’s Wales stance on silencing the language debate and the only conclusion we can draw is that the political correspondents and higher management in both organisations must be supporters of the Welsh Nationalist Agenda!?

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Neo Stalinism in the UK – Fact or Fiction?

With so many issues and problems currently facing the UK, there is one part of it which seems oblivious to reality and has a modus vivendi focused upon the revision of history, social engineering and is hell bent on removing anything English.

What’s more it has been doing it for more than 10 years now and unchallenged by the elected political representatives, media and sadly the human rights watchdog.

In other words a deafening silence from the so-called champions of democracy upon the issues that should be high on the agenda of public debate including transparent and open assessment as to where this is all going, for whose benefit and at what cost.

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