Neo Stalinism in the UK – Fact or Fiction?

With so many issues and problems currently facing the UK, there is one part of it which seems oblivious to reality and has a modus vivendi focused upon the revision of history, social engineering and is hell bent on removing anything English.

What’s more it has been doing it for more than 10 years now and unchallenged by the elected political representatives, media and sadly the human rights watchdog.

In other words a deafening silence from the so-called champions of democracy upon the issues that should be high on the agenda of public debate including transparent and open assessment as to where this is all going, for whose benefit and at what cost.

  • Where in the UK are you singled out by most of the public bodies as unemployable on the grounds that the only language you can speak and use is English?
  • Where in the UK are children being forced into bilingual education and ‘immersed’ into a largely irrelevant language and are now in the process of paying a huge price through underachievement and lost opportunities to learn in the crucially important formative years?
  • Where in the UK is teacher selection nearly 100% allocated on the basis of bilingual abilities with little or no consideration given to their overall competence and where the English only speaking teachers are marginalised and excluded?
  • Where in the UK are parental rights in choosing the educational language for their children as enshrined in the Education Act for England & Wales and EU human rights provisions is treated with absolute contempt and ignored?
  • Where in the UK are essential public services starved of cash and public funding diverted to fund Social Engineering at a tune of some £200 Million each year?

So, with all of this said, is it an outlandish and a baseless assertion or a fact based overview of a situation that is currently a reality in Wales?

The only parallels that can be drawn from history to match the extent and erosion of democracy, human rights violations and some would say blatant racism in Wales is the Stalinist USSR.

We are all familiar with Stalinism as it has become synonymous in the English speaking world with rigid authoritarianism and unacceptable acts of human rights abuse.

The last time the ‘Stalinism label’ was used in the Welsh public domain was by the Labour Shadow Welsh Secretary the Right Hon Peter Hain when he objected to the proposed electoral boundaries changes in Wales and this was only a few weeks ago!

It was the same Peter Hain who in his capacity as the Secretary of State for Wales allowed the First Minister of Wales at the time, Rhodri Morgan to drive the newly formed Welsh Assembly Government to achieve his personal ambitions based on his Welsh Nationalism and using Labour party as a platform of convenience and in the process managing to create conditions to reinvent an ancient British Celtic language which can be only used fully and properly in a literate sense by a tiny fraction of Welsh population and give it a standing and status of unparalleled dominance over the principal national language.

Peter Hain of all people should have known better from his own experience of living under apartheid conditions in South Africa in a system that abused nations majority and for him to be seen as a creator of a new form of apartheid and neo-Stalinist authoritarianism that the people of Wales have to live with for now, takes a lot to comprehend or understand.

It appears to us that in British politics, personal egos in their quest for a place in history are not restrained by fairness or any democratic principles or values? In fairness to Peter, he was not the first one to inflict damage on the Welsh society. Years ago John Major, short of the overall majority after the election at the time, needed two extra votes to remain in power and he got it from the Welsh Nationalists (Plaid Cymru) in exchange for the Welsh Language Act II which overnight elevated a simple cultural language to an equal status with English language in Wales and at no point Welsh people had any say in any of this.

With no public debate, consultation, opposition or checks of any sort, in no time this language, generally known as Welsh has become compulsory in education and mainly compulsory or sometimes desirable in public employment and it hasn’t stopped there. They now have the Language Police aka the Welsh Language Commissioner who is about to be equipped with further statutory powers to hammer dissent in the private employment sector by a range of policies and measures specifically aimed at ensuring that no one in Wales can be ‘disrespectful’ to Welsh language.

Welcome to Stalinism and to the death of Inward Investment as no one in a right mind would tolerate environment where English as the principal language of international business and commerce can be undermined by legal provisions empowered to the Language Police by no other than the Welsh Assembly Government (Now known with self granted grandiose title of the Welsh Government).

The following paragraph contains precise extract from the Welsh Language Commissioner’s job description as produced by the Welsh Assembly Government last year:

The Commissioner’s principal roles will be to lead an office of around 50 members of staff and be responsible for promoting and facilitating the use of Welsh, to monitor compliance with Welsh language standards and investigate allegations of interference with individuals’ freedom to use Welsh in Wales”.

Taking a step back and those who know their history will remember the dark days of the former USSR where the real state power was devolved to an external body handpicked and staffed by Stalin and his successors. This organisation in Soviet terms was known as the Politburo, which controlled everything that mattered to protect the ‘Soviet style democracy’ and at any cost in financial and human terms including human life.

The term ‘at any cost’ is also and often used by the Welsh language proponents when it comes to imposing an ancient British language upon Welsh people irrespective as to whether the people of Wales want it or not.

As with the Stalinists it didn’t take long before the Welsh Assembly Government created an external body vesting it with statutory powers to impose, control and demand a Bilingual Nation or perhaps more aptly a FOREIGN NATION for most of its subjects.

This organisation became known as the Welsh Language Board, an unelected body and with no apparent accountability to anyone and from its creation has embarked upon social engineering by the imposition of a raft of Welsh language measures upon the Welsh Assembly Government and in turn the unsuspecting public.

The Welsh Language Board throughout its reign tolerated no dissent from anyone including elected Assembly Members. The Board demanded and got total and absolute obedience in the Welsh Senate and elsewhere. There are plenty of hard facts in the public domain on this if anyone needs convincing of the unprecedented powers and hold upon this nation by this unelected body.

Welsh Language Board has served its purpose achieved ‘unachievable’ by giving the Nation to a self appointed Ruling Elite to dominate and control who is fit to serve this nation in the public employment sector. The Board will cease to exist soon.

So, the King is dead, long live the King and the new King appointed as the head of the Welsh Language Police is a lady with impeccable credentials as our research suggests with a lifelong service to the Welsh Language Society. In other words an individual who appears to have built her career on apparent hatred of English and as recognition of services to the Elite she is paid £100,000 annual salary out of public funds and has annual budged of at least £50 Million to terrorise, control and eliminate any dissent as of soon – Watch this space!

Each and every Welsh language measure put before the Welsh Assembly members by the Welsh Language board got total and absolute unanimity!

This unanimity is frightening and it doesn’t sit well with a basic concept of democracy and as it stands now English speakers in Wales have no political representation in the Welsh Assembly irrespective whether they are represented by Labour, Tories or Liberals.

Labour is incessant under the current leadership and out of control as the past Labour leadership was in pushing Welsh language by any means including legalised compulsion above anything else that should and must matter.

The ‘anything else’ being the Welsh Economy, Health Care, Education, Inward Investment, Infrastructure and so on and all of it that should come before the Social Experiments into a bilingual world that the Welsh people would overwhelmingly reject if given a choice or even knew what is being done in their name.

A good question perhaps is where the new Secretary for Wales, stands on all of this since the UK coalition government came into being? Sadly again there are no good news for those who value democracy and fairness in a British society. Cheryl Gillan according to our researches is absolutely and totally out of touch as to what is happening in Wales as far as the language issues are concerned and the huge, social, political and economic damage being inflicted on this nation goes on unchallenged.

Wales is failing in each and every segment or criteria that defines a well balanced and a fair society and is on the road to absolute and total meltdown. This downward trend to oblivion started back in early 2000 and perhaps it’s not surprising to draw the conclusion that the principal reason for this sorry state in Wales today is strictly down to the Foreign Nation concept and the ‘Sacred Cow’ the Welsh Language being elevated to an ‘untouchable status’!

Jacques Protic
© February 2012