Welcome to Glasnost

Glasnost is a relatively new independent organisation aiming to provide its readers and supporters with fresh perspectives upon social and cultural issues that affect daily lives of people in the UK. Whenever possible we aim to expose and question excesses, institutionalised arrogance and other abuses of democracy and basic human rights.

We also aim to open dialogue on almost anything that could bring changes and make life better for ordinary people in our society. While we can bounce ideas around or propose solutions we’d like our readers and contributors to have their input too.

Glasnost will support any legitimate cause for making our society a better place for all and if you have any issues affecting or infringing your civil liberties, do please let us know.

Ultimately we want to expand the boundaries of public debate and we need you to get involved – as complacency, whether electoral or general, can lead to a culture of impunity amongst those who aim to rule or control our lives.

Never accept anything less than the absolute fairness, integrity, transparency and honesty from our Government, Governmental agencies, Town Halls and Corporate institutions – including the Banks and the Utilities. Even the media (TV and the newsprint) should not escape wider scrutiny as they have an agenda too and their agenda may not be in people’s best interests.

People should not be afraid to challenge the so called ‘set in stone’ measures from anywhere and civil liberties should never be negotiable, infringed or abused.

Currently Glasnost is focusing on Wales and for the very reasons as set out above. Wales is subject to an unprecedented social engineering experiment imposed by stealth and deceit by the Welsh Labour Government, using ‘legalised compulsion’ as a tool for its aims and without a mandate from Welsh people (for full details see Articles).

Glasnost will raise other important issues; especially the poverty which in the aftermath of the recession and banking scandals has so many mind boggling sub-definitions. But no matter what kind of poverty people may suffer the result and impact upon individuals and their families is huge and often devastating.

We do not believe that our politicians fully realise or understand what poverty means and we intend to drive this message home loud and clear. No ‘Big Society’ can justify neglect of the vulnerable and the poor to the extent of depriving them of the simple dignity to live their lives with some normality – the very situation that we have now throughout the UK.