BBC CYMRU Wales Censorship and Racist Slur

One doesn’t need ‘mega brains’ to figure out that the BBC Wales English language services are under the control of Welsh speaking nationalists and this has been the case for many years now.

Its current Director Rhodri Talfan Davies was appointed back in 2011 through family inheritance as his father had the job before him and before that Rhodri’s father got the job from his father!

The Talfan Davies family dynasty has an absolute and the total grip of BBC’s editorial policy with an agenda to promote and impose the Welsh language upon the Welsh majority that closely mirrors the aims and intent of the Welsh Labour’s Governance under its Welsh speaking First Ministers (Carwyn Jones currently and Rhodri Morgan before him).

The broader issues raised above including the shameless Welsh language propaganda by the BBC’s Welsh speaking broadcasters on the English language programmes (Huw Edwards and many others) will be dealt with at some other time but for now the principal aim of this article is to highlight the plight of ordinary people who dare to challenge the almighty BBC CYMRU Wales.

There are not many opportunities available to Welsh people to ‘debate’ the Welsh politics via BBC Wales and in most cases the ‘freedom’ to do so is closely monitored by the invisible and unaccountable ‘moderators’ who operate upon the so-called ‘reactively-moderated’ criteria that must obey the BBC’s house rules’.

The best way to illustrate the control and influence of these ‘moderators’ on any debate is by using specific examples on how BBC Wales’ ‘reactive moderation’ works in practice:

Not long ago David Cornock (BBC Wales’ Parliamentary Correspondent) wrote a blog entitled ‘Tax row on menu’ feedback enabled via the comments section that many people including myself often use and where most of us see it as an opportunity to raise important Welsh politics-specific issues that BBC Wales generally prefers to keep away from the Welsh public.

In my case I try to keep my comments short, factual and topical. My contribution to David’s blog was a simple note that challenged the logic of the UK’s Government backtracking on its prior and formal undertaking not to devolve taxation to the Welsh Government without a referendum as in my view this equated to rewarding the Welsh Government’s failure of handling the existing powers with yet more powers – This comment didn’t survive the wrath of BBC moderation and was quickly removed together with many other contributions that laboured this very point!

It didn’t take long for the Welsh Nationalist trolls to react and they did so even before ‘moderators’ sanitised the blog. As per usual the trolls use fictitious names but are always consistent in terms of their predictability and reliance on often vile and appalling insults to make their points.

My comment (32) was writen as a direct response to a derogatory comment (28) that apeared on the blog and it was structured in a way that would make BBC’s ‘moderators’ see RED and as I expected it was quickly deleted!

The next part is a straight copy from BBC Wales Politics web pages:

BBC Wales – Slur 21.01.16

Tax row on menu as Osborne has Welsh Tories for lunch

David Cornock Parliamentary correspondent, Wales

32. Posted by Jacques Protic
2 minutes ago

I get deleted within nanoseconds by BBC’s ‘moderators’ when I raise BBC CYMRU incompetence and imposition of the Welsh language. When people use racist slur against me that’s OK – See comment Lucas #28!!

28. Posted by Lucas
56 Minutes ago

Jacques Protic “no one is listening” – Why should anyone listen to a Serbian immigrant who attacks anything and everything Welsh?

Comment number 32. Posted by Jacques Protic
8 minutes ago
This comment was removed because it broke the house rules.

As expected my post was quickly ‘DELETED’ but comment 28 stayed prominent for some considerable time afterwards (Eventually it was removed through an intervention of a ‘well meaning’ third party), but I would have preferred to see it on the permanent record as it depicts the warped mind-set of BBC Wales and its moderators who do not tolerate any challenge to the Celtic governance of Wales or any critique of the imposition of the Welsh language.

In conclusion a truly sad time for Wales and democracy when publicly funded BBC CYMRU Wales allows its staff to promote a racist slur against individuals who they see as a threat by trying to expose the obscene privileges granted to the ‘More Equal Minority’ in the post-devolution Wales.

I find it difficult to comprehend how on earth Tony Hall (BBC’s Director General) and for that matter the BBC CYMRU Wales Trustees can tolerate and do nothing about what many people see as a blatant abuse of Broadcasting Standards where impartiality and objectivity is compromised for the benefit of the new Welsh order, nationalist priorities and for BBC Cymru Wales’ own agenda?

Perhaps Tony Hall and the BBC Trust will be kind enough to respond to this and explain to a simple pleb of Serbian origins, how is it possible to run a publicly owned organisation through a family dynasty with an agenda to socially engineer Wales for the benefit of a minority and how is it possible that after years of this practice that nothing has been done to redress the issue?

This is not the first time that the Welsh nationalist trolls have used my ethnic origins as a proof that anyone of Serbian descent can have a rational view of the Welsh politics and by implication anything I say or write is to be disregarded – Sadly there are plenty of examples of this premise on BBC Wales web pages alone! – Welcome to the Orwellian Wales!

The only sensible remedy for BBC’s Trustees is to separate BBC English Language from BBC Welsh Language broadcasting and make them into two separate and independent organisations (BBC Wales English language broadcasting must be free of the Welsh language Commissioner and free of the ‘Essential Welsh speaking staff’) – Doing nothing is not an option as BBC Cymru Wales has abused its dual linguistic responsibility by prioritising Welsh speakers and the Welsh language throughout its structure and often above standards – including competence!

Finally a quick overview of the Talfan Davies family dynasty and it’s BBC Wales pedigree:

Rhodri Talfan Davies Director of BBC Wales (Controller job re-named) since 2011, son of former Controller (1990-2000) Geraint Talfan Davies, grandson of Aneurin Talfan Davies, former Head of Programmes at BBC Wales (1966-1970), and finally Godson of Menna Richards, former Controller of BBC Wales (2000-2011).

Jacques Protic 10.02.2016

39 thoughts on “BBC CYMRU Wales Censorship and Racist Slur

  1. My comments are not welcomed on the BBC Wales site. I have been moderated for my opinions. The BBC in Wales is licensed to kill free speech. As for Tarian’s attitude. Cymraeg is the language of the Cymry and English is the language of the Welsh. After all Wales or the Welsh are foreigners, and since you see monoglot English speakers as foreign we must be Welsh. In Cymraeg you have a completely different word for Wales and Welsh. We can easily assimilate those words into the English language to describe such. I love the “Cymraeg has been around for 1500 years”, that is great BUT it is just an excuse you use to coerce others whose descendants have benefitted from decisions taken to speak English. See the 1847 report for rationale. Wales is now populated. It has migrants and descendants of migrants that make up a diverse population. I am Welsh, I do not speak Cymraeg, I do not need to speak Cymraeg to be Welsh.

    On another point, why does Wales not have a bilingual anthem in a bilingual nation? The lack of a bilingual anthem in a bilingual nation is simply oppression.

    • I am only writing in English to help you understand although I feel you are too daft to understand anyway. Do England have a national anthem that has been translated to suit those who have immigrated there? I am Welsh and speak Welsh first language, if you want to understand oppression sir check out the Welsh knot and how we were persecuted for speaking Welsh in our own country. Are you slightly annoyed that we didn’t give in, that we didn’t give up our language to speak a language that is spoken throughout the World? Mae’n hen pryd I chdi ddysgu Cymraeg washi

      • Wales is bilingual in law. The anthem isn’t. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to realise that Wales is not living up to its own laws. So, to use the “look back in anger” (Play with Richard Burton btw) defence is disingenuous and many nats, unlike you, understand the dichotomy in your own land. It is very simple. I am Welsh. I do not speak Cymraeg. I do not need to speak Cymraeg to be Welsh. It has nothing to do with England. It is a Welsh issue, so to deflect your cognitive dissonance on to another nation and blame them for your own simple incongruities is stupid, it really does make you appear amateurish in your defence of your own nation. A bilingual nation recognises the significance of two languages in Wales. Like NZ and RSA and Ireland for example. For one language to dominate and to oppress another is exactly what you argue is wrong yet you perpetuate the hate against which you fight by oppressing English speaking Welsh people. You are a sad sad individual and you deserve all that you get. Bilingual anthem in a bilingual nation anything less is oppression.

        • So being bilingual means all schools teaching Cymraeg and English in equal measures right whistleblower? Being bilingual means I speak your lingo and YOU speak mine… That is being bilingual.

          • Being ” bilingual,” means you control the extreme elements of your minority tribe too. Means you control your asbo , feral kids, prevent them from making all others life a living hell. Also means you accept the FACT that cymraeg is a minority language. Our Principality has two languages. English is the only beneficial one , on a global platform. Being ‘bilingual,” also means that you end your xenophobic behaviour towards other WELSH men ,just because they wish to live their lives through the English language.

          • Stick to the topic Tarian and whilst I respect your language, it’s a tribal language of the few that the time has largely forgotten – A valuable language in a cultural sense that needs protecting but a meaningless language to most in the real and a living world of Wales!

    • Anybody can be Welsh but not everybody can be Cymry. A Welshman of Jamaican decent cannot call himself Cymry or sing an anthem that excludes his ethnicity. Cymru and its so called “culture” is exclusive, unwelcoming and undeserving of public funds, Land of my Fathers excludes me I feel unwelcome and oppressed by it. Wales’ politicians must tackle nationalistic elitism and not be afraid of the “anti Welsh” tag thrown around to stifle free opinion.

    • The oppression comes from the unwillingness of the English speakers to assimilate. Everything on your terms, if not, you bleat how hard done by you all are… Pathetic. Whistleblower, you are “Welsh”,not Cymraeg

      • Having lived in the Principality all my life. What us it you want me to assimilate into?
        Hypocrite. You live in the United Kingdom/Great Britain, yet you refuse to assimilate too.I’m born Welsh, no I don’t need to assimilate into anything.

        • Isn’t it great that a new WM school is opening in Haverfordwest due to parental choice! Freedom to choose like you keep banging on -even if 4/5 of schools in Cymru are EM and failing to churn out brats with a modicum of knowledge on anything – just what the international market wants to avoid hiring.

          • I’m not denying that the minority support WME.But if you researched Pembrokeshire you would discover that EME outweighs WME. It is the most civilised county of our Principality after all.

          • Welsh Government is promoting WM education in areas where the Welsh language is insignificant in the full knowledge that WM Education damages the academic progress of English L1 kids (Briefly touched upon in this article but full disclosure to follow and soon – Watch this space)!

      • “Unwillingness of English speakers to assimilate” that’s 90% of us, therefore you assert we are foreigners in our own country ! how inclusive…how “civic”

      • Indded, similarly you do not want to be assimilated as British I assume. Yet you live in Britain! So, what’s good for you is just as good for me. Your problem is defined as cognitive dissonance. You can not get your head around a Welsh person not wanting to speak Cymraeg. You can’t get your head around Welsh English-speaking monoglots content with their lot and unsupportive of oppressive policies in schools in Wales. I will correct you however, I consider myself Welsh and NOT CYMRY (collective noun). I choose not speak Cymraeg (the language) or support any policy designed to coerce it into use. Whereas you support coercion and eradication of English speaking monoglots. Imagine if the tables were turned and policies were enacted to assimilate monoglot speakers of Cymraeg and eradicate same. Oh that has happened has it not and your current support of social engineering is to turn the tables so to speak. So the misery and resentment you feel is being thrust into the lives of innocent children at school who have opted for English medium education and yet they are forced daily to speak Cymraeg. Quite frankly I oppose your ideology and will question and challenge the oppressor at every turn. You represent the establishment and you have conspired to coerce people by creating and supporting unsustainable and contradictory laws. Bilingual nation and no bilingual anthem is one such dichotomy.

        You will notice all I have done is tell the truth. You have sour grapes and seek to blame others for your own inadequacies. Wales is bicultural not bilingual. The law says otherwise, so your own anthem is oppressive. Bilingual anthem in a bilingual nation, anything less is oppression.

        I trust you will engage in some form of debate, else it will be clear for all to see who exactly is pathetic.

  2. BBC WALES – Rhodri Talfan Davies

    He controls much of what Welsh people see and hear.

    He’s the man responsible for feeding us a daily diet of the Welsh language virtues, then how wonderful the Welsh speaking Wales is, capping it all by using the Welsh speaking presenters who struggle when having to talk in English!

    He’s Rhodri Talfan Davies – The director of BBC Wales and he’s just the latest of the Talfan Davies clan to ascend to the BBC Wales throne.

    When little Rhodri was born, it was pre-ordained that he would, one day, follow in the family tradition of controlling the Welsh media.

    His dad, Geraint, was the BBC Wales controller from 1990 to 2000. His great-grandfather, Aneirin, was the BBC’s Head of Welsh Programming. Aneirin’s brother, Alun, was the vice-chairman of HTV.

    As a family, they’ve helped to ensure that so much of what’s broadcast in Wales has been filtered through the thick and protective lens of BBC’s Cymru Welshness.

    They have helped teach us that it’s fine to be Welsh, as long as we don’t start acting silly. We don’t talk about the Welsh language colonisation of English speaking Cities like Cardiff. We don’t question the Welsh Government. We don’t question the ‘Essential Welsh speakers’ being given public jobs where Welsh is not needed. We don’t question the damage done to Welsh education and to our children through the Welsh language imposition and finally we don’t question the Cymrufication of Wales.

    And we certainly don’t start poking around into the affairs of the Talfan Davies family. That’s despite the BBC’s claims to be dead into openness and accountability and all that.

    So we know from the BBC website that Rhodri Talfan Davies has personal interests that needed to be declared – These are contacts or relations which could cause a conflict of interests.

    Declarations – Great stuff…so what are they?

    That’s the thing – BBC Wales won’t say and a Freedom of Information request to BBC Wales is met with a bizarre refusal on the grounds of the Data Protection Act.

    • Cymrufication of Wales??? What next? Real Cymry speaking Cymraeg, a language spoken here for at least 1500 years before the Germans (that’s you lot , the Anglo saeson and the plastic English) delude themselves that we have no place here, that the English speakers have a god given right to ridicule us and to wish us away ( sounds very Germanic to me) Caerdydd is our capital ( for better or worse ) only since the 1950’s – we have a right to speak the mother toungue of this country in that city. We are not going to go away, deal with it.

      • We , the Welsh born English: ‘mongolots,” are not going anywhere either. You deal with the FACT, that OUR COUNTRY/the United Kingdom, and OUR Principality has two languages. Wales is not a separated entity or region from the rest of the United Kingdom. It never, ever will be.

          • #”…UKIP Pipe Dreamer…”
            What “monolingual ” planet are you currently on? UKIP revolution has already occurred. Welsh language fanatics have inadvertently led to Brexit in OUR Principality.
            UKIP revolution led to the EU referendum. Irrespective of wether we have one mp.
            I suggest you look at how many people in Cymru voted UKIP#Loser….
            It’s the hypocritical: “lingua farga, monogolot….monolingual..” language fanatics.
            Who are mainly not Welsh in origin. Have the audacity to accuse real born and bred Cymraeg , speakers of being : “colonists.” Have led to Brexit.
            Your the: “pipe dreamer(s.) ”
            Your monopoly is over.

          • Dictator… Dear me, what a rant from a typical wannabe sais, colonial UKIP dinosaur! The whole of Europe are fed up with your superior attitude- go for god sakes and see if your uk fantasy will survive… UKIP pipe dreamer.Sir Benfro the most civilized? If you say so… So childish!

          • Ok let’s bet. I calculate that the approximate odds of our Principality ever being legitimately independent are on a par with Wales winning the Euro s. Approximately 10000 to one.
            As in Scotland you will be lucky to be given a referendum (Sturgeon will only be given another, if our real government in Westminster allows her to.)
            Also too in Ingerlund the majority are in favour of a union not bigotted,pointless segregation.
            As we will no longer be European very shortly, where would a, (theoretically,) independent Principality receive its funding from? Our Principality will never be independent not in any if our lifetime s. If you think that we majority are going to allow yourselves to turn our Principality into a third world “independent ,” country, then you are very mistaken.

      • We must thank Tarian for revealing the attitude we all know prevails among the tribal Cymry with their sense of entitlement. There is no such thing as “civic nationalism” all nationalism is blood and soil and there is no greater example of it than here in Wales. The Cymry view themselves as the rightful owners of Wales, their (non) culture as superior and to be thrust down the throats of the majority. As Ellis Thomas said, “The Welsh language can only survive with the consent of the English speaking majority” Time is running out for Cymraeg nothing will save it, not even colonisation of Cardiff or heavy handed coercion of children

        • As an American, I find the back-and-forth here similar to the language battles that have and are occurring in the US and Canada. Quebec is the only province in Canada in which English is not the official language. It also presumably is bilingual, so all traffic signs are in French and English. Quebec is the only Canadian province to do so. But French must be taught to all Canadians. Everything must have a concurrent French translation, And last I heard, it is illegal to use anything but French in certain types of transactions in Quebec.

          The US does not have an official language, though some states in recent years have designated English as such and in the state of New Mexico, Spanish and English both are official languages. In many parts of the country, you will now find all sorts of signs and public documents in Spanish and English and bi-lingual schools (Spanish and English). Some states require election ballots to be in multiple languages that reflect the languages spoken by voters in the area. Google will direct you to maps that show the common non-English language spoken in each state ( a significant portion of Louisiana’s population, for example, speaks French as its first language) as well as the most common third languages (which in some states are Native American languages or Asian languages such as Chinese and Hmong ).

          My point is that the arguments on this thread are very much like those pro and con for English vs. Spanish, among others. For the most part, fluent speakers of English generally have a better chance of economic success than monoglots of other languages, though bi-linguals tend to do better is some regions.

          Here, many lament the sharp decline and disappearance of a number of Native American languages. I am sure language disagreements occur throughout the world. The diminishment of cultures through loss of language is unfortunate. English is taking over the world. That makes English speakers a bit insensitive to other languages because we assume everyone should speak it in this day and age. My advice is to be a bit less linguistically arrogant. I confess I get a bit irritated by non-English speakers expecting me to adapt to their native tongue in my country rather than the other way around, So I do have sympathy for the Cymraeg point of view though not with all of its tactics.

        • Explain (non)culture to one and all and stop deluding yourself that you are superior to us just because you speak english and insist on everyone else do the same – we don’t have to, we won’t.

          • In my eyes, there are: “stupid language supremacists,”such as yourself living here too. If you want to destroy our education system, economy, health system, judicial sector further. Then you do so, but the tide of opposition is growing on a daily basis

          • A jones, I have to speak it because there are stupid and arrogant language supremacists like you living here – unfortunately. Now that you have openly said that Cymraeg is inferior, we know where we stand -we’ve known all along.

          • Not a specific reply to Tarian but he has many clones in the Orwellian Wales where the ‘exceptionalism’ rules: Time to revisit a debate on Welsh education via the IWA pages (05.11.2014) – The main article was the usual Y Fro disinformation and spin but created a hugely important debate that is never allowed on BBC Cymru Wales or the other Welsh media. Comments by J Jones, JR Walker and many others speak volumes about the corrosive and damaging impact the imposed Welsh language has upon Welsh society!

          • Tarian – You do, you speak English every day, not possible to live in Wales without using English. Cymraeg is inferior to English don’t confuse that with people.

      • Not much to say about this post Tarian other than it typifies the self-granted ‘Exceptionalism’ on the part of a Tribal minority that has lost any sense of a relationship with reason! This very issue was dealt with earlier in my article titled the ‘Welsh Devolution’ intended as my response to the letter I got from our ‘Dear Leader’ – The Rt Hon Carwyn Jones AC/AM!

        • Tribal minority? It’ s OUR country, OUR language, I can’t see the monoglots (in England) tolerating people settling in their country and telling
          them which
          lingo to speak and complaining that the mother toungue is useless – you would be beaten up and packed off to Calais in no time.

          • It’s not an independent country. It’s a region of the United Kingdom, wether you accept this FACT or not

          • What makes you say “OUR” country Tarian ? What gives you the right to claim it and for whom?

          • Difficult to have a sensible dialogue with you Tarian as you seem to be disregarding a simple fact that Wales is an English speaking principality. There are only some 6% of Welsh population that may share your views (I assume the Welsh first language ‘elite’ who have hijacked Welsh devolved governance, Welsh education and the BBC Cymru Wales)! What’s happening now is in my view racist and unsustainable – Only the matter of time before the unworkable social engineering project collapses!

    • A Brilliant contribution about the BBC CYMRU Wales, JD Jones and you have touched upon many important issues that my article didn’t articulate at this stage. BBC Cymru Wales transparency is further eroded by a complex ‘Complaints’ process that leaves the BBC Wales untouchable and largely under their control. Over recent years, I have raised few serious complaints regarding their Welsh-speaking presenters (Especially Huw Edwards), all factual and evidence based. In each case complaint(s) was duly acknowledged and timescale set for them to respond, but no reply was ever given and all subsequent reminders were simply ignored. A wall of silence aimed to prevent complaints reaching the Trustees!

      • Why speak the whole of the news in English as it should be on BBC Wales only to have persistent offenders at the end will say nos star or something similar even Brockway has as we all know comes on and will say something pointless and ridiculous I now switch channel to ITV so BBC losing viewers I hope so.

        • Me too not do long back the news was being read in English and they then interviewed somebody in welsh and I found that I was sitting here looking at subtitles in English this should be BBC Wales no Cymru there are welsh channels for these silly people who start or finish in Welsh so like you as soon as as I see one of these idiots I change channel

        • Impatient Tarian? – The appropriate reply was given to you in the Comments section where you raised your query the first time!

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