LIGHT A FIRE FOR WALES – Burn an English Home

mug350Mug Inscription: Taniwch Dros Cymru which when translated means ‘Light a Fire for Wales’, the motif shown depicts a Burning Home and to make sense in the Welsh context it must be an English home?

This is a chilling and sinister Welsh souvenir from the not so distant past and whilst the burning of English homes has stopped, Wales now has a new and an equally sinister order named ‘ENGLISH NOT’.

The Welsh Labour Government over the last 16 years has used its devolved powers to elevate a minority language and its culture through compulsion and diktat to a privileged position.

The better informed but gagged and silenced people of Wales see this as a Social Engineering concept not seen in Europe since the Stalinist era and for some very good reasons:

It’s now no longer possible for the lesser equals (Non Welsh speakers circa 80% +) to hold most of the public jobs or to educate their children THROUGH THE MEDIUM OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE (The parental freedom of choice to choose educational language for their children in primary years has been or is being removed by the Local Education Authorities on Anglesey, Gwynedd, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire)

This policy has been fully endorsed by the Welsh Government and by Estyn also and is now a format planned for the rest of Wales.

These measures appear to have the full blessing of BBC Cymru Wales (note the order!) and other Welsh media who will say and do anything to suppress, sanitise, and squash an open debate on this subject.

Perhaps we should not be surprised that anything that matters or should matter in Wales is in a downward spiral; including standards in Education, the NHS and the Economy (Is a common link the Welsh Language)?

The people of Wales should take the heed of Gwyn Thomas and what he had to say on this subject some 30 years ago.

YouTube clip here : yt1

Finally and back to the contemporary Wales, came across a fascinating assessment of Welsh Government’s Orwellian world by Natalie Solent on Samizdata web pages and well worth reading:

YouTube clip here :yt2 (The original YouTube clip was taken down after Welsh nats sent a deluge of complaints to YouTube to silence Gwyn Thomas’ message – The new clip contains some other material but the key note about the Welsh language is about 15 min’s in)

Jacques Protic – March 2015

14 thoughts on “LIGHT A FIRE FOR WALES – Burn an English Home

  1. Thank you for educating me to what i will now consider the majority of decent Welsh people. Yes i am English. I have experienced first hand due to many visits to Wales the hostility of some people. I will question why serve me in shops then if they dislike my accent. Massive hypocrisy to take my money is it not. Their principles are moot and worthless. To be that prideful would mean to not serve me outright. Life is to short for hatred and bigotry. By definition of an anti English stance surely signs should be displayed with their queer predilections to then give innocent visitors a choice of where to spend our money.

  2. Hi Rhys, I think you are right about the Welsh language being a prttey good delineator of Wales. I am always in two minds about English as an international language on the one hand it is really convenient given my lack of other languages (Hungary was fun, most peoples second language was German which I just about managed to scrape an O level in about 25 years ago!), on the other hand it seems to be very devalued as a marker of cultural identity; Oh you speak English, you must be from..?I might suggest that Welsh is actually at an advantage being paired with English, imagine if your minority language is competing with Hungarian (national language) and German (most widely spoken second language) and English (International language). Practically all Welsh speakers will naturally acquire native fluency in English as a consequence of growing up in Wales. Apparently being bilingual also makes it easier to learn additional languages (Spanish or Mandarin I guess, just because France is near doesn’t mean it is the most sensible language to learn!).Certainly the WBA has that somewhat improvised feel about it, and I would suggest is only a bit of fun, but the idea is certainly an interesting one and I certainly hope there will be a WBA2008 (and maybe even some rules!)

  3. Welsh fundamentalism reminds of the Taliban. Their hatred of their perceived enemy, the so-called imperialist crusaders of England, exists because of what happened in the Middle Ages. Furthermore, like the Taliban, they want us to return to a version of the Middle Ages that probably never existed. These people are dangerous zealots who are blindly fanatical and anti-democratic. Also, their whole culture is dependent upon subsidies from an England they claim as oppressors. The Welsh language, potentially an instrument of expression, has now become a new instrument of oppression and division. It is time for the people of Wales to wake up to what is happening, and to get very angry about this, as our country is going to be destroyed educationally and economically by these backward-looking preachers of hate.

    • I think it is you, the English monoglots – the least popular bunch in Europe that are the Taliban. It is YOU who refuse to learn our language, refuse to communicate with Cymraeg speakers in their own language. How the hell does speaking the country’s mother toungue deter investment? Has it happened to the Dutch, Estonians, And any other multilingual country? Course not! You just want us airbrushed out of history so that the whole of Cymru becomes little more than the cultural wasteland that is “wales”. You are what you call yourselves (in the Anglo Saxon meaning – a foreigner in your own country. Look at a map and tell me the meaning of place names, rivers, villages, valleys and mountains here… can’t because you don’t want to know and THAT is your problem – being arrogant and very ignorant.

      • With all due respect Tarian Welsh language whilst an important cultural language to the few has no place in a modern Wales. Yes, protect it but don’t delude yourself that it can ever be anything other than a tribal language that is spoken by the few, currently imposed on many but irrelevant to most.

        My comment is not intended to be cruel or disrespectful but simply stating a factual reality. Welsh Assembly Government has no mandate from people of Wales to socially engineer this nation and 15 years of diktat and compulsion has produced nothing to improve Welsh language uptake.

        Billions of precious public funds wasted in the process and the only tangible outcome is a huge damage to Welsh education.

        The Editor

        • No place in a modern Wales? What is your solution to the Welsh speaking communities? Use the same bulldozing tactics of the English monoglot moving in to our villages and towns by refusing to assimilate? Who is the Taliban?

          • To Guildo ap hebdad
            We do have seperate areas where you can speak either language- one for the monoglots in England and one for the Cymraeg here in Cymru.

          • Many problems with your notion Tarian including a simple fact that most Welsh people would disagree with you. Time for the Welsh speaking ‘First Minister’ Carwyn Jones to realise that the Welsh language is a cultural language of a minority that can never be the main language of Wales, no matter the level of compulsion applied!

          • Why not have different speaking language areas. As they do in Belgium Tarian? But obviously the hobbyists pay for it. Therefore your tax pays for all the wasted transalations, wasted education s, wasted opportunities.
            God knows how much forests have been torn down to translate IT, for you and the other cling ons?
            Possibly by introducing a different council tax code for each individual who chooses to speak a minority language? Or a different form of income tax? (Obviously if you have an income.)
            Days where it can be forced upon others is over.
            Yours and the other cling ons could pay extra tax to sort out the problem s of YOUR health board.(Which is controlled by the senedd talking shop, not the real politicians in Westminster.)
            Look at Watkins Jones. No wonder the great business man refuses to develop or communicate with the #”cling on s ,” further

          • Apologies for delay Elen and do appreciate your input. Suggest you read comments from J. Jones and John R Walker on the Institute of Welsh Affairs pages. Both contributors are highly respected for their efforts in debugging the new ‘Welsh Order’ as imposed initially by Rhodri Morgan and now in the hands of Carwyn Jones: & Also worth reading Juian Ruck on

  4. You seem to use the stats very vagueley and out of context to your advantage here, 80% non welsh speakers? The counties of Gwynedd and Anglesey ar predominently Welsh speaking, over 60% and therefore to expect that schools in these areas be predominently Welsh language is not such a strange idea to most, in fact the majority! Spouting your “woe is me the establishment is against us” claptrap when discussing these particular counties, backed up by irrelevant and hand picked statistics is laughable. To compare to the burning of houses (Welsh houses by the way, they may have been Englished owned but they were definitely Welsh by origin and usually unoccupied summer houses) is not only misguided but frankly irresponsible. This is a genuine issue, one I have to costantly discuss even in my majority Welsh speaking community, it’s incredible how many times I’ve been told that my children would be better off speaking Chinese than Welsh, usually by monoglots who can speak neither! As a Welsh parent to Welsh children, constantly pelted by the barrage of English language mainstream media, so much that they have learnt English to a good standard in
    a Welsh medium school I cant see the issue. English is not and will NEVER be under threat, learning Welsh and other subjects through welsh will only add a string to childrens metaphorical bows.

    • You are entitled to your viewpoint Carys and I’m sure we’ll never reach a consensus even in a month of Sundays so as I said it to someone else with similar views to you ‘lets agree to disagree’. BTW my statistics are solid and Census based for all of Wales. We seem to have a strange phenomenon based on your rational.

      Take Cardiff as an example a traditionally English speaking City currently under siege by an army of Welsh first language speakers. These people were imported by the Welsh Government over the last 15 years or so to provide a Welsh speaking dimension in the Bay Bubble and especially visible within the Civil Service functions.

      These people demand ‘Their God Given Right’ to have WM education for their children and the Welsh Government only too happy to oblige. Then in the Y Fro World of Anglesey, Gwynedd, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire for now, non Welsh speakers do not have a right to educate their primary years children through the EM eduction!

      What’s wrong with giving educational language choice to parents and do away with Welsh ‘state’ compulsion if the two languages of Wales are equal?

      • No, Editor, you do misuse the stats to your advantage. Carys’ point is valid here. You say that “It’s now no longer possible for the lesser equals (Non Welsh speakers circa 80% +) to (…) educate their children THROUGH THE MEDIUM OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE”. This is simply not true. It may be true that certain local authorities (you mention Anglesey, Gwynedd, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire) make Welsh-medium education compulsory (although I’m not familiar enough with the education policies of those local authorities to know for sure). But certainly outside of these areas (which together make up less than 15% of the population of Wales) parents can choose either Welsh or English medium education for their children. So at least 85% of the population (some of whom are Welsh speakers) CAN choose English-medium education for their children, which directly contradicts your erroneous assertion that it is no longer possible for non-welsh speakers, 80% of the population of Wales, to educate their children through the medium of English.

        You have opportunistically misused statistics to strengthen your argument.

        On your home page you challenge public and private institutions to “absolute fairness, integrity, transparency and honesty”. Lets live up to our own standards.

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