Conwy Local Education Authority Shamelessly Stealing Children’s Future and Practising Ethnic Cleansing – Part I

If you are a parent of a child from an English speaking home, and you want the best possible English medium education for your child in their crucially important primary years; you will be hard pushed to find a primary school within Conwy LEA that can be defined as a good school and the few that are left are oversubscribed and under increasing pressure to lose the remaining teachers who can’t deliver Welsh Language Curriculum and within a County that is predominantly English speaking.

Conwy Borough Council and its LEA have been planning your child’s future for many years and have used deceit, fraud and stealth to impose terms that suits their vision of the Borough’s future.   This future is based on Welsh nationalist terms where only those being able to use the Welsh language with significant fluency will be considered suitable for public employment including education.

There are some exceptionally strong words in this statement that some people who may not be familiar with the legal provisions applicable to Local Authorities in the discharge of their duties as a public service may consider this article to be unfair and perhaps unbalanced.

Not so, as those very words have been used in direct correspondence with the Conwy Borough Council’s Legal Team on the matters concerning the Borough’s primary education policies and all we have from them were some muted apologies for getting legislative provisions wrong and a large amount of irrelevant nonsense with the intention to deflect from the real issues at hand.

Conwy’s legal team was reminded in writing that they as public employees must uphold the unspoken ethos of the legal profession and act with honesty and transparency for the public good rather than to protect those involved in deceit and illegal practices within their LEA, and other departments that have been actively involved in marginalising the English speaking majority.

Conwy Council is making its English speaking community into second class citizens and for good measure taking away the rights of their children to have a good primary education.

The principal aim of Glasnost for now is to raise national awareness about the flawed concept of ‘bilingual nation’ that is doing immeasurable harm to Welsh society and the principal cause for the appalling standards of Welsh education in English language literacy and numeracy – Recent Conwy events are prime example of the worst excesses of public service arrogance and illegal practices.

Wales needs freedom of choice and this freedom must be extended to all parents to be able to choose Welsh or English medium education for their children, and free of state dogma and compulsion.  The mixing of the two into the so-called English Medium with significant Welsh category is a disaster in the making and this will be dealt in some depth within the Part II of this series of Glasnost articles.

The psychological, academic and social damage of this process on children seems to be irrelevant and a topic that the Welsh Government and many Welsh LEAs do not want to discuss and they are taking extraordinary measures to conceal the truth of the failure from the Welsh public.

The equality in Law of the two languages and people being free to live their lives in Wales through either English or Welsh language is nonsense when an alarming high percentage of public jobs are going to Welsh speakers.

The principal of bilingual education is being used as a tool to deceive and placate parents into thinking that their children will get jobs in a ‘bilingual Wales’.  The happiness and well being of the children is being treated with contempt as they progress through this new form of educational order, where the promotion of the Welsh language comes before high standards of education.

For any sceptics reading this article consider the following extract on page 19 from Welsh Government’s document titled “Promoting linguistic progression between Key Stages 2 and 3” (Issued on behalf of Leighton Andrews as the Minister responsible for education in February 2012):

During the project, a number of fun activities were created for use with Years 5 and 6 learners to raise their awareness of the benefits of bilingual skills, including the social, educational and economic benefits.

One example is to have two dolls that are similar in appearance, and present a story about the dolls to the learners. They are twins who have been brought up as Welsh speakers. Both had a Welsh-medium education at primary school. One went on to receive a Welsh-medium education at secondary school, but the other followed her friends and chose an English-medium education. One went to college in Wales while the other went to college in England. One of them retained her Welsh while the other lost the language after spending years working in London. By coincidence, years later both applied for the same job – a senior job with a good salary in an area of Wales with a high number of Welsh speakers.

The learners are told that one twin has bilingual skills, and is therefore able to speak to everyone, in either English or Welsh. The other twin can only speak English. There is a discussion on the importance of giving customers a choice of language and on the rights of Welsh speakers. Learners are asked to choose which candidate should be given the job. In all cases, without exception, the learners chose the twin with bilingual skills. The result of the exercise is that the learners themselves realise the benefits of having bilingual skills”.

We find this to be an INCOMPREHENSIBLE ONSLAUGHT on young minds whilst in care of teachers who parents trust to be there to enlighten, teach and impart knowledge and not BRAIN WASH innocent little minds and again Conwy LEA is one of the leading proponents of Leighton Andrews mission to destroy education in Wales!?

We need to protect the Welsh language and extend all practical and affordable support but we do not need it to be used as a straight jacket which only strangles and prevents the Welsh nation into developing into a culturally inclusive UK region that draws upon its best people to move Wales forward and to prosper irrespective of them being Welsh or English speakers.

Jacques Protic – March 2013

16 thoughts on “Conwy Local Education Authority Shamelessly Stealing Children’s Future and Practising Ethnic Cleansing – Part I

    • Editor: Hi William, If you mean ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ of non-Welsh speaking teachers within Conwy LEA, you’ll not have to wait too long. Should be up in October and you’ll be duly notified (Had to follow the legal route and nearly there)!

  1. If Mike Zachary believes that you should integrate or leave then, with his current stance, he would be unwelcome in the greater part of Wales. Wales is not bilingual, and never will be, sadly we have created a situation where a minority language has been given equal legal status giving people with extremist views the platform to dictate to the majority of the population, who generally have no interest in the welsh language. Furthermore, having been born in Wales and lived here all my life, and proud to speak english only what would he like me to integrate into? It’s because of people like him that this kind of website exists.

    • I am proud to speak Cymraeg and glad that we now have equal status with the arrogant and incredibly ignorant monoglots! You are Welsh in the original Anglo Saxon meaning- truly you are -the whole English lot of you!

      • I suggest you are Roman then in the true Italian historic meaning. Do the Italians still force there youth to learn Latin?No , if you wish to live in a bigoted, non independent nation then you do so. But you won’t take us with you.

  2. I read your website articles with interest and I am relieved to see that others have concerns about the Welsh language immersion programme in Conwy’s primary schools within the “English medium with significant Welsh” categories.
    Alarmingly, parents with concerns about its imposition and the effects on our children are personally abused. I apologise on behalf of the Welsh people for Mike Zachary’s nasty and unconstructive remarks. We need honest debate, frank discussion, and constructive criticism in a civilised manner, because the education of our children is of paramount importance and they are the future of Wales.
    Mike Zachary states in his email that ‘The doll comparison is perfectly balanced and acceptable. Of course the bilingual sister is better qualified to serve the needs of a bilingual community, and that’s the nub of it. The requirement for Welsh language skill excludes no-one, language is a skill.”
    Where’s your bilingual community, Mr Zachary? The use of Welsh is declining steadily according to the 2011 Census regardless of many expensive attempts to keep it off life-support. I can go all day in Wales and never hear one word in Welsh but a million in English. I have even found that most of the Welsh speakers I know, turn over from the Welsh and read the English in bi-lingual documentation.
    It terrifies me that he uses the WAG’s ‘twin analogy’ to justify his acceptance of active discrimination in the job market. The thing is most English speaking Welsh children have no interest in learning Welsh and the ones who do are mostly pushed into learning it by their parents who think it will improve their job prospects if they stay in Wales after their education. From what I have seen living in Wales as an English speaker, it seems to be an essential requirement that has been created by a minority to ensure their monopoly on the public sector job market, and it is creating unnecessary resentment and division.
    So Mr Zachary, what are you going to do with the children in Wales who have no interest in learning Welsh, or just aren’t made to be bilingual – do you want them to **** off’ too? They are Welsh and it is their birthright to live and thrive in their own country, or do you think it is only their birthright if they are Welsh speakers?
    Dr Colin Baker from Bangor University’s WLB sponsored theory about children being more receptive to learning other languages in the formative years of their education is only a theory – an academic viewpoint. It takes many viewpoints to get to the true picture of a situation. My viewpoint comes from being a parent with active day to day experience of children – children are individuals, they grow and learn at different rates, they have different forms of intelligence, talents and gifts to give to the world. What is one child’s delight is another child’s nightmare.
    I have done my research via the University of Parenthood, and use my own two children in reference to the twin analogy that he uses to justify enforced Welsh immersion. I have one child who coped well with a bilingual education but my other child struggled and hated it and it made his life a nightmare at school. For many children from English speaking families, the Welsh language has no relevance for them – it is boring and the only time they hear it spoken is at school by their teachers. Believe me, CBeebies and Minecraft are miles more exciting and absorbing to them than S4C’s Cyw and the Urdd Eistefford regardless of their sincere efforts.
    My youngest child described the constant welsh speaking by his teachers as being ‘like listening to aliens all day long … and I am always getting into trouble for not knowing what to do”. “Mummy, I can’t help wondering off in my head as I just don’t understand what they are saying to me” .
    Fortunately for my children, we have relocated, and since then both my children are thriving academically and they are very happy at school socially. My youngest child doesn’t get bullied anymore because he is considered to be dumb or stupid by his classmates.
    Whilst in the Conwy ‘English with significant Welsh’ primary school, the only improvements I saw in my youngest child’s literacy and numeracy skills were my efforts as his parent and when we hired a private tutor to teach him 4 hours a week. The tutor was a retired primary school teacher who firmly believed that children need to learn the basics in the language of their home environment first and only when the basics are secure should a second language be introduced and then only gently. My youngest child’s confidence developed rapidly and in a few months he was reading, writing and doing his sums with focus and great enthusiasm but only in the English language.
    I have heard and seen the ‘here and now’ in the Welsh school playgrounds – it is not ‘a bilingual nation’ – it is an English speaking future for Wales. The Welsh language is dying not because of any cruel hidden agenda on anyone’s part but just as a result of the simple movement of human life and its evolution, and TWO simple facts of existence – (1) everything dies and in this case it is the Welsh language which is on its way out; (2) the average person in the street finds it far more efficient to use one language than two in his everyday communications with the world.
    I applaud the Glasnost website for standing up for English speaking WELSH children and expressing the concerns of a growing number of parents in Wales.

    • Freedom of choice – this is why more WM schools are being opened in anglicized ghettoes because they are wanted.. Not enforced like EM only schools ( the majority in Cymru) which are failing .

      • Do you have evidence of this in a referendum?No you don’t. You just bully and intimidate the masses into accepting your viewpoint . I’m born Welsh, and I’m definitely not in favour of enforced Welsh medium education . It’s pointless, its your hobby , you pay for it. Accept the consequences of living in the middle ages in the twenty first century.

      • Tarian the ‘Welsh Language Demand is a FRAUD, dealt with it in my letter to Carwyn Jones using FOI disclosures from the Welsh Government. In his reply to me Carwyn Jones conveniently ignored the truth!

    • Total rubbish written by an ignorant English language nazi. It is you who are the aliens, not the teacher teaching the mother toungue of this country.

  3. Another stilted article from the shrivel-brained towering intellect of the Chester troll.

    The doll comparison is perfeclty balanced and acceptable. Of course the bilingual sister is better qualified to serve the needs of a bilingual community, and that’s the nub of it. The requirement for Welsh language skill excludes no-one, language is a skill.

    As for the idea that acquiring Welsh stunts the minds of young children, all I can say to that is that the author of this article is already suffering from such a stunted mind that they have extremely limited intellectual horizons.

    As always, as in all different lands, if you go there, expect to have to fit in to the locality, not the locality to fit around you. Put simply, if you don’t like it you can F*** off. That would be even more the case in places like France, but the colonial minds of the gimps who put credence in the rubbish spouted here like to think they are superior beings, to whom the Welsh should tug their forelocks.

    Normally we would have binned comments of this nature as they have nothing to contribute to an open and a frank debate but, time upon time Welsh nationalists use insults and slander as the main form of defending indefensible – In our view Wales is in a terminal decline as a direct measure of putting the Welsh language above all else and our campaign is about giving Welsh people freedom of choice to live their lives either through English or Welsh as they see fit and not through state sponsored compulsion and dictate (Editor).

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