Welsh Education: Children betrayed by the Welsh Labour Government

In most developed countries, success in life is generally based on the quality of education one gets as a child, but in Wales, where the standard of education is beyond miserable, most children would do a lot better if they got expelled!


To put it all in perspective and how we got to this sorry state, we need to go back to the beginning of Welsh devolution when the Welsh Education became the sole responsibility of the Welsh Assembly Government.

The newly formed Welsh Labour Government didn’t take long to start dismantling the long established parity with the education system in England under the guise of creating an education system with a unique ‘Welsh Distinction’ that all successive education ministers have followed blindly to this very day.

This unique ‘Welsh Distinction’ soon became synonymous with the Welsh language imposition on a scale that went far beyond anything that existed before in Welsh education. In recent years, primary school children in English-Medium education lose between 30 – 60% of the available teaching time on learning the Welsh language!  (Token Welsh was taught for years before the devolution to largely disinterested children and generally confined to circa 5% of the available teaching time with no apparent damage to kids or standards of their education – The only exception was Gwynedd which included Anglesey at the time and few schools in the Welsh speaking areas of West Wales).

The Welsh speaking nationalists took control of the Welsh Labour Party that has dominated Welsh politics ever since, and they have used the devolution as a stepping stone to promote and impose the Welsh language in education and public employment by any means irrespective of whether the measures used were legal or not.

That was beginning of the end for the Welsh education as we knew it and unquestionably the sole reason for the ongoing and near terminal decline of the Welsh education system.

The scheming nationalists must have known that any parity with the English education had to end and quickly as it wouldn’t have taken long to establish that the new Welsh language provisions were damaging children’s education through comparative tests that still existed at the time.

The league tables in secondary schools quickly disappeared followed by banishment of the SATs tests for 11-year-olds without any due regard to the wider implications of having no feedback of children’s progress till the GCSE stage which comes much later on in childrens’ educational journey.

The ‘Welsh Way’ had to prevail irrespective of the consequences on the quality of Welsh education or the damaging impact on Welsh children’s future.

Other measures followed, moving Welsh education even further from the English approach when the Welsh Government’s ‘flagship policy’ the Welsh Baccalaureate came into being back in 2007.

The Welsh Bacc was aimed at giving teenagers a broader post-16 education than the more specialist A-level subjects and was promoted as “a significant innovation which will broaden students’ learning, bring coherence to them as well as being distinctive, modern and ‘Proudly Welsh’, what a surprise!

Does ‘the proudly Welsh’ system work? The answer depends on who you talk to but it appears the overall verdict is that the Welsh Bacc doesn’t work and it has little currency or value outside of Wales which should worry many parents as Wales remains to be the basket case of the UK with very few tangible employment opportunities at home.

The ‘Welsh Way’ onslaught didn’t end there and the real and lasting damage came through the changes imposed in early years’ education – The Foundation Phase for the three to seven-year-olds in Wales.

The Welsh Way ‘education model’ was borrowed from Scandinavian countries where the children learn through play and where teachers impart a love of education during their time in schools that would stay with them for life – In other words by giving children a new way of developing their thinking was seen as the best foundation that they can possibly have as they grow older.

This model works well in Scandinavia and especially in Finland where Finnish schools provide a relaxed teaching environment: They have no uniforms, no entrance exams, no fees, no league table and especially No Estyn Inspections!

No child in Finland starts school until they are 7 years’ old and dividing kids into sets based on ability is illegal. Children address their teachers by first names and only get little home work – And yet, since 2000 Finland has topped most international education league tables including PISA, where Wales has abysmally failed:


So, why then doesn’t this system work in Wales? In Finland, they are keen on the child learning through the language that they use at home; Swedish or Finnish or Sami in the North. There isn’t minority language imposition and “they don’t care what language the kids speak in the playground and most certainly they do not prioritise or impose minority language speaking teachers in their schools.”

The Welsh Language issue became an invisible elephant that is found in every Welsh state school but never seen or debated by anyone and whilst volumes of analysis were produced in the recent years on trying to figure out what’s wrong with our education system – No one in the Welsh media including the BBC Cymru (Wales), ITV and the provincial press (Western Mail and the Daily Post) has ever mentioned the Invisible Elephant as being the root cause behind the unprecedented failure that is destroying our children, our society and the Welsh future! 

If we are going to learn from Finland and other countries that pride themselves on equitable education, we need to adapt this philosophy in our society and our governmental structures to have education that is more concerned with the collective good and making sure that every pupil does well instead of focusing on Orwellian Social Engineering for the privileges of the few.

Lies and deceit on the part of those governing us including those overseeing the Welsh education (Estyn) must end. Sadly, both are controlled by the Welsh speaking zealots with no vision of any kind beyond their long expired language and culture that they want to revive and at any cost, so it is unlikely that honesty will prevail any time soon!

Instead of creating a true enlightenment in Welsh foundation years, children are often taught through a language of little or no relevance anywhere including most of Wales.

Disproportionate teaching time is lost on teaching Welsh and kids go into secondary education significantly illiterate in English language together with little numeracy and this process continues relentlessly throughout the Welsh compulsory education period.

Where do we go from here? A question that is truly difficult to answer as the Cymrufication of Wales process seems unstoppable for now.

The Welsh speaking minority has the firm control of the Welsh Media who relish their role as the gatekeeper and protector of the new Social Order in Wales and use immense prejudice to censor and conceal the damaging aspects of Welsh language imposition – This practice is unlikely to change until Wales implodes which will happen and sooner rather than later but at a huge price of lost opportunities for generations our children.

UK national press has a substantial Welsh readership and they certainly can do the ‘right thing’ for the oppressed Welsh majority by exposing the Orwellian order we have to live with in Wales (They have done it few times in the recent past especially on Welsh NHS disasters) – We all know that Wales is of little relevance to the rest of UK but our children are suffering and NEED HELP – will they do it?

We have Assembly elections in few weeks’ time and the Welsh electorate is largely ignorant about what’s happening around them. For those who may read this, think long and hard before you choose to vote for any Welsh speaking politician especially those from Welsh Labour, Welsh Conservatives and the Welsh Lib-Dems (Most of them have similar mind set and values to those held by Carwyn Jones and his cronies)!

In regard to the non-Welsh speakers currently in the Assembly, most of these people never had any guts or the courage to question the Welsh language policies imposed from the above – Do we still want them?

Finally, must say thank you to Christopher Gage of Spectator whose article titled “How Wales was betrayed by its (Labour) government” inspired me to write this article and from where I borrowed the expression ‘the best thing Welsh education can do for any child is to expel them from a Welsh school’.

There are many more issues not dealt with in this article and will follow this with another essay to explain what Carwyn Jones means by the education policy based on a premise ‘A living language: a language for living’, then there is a need to examine in more depth some uncomfortable truths behind the appointment of Professor Graham Donaldson to resolve the Welsh education crisis.

I will not forget to expand upon the implications behind the ignored advice given to Welsh Government by the OECD, the funding gap when compared to England, then the poverty link and the real truth and extent of damage on English Language 1 children in Welsh Medium Education.

If anyone has missed reading Carwyn Jones’ letter, he sent to me last October that was first disclosed in the Glasnost article titled “Orwellian Wales”, it can be read HERE.

Some of Carwyn’s comments give an exceptional insight into his thinking and his ‘Welsh Language Tyranny’ created and unleashed upon the Welsh majority by his Government and the Welsh Language Taliban under the ‘respectable guise’ of DfES, Welsh Language Unit, Estyn and the Welsh Language Commissioner!


Jacques Protic 23.03.2016

32 thoughts on “Welsh Education: Children betrayed by the Welsh Labour Government

  1. So Tarian cites an article which demonstrates too many kids are going to university….blame Labour !

    If Welsh education is so good then why are results even worse than in England?

    Tarian, teaching children in any subject through a second language that is on its knees with no long term future for the sake of quelling the nationalistic lust of a tiny minority is child abuse. This is Britain there is only one language of all these islands and every child whose first language is English should be educated through it.

      • My children s language is not Cymraeg. Each to their own. No I’m not English before you nats, begin your un founded accusations. I’m Welsh, but my children’s language is English. English is a global language.Welsh is a waste of time and money, in many people s eyes . Yes Welsh born people too.

        • Trouble with Welsh Nationalists is they believe that they are MORE indigenous MORE original MORE deserving MORE pure MORE important etc etc etc, one just told me “you English only came here after the Romans left” I never said where I came from but because I oppose Welsh nationalism and Cymraeg coercion I must be English.

          I don’t know what history they teach in Welsh schools these days but it certainly isn’t facts. Personally I find devolution is destroying cohesion withing Britain, we don’t need 4 different national health services and NE Wales doesn’t need local decision making from Cardiff.

          Things are a mess and the only ones benefiting are those with a motive that includes partitioning British people.

          • Being a speaker of Cymraeg does not make me a nationalist-if you think in this simplistic manner, everyone in England is an English nat..your narrow minded views on Cymraeg are dangerous.. Only ignorant people with nazi tendencies say, as you do cymnot, that one language is inferior to another and that you, kinnock (a name loathed amongst many) suggest a language is a waste of time, shows how arrogant and truly ignorant you all are.

      • Whose children? if you mean yours personally then there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be educated to begin with in Cymraeg.

        • To begin with? And then what? In monolingual English I suppose? You want Cymraeg children to be educated exclusively in a second lingo ( as it was up to the 1970’s) -you have your EM schools, is that not enough for you?

          • “You have your EM schools”
            In Caernarvonshire and Ynys Mon we don’t. In case you is read, or forgot, this is the principle reason why this website exists. Enforcement of CYMRAEG is leading to a decline in speakers.

          • A bit of out of touch Tarian, Gwynedd together with Anglesey have operated WM schools from the early 1950’s and illegally (HM Government at the time turned a blind eye!! Cancer spread, especially in the last decade to the detriment of English L1 kids!

  2. “the Independent..” Has as much credibility as the Sun does fool, or the Daily Fail. Far Left guvarerist propanganda. Your case study/ reference means nothing in 2016.Nice try hypocritical “nationalist.” You are the equivalent of the Bnp in Wales. In 2016, an apartheid has been created

    • Oh! Forgot to mention, Hywel, the BNP wanted exactly the same as you do .. An english monolingual desert. Think before placing your foot in your intolerant maw.

    • Truth hurts eh”Morgan y bradwr” The only Nats trolling here is yourselves … British nats indeed! What will you do when ingerlund demands independence ? You are “Welsh” in its original Anglo Saxon (German) meaning …English colonial supremacists the lot of you

      • What will you do when OUR country, and OUR Principality is no longer part of the European Union. Where will you move to then??

        • We’ll stay exactly where we have been for centuries-here! What the hell will you do when you find that you will not be missed in Europe and the expats in their Spanish ghettoes will be kicked out because they refuse to speak nor learn Spanish?

          • Considering I am not : ” an expat,living in a Spanish ghetto.” It won’t bother myself in the slightest. What will you do when an even larger majority of WELSH BORN subjects refuse to speak CYMRAEG in your flea,litter , “bilingual,”filth infested “”ghettos?””

          • Nothing, we will stay here just as we have done for over a millennia.
            It’s time to open your swivel eyes, and awaken from your bitter twisted frowns. Cymru has two languages, not one. Your discrimination towards “Anglo Saxons,” is unjustified.
            Yes the #:”Anglo Saxons,” may have done you wrong hundreds of years ago. But they have more than made up for it in funding your MINORITY language. Similarly the Germans , have done wrong a mere seventy years ago. But there actions have of course been completely forgotten.
            If you suggest we.#WELSH BORN, FORMER speakers of CYMRAEG are Germanic in origin. Well I suggest you are Roman in origin. Go to Italy , Latin is seen as a historic: “”””lingua farga.””””

      • The mask slips

        English people are mongrel German colonists

        The Welsh are Celtic and pure

        Didn’t take long for Tarian to revert to type, this is why Welsh nationalism is so dangerous “blood and soil” to the core with its racially pure anthem, sung in its minority tribal language of the few.

        Wales deserves better than this.

        • Read before you spew cymnot! Did I say that the English are German mongrels? No, you did. Did I say the Welsh are celts and pure? No.
          I said you are “Welsh” in the true Anglo Saxon (German) definition- If you want to be proud of being called a “foreigner or stranger”, that’s fine by me… Describes people who don’t know the meaning of placenames, mountains, rivers etc. of Cymru to a T.

  3. If there is one aspect of the Welsh national consciousness which predominates over another at the present hour, it is the consciousness that salvation of the Cymry does not lie in a return to accepting ouerselves to subjection. We are far more elegant to this nonsense.

    Cymraeg is not a burden or the woe of our children’s education.

    Wether learning history, a mathematical equation or literature, language is not the barrier but the context of its dilevery. If language was the barrier nations such as Switzerland a nation of 3 official languages (French, German and Italian) might have enforced a single monolingual rule to education.

    As I’m aware of your anti-Welsh characteristics and longing for y Cymry to vanish in language, culture and exsistence I myself will just finish with this…

    You cannot stop progress.

    • “Cymry” You assert Wales is yours and you are its race in a similar way to how the National socialists of Germany proclaimed themselves of Germany

      Wales has a very unpleasant streak at its core, one of purity, belonging and entitlement. Can be seen nowhere clearer than in the anthem itself “Land of my Fathers” this oppresses me, Cymraeg is not my language, I can be Welsh but never Cymry.

      Blood and soil sentiments have no place in Wales.

    • Interesting response Arthddu but far away from the reality as you seem to claim ownership of Wales and some form of entitlement simply because you speak a language of little relevance to most people of Wales. Personally, I have no problem with your language but do not want it imposed upon those who chose to live their lives through the English language.

      • Personally I like the see the “Cymry” segregate themselves from reality although its hard to believe the lack of scrutiny Welsh nationalism receives.

        • Cymnot – Not only do you want us to disappear, you want to impose an English /Cymraeg apartheid , system … Nasty. Jaques, I don’t know of any Cymro who is about to don any explosives on their person in the name of the Taliban, racist fool.

          • Apartheid already exists in Wales, for example WM education is hideously white and receives more money per pupil than EM.

            Councils get away with insisting Cymraeg is essential for the most mundane of jobs thus ensuring only those within the tribe get the benefits of public sector employment.

          • Tarian seems to prefer insults in preference to addressing his disagreement through objective and rational arguments. Wouldn’t usually publish this drivel but felt it important to highlight the Cymro intolerance of the Welsh majority – Yes Tarian, no suicide vests as yet but cutting tyres on my car, death threats and other forms of intimidation on the part of the Cymro appears to be OK and all simply because I ‘dare to voice opposition’ to the Orwellian World Welsh nationalist in the Labour Party have created!

  4. Labour in Wales has been compromised by nationalists fully aware the majority will never go near Plaid Cymru, having said that they know people in Wales are proud so fearful of the term “anti Welsh” which led to the hijacking of Labour and turning it into “Welsh Labour” a new tag that leads to the idea of something new but not frightening off core support, not too dissimilar to the “New Labour” project…something different but still the same.

    Today you can barely get a fag paper between “Welsh Labour” and Pllaid Cymru, Plaid itself has been hijacked by far left Marxists leaving far right conservative Anglophobes to brood in western corners, but with nowhere else to go the leadership can count on their support.

    As for education the the Nationalists are always telling us how Cymraeg is the oldest language in the cosmos…this may be so but it doesn’t belong to nationalism or Wales its an ancient language which was spoken throughout the southern half of Britain and it is in that context which I view it. Trying to impose an ancient language on children that is barely spoken by the vast majority of Wales’ citizens is nothing less than abuse. English is the de facto language of ALL Wales – the most widely spoken language on the planet and still growing.

    Cymraeg is the only thing Welsh nationalists have left to persuade us we are “different” to English people, everything else invented by sad old men in Aberystwyth university or wannabee soldiers around empty pint glasses in grotty pubs has been proven to be a lie – this is the last throw of the dice for Welsh nationalism and they don’t care a jot if it means destroying childrens’ education such is the lust for separation at any cost.

    • Think in English, speak English only, say racist remarks like “welshification” ..this is Cymru after all, English is the de facto language? How presumptuous and arrogant of you… 4/5of schools are EM and just look how well they are churning out intelligent and literate persons into the big wide multilingual world…not! S you are well aware, England ‘s teenagers are the most illiterate, ignorant and inward looking in the whole of Europe… Fact. So, apart from eradicating Cymraeg from the face of the earth, you also want to educate the English way? Move there for heaven sakes!

      • Why should we be forced to move anywhere? We are born and bred Welsh. Your the MINORITY, not us. You deal with it. If the current status quo is progress? Why is the language declining in many areas? Especially in the apparent languages heartlands?

      • De facto = undeniable truth, Wales is 100% English speaking.

        Britain doesn’t have amazing state education but that isn’t an excuse for destroying kids prospects in the name of nationalism.

        “England’s teenagers are the most illiterate ignorant and inward looking in the whole of Europe” How racist Tarian, can you back that up? can you demonstrate how children lined up and coerced into the Urdd are outward looking and modern?

        “Move there” Well that sums you up Tarian, a run of the mill Anglophobic Welsh nationalist brimming with hatred.

      • ‘Our Dear Leader’ Carwyn Jones will be proud of you Tarian. Wales belongs to the Welsh speaking minority – Utter nonsense!

        • I’ve always said Wales is the most inward looking racist part of Britain, gets away with it due of a lack of scrutiny largely because it didn’t receive much immigration from the former colonies.

          Does anybody really believe Leanne Wood and co when they stand there espousing the wonders of diversity whilst harbouring such hatred for people the same as them but born east of a line on a map?

          • The Independent, January 2016..

            English teenagers are among some of the least educated in the developed world, a report reveals.

            Young people aged between 16 and 19 have been found to possess only a “basic” grasp of maths and English, with nine million people of working age having low literacy or numeracy skills.

            The report, conducted by the OECD (the Operation for Economic Co-Operation and Development) found that out of 23 developed nations, English teens had the lowest literacy rates and the second to lowest numeracy rates.

            The report summarised that one in five young university students could manage basic tasks but might struggle with anything advanced, like reading instructions on an aspirin bottle.

            It concluded: “university teaching gives limited attention to low levels of literacy and numeracy. Graduates with low basic skills gain modest returns from their qualifications and will often not be able to repay their student debts. England has a large university system relative to a poorly skilled pool of potential entrants.”
            There we go Cymnot… the proof.. if you want to be like them (and I suspect that you do), have your EM education…stay ignorant and monolingual

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