Glasnost is back!

For a full year now Glasnost has been involved in exhaustive and at times frustrating investigative research upon delicate aspects of ‘Welsh Governance’ by extracting information of public interest from the Local Authorities and the Welsh Assembly Government – Glasnost is now back with new revelations that will disturb and shock as to the context of what is being done in our name by the few and for the few.

The next article is a simple prelude to a series of articles that we will publish over the next few months; all evidence based with the primary focus being on Conwy Borough Council and their Local Education Authority.  What has happened and what is happening in Conwy today is simply a platform as to what to expect in the rest of English speaking Wales in the not too distant future.

BBC Wales and other Welsh media will not be spared either as they have all tried to stop significant news from breaking into the national domain.  They have concealed the real issues and facts relative to a recent ‘incident’ specific to Conwy LEA and of prime significance and relevance to the English speaking community of the county of Conwy and rest of the Wales.

The details of the ‘incident’ were highly distorted and only broadcast to the Welsh language audiences by the BBC. Trinity Mirror newspapers were just as bad if not worse with some appalling and warped standards of ‘journalistic objectivity’.

Surprisingly, BBC Wales formally requested an interview with the Glasnost political editor, and then at the last minute the interview was cancelled.   We have no doubt that a gagging order came down from the very top of the BBC Wales hierarchy with no explanation other than a deafening silence.