Y Fro Nationalists ‘Shoot down Royal Air Force’

At this very moment David Cornock of BBC Wales, as their Westminster correspondent, has written an article which touches upon the Welsh Language: “William Hague’s Bed Time Reading” ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-29159356 ) and inadvertently opened up a small opportunity for those who feel uneasy about being forced to assimilate into the Welsh language and its culture to express their feelings and thoughts.

This is easier said than done as BBC Wales in post devolution Wales excels itself by sanitising and censoring comments that expose sheer nonsense and insanity of Welsh language imposition and policies in Wales, especially in education, that is damaging children “Socially and Academically”.

This brings me back to RAF Valley on Anglesey who in 2011 published on their website a Welcome Message from the Station Commander to promote Day School Allowance for North Wales (DSA) aimed at service personnel with young children – In other words RAF is providing an opportunity of good education for children in their care in English language within the local independent schools, by funding the school fees.

It was RAF who called ‘spade a spade’ and stated the following:

“DSA is a unique opportunity for Service personnel to educate their children in North Wales, who would otherwise be disadvantaged academically and socially, by the bilingual teaching policy adopted within the Gwynedd and Isle of Anglesey Local Education Authorities”.

Click HERE to see the document in full.

Again as per the usual in ‘Politically Correct Welsh Media’ this was ignored and nothing was reported till Anglesey politicians stepped in through a public OUTRAGE confined to the local media only at the audacity of RAF in demeaning the otherwise excellent local education and especially on Anglesey!

The politicians involved were Albert Owen Anglesey MP (Labour) and Ieuan Wyn Jones who was Anglesey AM (Plaid Cymru) at the time and RAF obligingly amended the statement and the ‘offensive paragraph disappeared – but DSA is still in place and used to the hilt.

Incidentally few months later Welsh Assembly Government placed Anglesey LEA under ‘Special Measures’ provisions as even they could not hide or ignore appalling educational standards on the Island, but the Invisible Elephant is still INVISIBLE!

For those parents in Anglesey, Gwynedd and elsewhere in Wales who can’t afford private education for their children the academic damage goes on relentlessly and an open and frank public debate is CENSORED especially by BBC Wales!

Jacques Protic

3 thoughts on “Y Fro Nationalists ‘Shoot down Royal Air Force’

  1. This is utterly ridiculous.
    The failings of these particular schools wherever they may be goes far deeper than the language of education there.
    There is plenty of research that proves bilingualism is advantagious ti children.
    And there are plenty of individuals who are the product of these schools achieving great things both in Wales ans accross the globe.
    I find your view point sad and illinformed, thankfully it ia not a point of view supported by the masses and long may that continue.
    My condolenses go out to you that you should have to live in such an unpleasent country, still, you can cling onto AA Gill and Jeremy Clarkson as last bastions of right thinking and clear mindedness. At least they still have a voice that can be heard far and wide… Oh wait…. Bugger.

    • Lets agree to disagree Tegid as I make a considerable effort to research any issue I write upon in the public domain and my facts are solid for what’s worth!

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