YouTube Silenced by Welsh Nationalists?

YouTube is an invaluable source of historical video material easily accessible to the public, covering a wide range of topics and like many people, I often use it for research on a variety of subjects.

When I wrote the Glasnost essay: ‘Light a Fire for Wales’, I came across a fascinating TV clip from the 1970’s of two highly respected Welsh intellectuals (Vincent Kane of BBC and Gwyn Thomas), discussing the merits and relevance of the Welsh language.

This was an unusually frank exchange of views that sadly no longer exists in the Welsh media and I cross-referenced the debate in my article using an active click on link:


Not long afterwards the YouTube link stopped working and the ‘sad face’ appeared each time anyone tried to access the video!

A YouTube statement puts it down to the multiple complaints of copyright infringement which is simple enough to understand, but why would anyone object to the airing of a significant part of the Welsh history?

It appears that Gwyn Thomas’s powerful words and the message directly aimed at the Welsh speaking nationalists had to be erased from the public domain – an inconvenient truth to the New Welsh Order that Welsh Nationalists are planning for us all.

The following is the transcript of what Gwyn Thomas said in his TV interview with Vincent Kane:

“From my early age, I joined the march for international awareness as my community was a fusion of people from English counties together with people from Welsh valleys.

In my elementary school, we had names like Marsden, Billington, as well as Jones, Evans etc and I’d have been a fool if I insisted upon a purely Welsh national identity.

Welsh nationalists should remember that at the time we had a surge of English teaching coinciding with Dylan Thomas and myself reaching our fullness.

To us, the English language was a high water mark and we considered Welsh as a kind of a pet. It was lovely to have few words and to know that we had Eisteddfods, ancient bards and the rest but the language was a pet.

Have a pet by all means but if a man runs his dog as a mayor it would have been considered as an anomaly.

Welsh communities, in the long run, would lose out when they cease to be an active part of the English speaking world because we have the spirit, we have the wit, we have the imagination to contribute something invaluable to the English-speaking world.

This is central to our future happiness or future misery of the mankind. Every active Welsh speaking nationalist is denying the Welshman the chance to fulfil his glorious function upon this world, that is to be a man of great imagination, great compassion in the language that would reach more people than any other”.

Some powerful words there from a man who left a huge mark in his time and beyond, through his brilliant writing and broadcasting skills and a man who is seen as a true Welsh patriot and a voice of reason by many.

His vision for making Wales great is now under threat as never before – A voice of reason that had to be silenced well after his death by the Welsh speaking Crachach, controlling the Welsh Governance, the Welsh Media and the Welsh Education.

Don’t accept it or be a silent observer – Stand Up to the Welsh speaking nationalists and demand freedom of choice to live your life through the English language including the freedom to educate your children through the English Medium education, free of the ‘essential Welsh speaking teachers’.

I have now found an abridged version of Gwyn Thomas’ Welsh language thoughts on YouTube that as yet, hasn’t been sanitized by the Welsh Nationalists (Any bets on it’s life span)?

The clip contains some other material but none the less you can hear the transcript detailed above, directly from the great man himself (Approx. half way down: 15 mins’ mark) – Click here:

In the meantime, the onslaught of Welsh language imposition is relentless and is driven by the Welsh Labour Government, Estyn, the Welsh Language Commissioner and many other fringe bodies created as ‘interested pressure groups’ often funded by the Welsh Government to suppress any opposition or dissent.

Welsh primary schools are now the prime target for the nationalists to impose their language and their culture on the rest of us and are prioritizing school Governors and teachers who can deliver the curriculum through the medium of the Welsh language.

Give a thought to Llangennech parents in Carmarthenshire who are currently being forced to accept Welsh Medium education and are denied the basic freedom of choice by the Education Authority to educate their children through the English language.

(To understand how the parental predicament occurred in a school that serves largely an English speaking community close to Swansea, one needs to understand the secretive world of the Welsh nationalists and their agenda:

Impose by stealth the key Welsh speaking Governors then appoint a Welsh speaking Headteacher and finally only employ 100% Welsh language first school teachers – This situation is not unique to Llangennech, but is practiced throughout Wales especially within the Local Education Authorities that are already in control of the Y Fro Gymraeg mindset and is spreading out to other areas of Wales like a cancer.

Time to end parental apathy and get involved especially in school Governance, children’s future is at stake!

Llangenech School Situation:



Time to end the political apathy, get involved especially in School Governance, Local Government elections and the Assembly elections too – Sadly the Welsh speaking candidates irrespective of the party they represent can’t be trusted to act in the best interests of the Welsh majority – Demand Democracy and Freedom of Choice in this linguistically confused part of the UK with language policies that are doing a huge harm to our small nation.

Don’t submit to a minority that at best forms some 7% of the Welsh population with most of them still living in the XIII c World demanding an independent Welsh speaking Republic and never ending privileges for the ‘more equals’ in a warped society that represents the post-devolution Wales – Speak Out, use your vote selectively and demand your rights.

Must not forget the sorry state of the non-Welsh speaking contingent in the Welsh Assembly who outnumber the Welsh speakers and who at no time over the last 17 years or so had the courage to stand up to countless Welsh language measures introduced initially by Rhodri Morgan and then Carwyn Jones that elevated a minority into the privileged exceptionalism: ‘Their Country – Their Language’ – Assimilate or leave – Democracy?

Further reading – Gwyn Thomas abridged biography:


Gwyn Thomas (1913-1981), was one of the foremost Welsh writers of the 20th century. He wrote novels and short stories, plays for radio and stage, and was also a scriptwriter and presenter for television. He was born in Cwm Rhondda, Glamorgan, the son of Walter and Ziphorah, and was the youngest of their twelve children. He was educated at Cymer Elementary School and Porth County School, Glamorgan, and went to St Edmund Hall Oxford in 1931, to read Modern Languages. He spent part of his degree course at the University of Madrid, and visited parts of northern Spain on his trek homewards during the summer of 1933. He returned home to Cymer in 1934, and between 1936-1938 he contributed articles to the Rhondda Leader, and lectured for the WEA on international relations. He married Eiluned (Lyn) Thomas in 1938. In 1940, he became teacher of Modern Languages at Cardigan County School, and later at Barry County School, where he remained until 1962. During this period he published eight novels, a novella and three collections of stories, and produced over a dozen plays and feature programmes for radio. In the 1960s and 1970s, he contributed more to television and theatre, and wrote articles for periodicals including Punch. Gwyn Thomas died in April 1981.


Jacques Protic 09.07.2016

13 thoughts on “YouTube Silenced by Welsh Nationalists?

  1. “Assimilate or leave – democracy?” Is how you finished one of your articles, would this refer to Ingerlund (since they INSIST on everyone speaking their lingo when immigrants come to live there) – democracy indeed! If it’ fine for them, it’s fine for us – DYSGA SIARAD CYMRAEG – neu symud a drost y ffin

    • They most certainly don’t insist on anyone let alone everyone speaking English in Ingerland. Actually they provide translation services for any language on Earth. In regards to social security claimants. Your too parochial I suspect to realise that Cymru has two language s. Only nineteen percent of the Principality has any knowledge of Cymraeg. Let alone is fluent in Cymraeg. This number is always decreasing due to the xenophobia displayed by a radical minority who in my opinion are racist towards apparent: “Anglo Saxons.” If you actually crossed the Straits or possibly went past Porthmadog you would discover that Cymraeg is a minority language. I suspect you never do either.
      Ddwi ddim eisio dysgu Cymraeg, “”washi.”” Ddwi yn siarad Cymraeg.

      • What planet are you from Harper/Protic? Of course they INSIST on everyone speaking ing lush …what was the Brexit nazis want.. WASP and German slang speakers

        • No idea what you are on about Tarian but perhaps others can see your point. [Noticed a fair number of your comments were not published but abuse and demeaning of people you may disagree with is unacceptable on this site. Same applies to your notes using the Welsh language (We can’t publish anything that we can’t understand). Dislike censorship but please try to stay on topic with reasoned arguments and we’ll publish it]!

    • Inference only for the Y Fro Gymraeg world – Not aware of any other country where a tribal language of the few is imposed on so many!

  2. Its all well the Cymraeg speaking elite bullying the population and elevating their tribe to prominent positions but the fact is the Welsh language has been in terminal decline for 2 centuries and sooner or later non tribe will run out of their own to elevate.

  3. I was a (Welsh-speaking) pupil of Gwyn Thomas in Barry Grammar School. He was an intensely entertaining teacher in a small ( about 9) Spanish O level class, who pontificated about every subject under the sun, to the great delight of his pupils. Though I don’t remember doing much Spanish, quite a lot stuck, including a few choice spanish obscenities he taught us. We never discussed Welsh, but I always had the impression he regarded me as if I were a pet dog, entertaining, but not worth much.He sometimes used to explode with rage when one of us made some inane comment, and then the torrent of invective would be broken by a slow smile that mutated to peals of laughter. Only when I’d left school did I realise two things from his comments during his new full-time media punditry – first, that he’d hated teaching, and that his rages and laughter came from his despair that pupils could be so obtuse , and secondly, that his massive chip on his shoulder about the Welsh language derived mainly from the fact that he came from a Welsh-speaking family where the parents, quite deliberately, had chosen not to speak Welsh to their children.
    A complex man, where humour and deprivation went side by side

    • Indeed, he was a man of his time, and I would suggest that many others of his generation, (Aneurin Bevan, George Thomas amongst them) had a similar ‘chip’ about their own identity, though it is possibly more kindly to be regarded as ‘national schizophrenia’, which you will find ample evidence of if you study the recorded words of all of these great, but fragmented people. George Thomas, though perceived an opponent of the Welsh language, nonetheless once related an account of an experience of his whilst at grammar school of the boys saluting a street sweeper, who, apparently was something of a local celebrity poet in the Welsh language. Of course, it may have been an apocryphal story, but notwithstanding that, it demonstrates something of a split reaction to the Welsh language. Nye Bevan also had moments when he praised the achievements of the Welsh in their own language, and recognised that he himself had been named after perhaps the greatest of Welsh language poets.

      Anyone who meets people of the older generations in South East Wales will often hear of people’s dismay that the Welsh language was something not passed on to them, which has made them all the more determined to ensure that the younger generations, the children of today, at least have a chance of having the language – it is their birthright.

      The issue is a complex one, and certainly the Llangnnech example overused by Protic to enchance his anti-Welsh campaign is probably something of a distortion – I don’t know, as I’m located in Cardiff. But neither does Protic know, as he is located in Anglesey, which is a fair step from Llangennech. However, I do know that the area around Llanelli/Ammanford is still an area where the Welsh language is quite strong, though almost paradoxically is an area where Welsh is seen as belonging to the past, and isn’t being passed on. There has been some significant research into this, and some interventions to point out the benefits of passing on the language. It’s not so much that people do not value Welsh, the majority do, but when your language and culture has been subjected to so much government hostility and been so devalued for so long you publicly start to devalue it yourself.

      I cast my mind back to the time I was learning Welsh in my late 20s. At the time I was living in a village not far outside of Carmarthen, where the majority in the village at the time were Welsh speaking. Strangely, to me, very few were encouraging, even though they weren’t hostile to the idea of my learning Welsh, but the comments varied from expressions of mild bewilderment, to a more ‘practical’ ‘Why are you learning Welsh? It’s got no value, you can’t get a job with Welsh!) That was an initial reaction upon discovering that I was learning Welsh. Some months down the line, when my Welsh language skill had improved immeasurably, (partly thanks to my persistence to the point where the majority in the village would speak Welsh back to me) I had the paradoxical experience of those same people who had questioned my motivation initially telling me how pleased they were that I’d learned the language!

      It’s a complex situation, and it’s a situation that Protic clearly does not understand because he is using the Welsh language merely to fit his agenda, (whatever that is, I can’t be bothered to work that out). He plays on people’s fears and prejudices, often making false claims, or deliberately misinterpreting situations to fit his own agenda. We’ve seen campaigns like his in the past, aimed at undermining local education policies. We had Education First in the 90s, expressing similar arguments to those of Protic now, and I’m sure these inhabitants of the lunatic fringe will continue to be a minor annoyance.

      It’s quite simple really, if you don’t like the Welsh language, then perhaps you’d be better off not living/moving to a Welsh speaking area. If you moved to Spain, or France, do you think you’d be able to argue that Spanish or French were an impediment to progress? Because that’s what all these anti-Welsh arguments boil down to, something that appeared in the infamous Blue Books.

      If the people of Wales had access to their own history, taught from their own perspective, from an anti-colonialist standpoint I think much of the uncertainty that many people do genuinely feel about the Welsh language and how it affects them, or their fears over it, would disappear. Sadly this is not the case.

      • Difficult to argue with people who appear to live in the past and seem incapable of a rational thought. Demeaning Welsh greats who chose progress instead of celebrating an irrelevant tribal language seems to be a crime, treason or both as far as the people like you are concerned. Insinuating lies and distortion on my part is easy to say but to make it stick you need to do a lot better (Anything written and published by Glasnost is 100% factual and evidence based)!

        Finally, my motives behind raising the Welsh language issues, there is a simple answer: As a parent I see an immense harm done to the English language 1 kids in Welsh Medium education – I see it as a crime that takes away their future and damages most children for life – I have no problem with the Welsh language per se, but it should be down to parental choice and not imposed by the Welsh ‘state’

        • Where did I demean Welsh ‘greats’? I certainly did nothing of the kind. In fact I tried to explain the complex context that gave rise to their schizoid approach towards the Welsh language, something that you so obviously know extremely little about, as if you did it would make it difficult for you to then distort and use to your advantage. I suggest that you are reticent in arguing with me because you realise that you’ll only show yourself up if you try!

          Also, I see nothing that would indicate that I live in the past, and indeed, with the kind of attitude you seem to promote Protic, it is you that is harking back to a past age when it was acceptable to denigrate the linguistic rights of a people.

          Quite simply in the case of what you call English language 1 kids, then it’s quite simple. If they have been in Wales for any appreciable time, then why have they not been sent to a local Welsh medium nursery group, if they are pre-school. If they have recently moved here, then there are the intensive language units that quickly bring children up to speed.

          Parents who move to Wales knowing that local education is Welsh medium only have themselves to feel responsible, and really have no grounds whatsoever to complain. If they are so attached to English medium education, then why didn’t they stay in England?

          You talk a load of tosh about rights, and how badly English monoglots fare under the nasty regime of Welsh Nats/Labour, but in reality you’re just a mouthpiece for the White Flight immigrants wanting lebensraum away from anyone with a different coloured skin. What about the rights of Welsh speakers rights to be able to use their own language as they go about their daily lives? This can only be guaranteed if everyone in Wales speaks Welsh, and that can only happen if they are educated in Welsh. It’s true that they’ll invariably learn English too, which will keep those who don’t speak Welsh happy, and with the bonus that because of their Welsh medium education, their English will be so much better!

          Despite your claim, you seem to have forgotten somehow that facts are like sacks – they don’t stand up until you put something in them. What you put in them leads to distortion. And you are extremely selective when it comes to the evidence you use, only going for that which supports your arguments.

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