EISTEDDFOD 2016 “WEAPONISED WALES” Without the Welsh Language Wales is Nothing

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Not a ‘figment of my imagination’ but the heading statement came from the lips of Archdruid Geraint Lloyd Owen in defense of their decision not to allow the Welsh Football Team to be honoured by the Gorsedd at the Eisteddfod for its remarkable achievement in UEFA Euro 2016 competition.

Archdruid said: As most ‘Welsh’ football players do not speak Welsh; Eisteddfod standards must be kept, then elaborated further:

“If they can’t speak Welsh I don’t see how we can welcome them in [Gorsedd], because Welsh [Language] is the biggest, strongest weapon we have as a nation and without it, we have nothing”.

A truly bizarre statement that in my view is an affront to the non-Welsh speaking majority who by inference are nothing too!

This nonsense was then followed by the Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones who together with Alun Davies (Minister for the Welsh Language) used Eisteddfod 2016 as a platform in a sinister ploy to push the Welsh Labour Party’s Cymrufication agenda to the next stage:

Creating 1,000,000 Welsh speakers by 2050 that first appeared in a small print within the Welsh Labour’s Manifesto (2016 Assembly Elections) is now an official policy and seems to be highly ironic that the County of Monmouthshire that is perhaps more English than England has been chosen to signal that the English language and its culture is no longer relevant in the post-devolution Wales – Arrogance?

The Welsh language irrelevance in most of Wales is not a deterrent to the Welsh Labour Government when it comes to applying its Social Engineering Agenda and we now have yet another ‘consultation paper’ with a predetermined outcome:

Consultation Doc

This consultation is open for comment until 31st October 2016 and it should be a WAKE UP CALL to anyone who values Freedom of Choice and parents being able to choose the educational language for their children.

Our children are the prime target for this absurd notion of creating Million Welsh speakers by compulsion and the Welsh primary education is the key vehicle they have to do so in parallel with imposing ‘Essential Welsh’ for most public jobs.

The English Medium Education will be phased out and the intention is to impose Welsh Medium teaching in all primary schools as soon as they have enough Welsh speaking teachers from the Welsh language 1 homes.

No such facility exists for the English language majority in Wales so, once again, we see Welsh and English being called equal but Welsh is clearly more equal than English (To understand this assertion how it works in practice read Llangennech School update in the footnote to this essay).

The well-established facts from the Welsh Government’s education statistics based on the Y Fro Gymraeg world school performance (Anglesey and Gwynedd) where English Medium education was abolished long ago clearly identify that the Welsh Medium Education damages English Language 1 children and stifles their academic progress.

We now have an absurd situation that the devolved Government is knowingly promoting and imposing education policies in full knowledge that these policies will have a negative and damaging impact on most children in Wales.    

To access the ‘consultation document’ click here – http://gov.wales/consultations/welshlanguage/welsh-language-strategy-consultation/?lang=en

On page 19 of the ’consultation’ preamble, there is an interesting statement of ‘Rights’ which reads:

“Over the last half a century, several pieces of legislation have been passed which underpin people’s right to use Welsh, their freedom to use the language, and to receive Welsh language services. The most recent of these is the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011, under which the Welsh Language Commissioner’s office was established.”

No ’Rights’ mentioned for those who do not speak Welsh or do not want to learn Welsh, instead a thinly veiled threat in the following sentence (highlighted):

Although the Measure in and of itself does not mean that more people speak Welsh, it is a solid foundation upon which to build for the future, as it gives the language official status in Wales, introduces duties through the Welsh language standards on the basis that services are offered proactively, and permits any interference with people’s freedom to use Welsh to be investigated.

A strange choice of words but the message is clear enough – Wales now belongs to the Welsh speaking minority – Assimilate or leave!

The saddest part of all this is the silence in the Welsh Assembly where AM’s of all political party colours have become subservient to the ‘Weaponised Cause’ without realising that the weapon these people have is a weapon of a massive self-destruction of a ‘nation’ that never was!

Eisteddfod (2017) is on my home patch of Anglesey and awaiting with great anticipation the next mind-boggling revelations from the Weaponised Welsh (WW) led by ‘Our Dear Leader’ The Rt Hon. Carwyn Jones.

Are we going to see more of Weaponised Proliferation for the privileges of the ‘Welsh Exceptional Minority’ (WEM) and more Weapons of Mass Discrimination WMD (I) or even the Weapons of Mass Deception WMD (II), or both?

Finally, another reminder of the language war of attrition still going on in Carmarthenshire (Llangennech) but this time the parents found the guts and the courage to stand up to the Local Education Authority who wants to abolish English Medium Education in a community where English speakers are the significant majority – See:

https://keepllangennechprimarydualstream.wordpress.com/ and what the Welsh Media had to say on the issue:

Judicial review warning over Llangennech Welsh school plan

Llangennech School jpeg

Parents who oppose the removal of an English language stream at a Carmarthenshire primary school are using legal help and ready to apply for a judicial review if forced to do so.

Most parents at Llangennech school object to the council’s policy of extending Welsh medium provision.

The council plans to extend Welsh medium provision in schools, partly in response to census figures which show a fall in Welsh speakers in the county. It has said replacing Llangennech Infant and Llangennech Junior schools with a new Welsh-medium community primary would ensure “bilingualism is increased” in the area.

A petition previously submitted to the council said the move would have a “massive impact” on children in the community who seek an English-medium education.

Jacques Protic 19.08.2016

18 thoughts on “EISTEDDFOD 2016 “WEAPONISED WALES” Without the Welsh Language Wales is Nothing

  1. “The Welsh Medium Education damages English Language 1 children and stifles their academic progress.” You say these things as if a bilingual education is proven to be harmful towards children, when several studies have confirmed that learning multiple languages is massively beneficial to your brain. How does a language damage a child short of them being bludgeoned to death with a Welsh dictionary??
    Also, how is Welsh being a mandatory subject any different from, say, history being mandatory? You could argue that children don’t get to choose if they learn history or not, but no-one does, since we all tend to agree that history is an important thing to learn. And yet, only about 7.1% of students will go on to take history for their GCSEs.
    And I really don’t see what the problem is with people learning Welsh. It’s not like we can use our knowledge of the Welsh language to kill people, or harm others. The only problem is that non-Welsh speakers might not be able to understand what we’re saying, and for some reason, people feel personally attacked by this.
    As for the claims that we weaponize the language and plan to create an army of Welsh Nats – wanting to keep a centuries-old language, history and culture alive does not equate to wanting to murder all the English who dare set foot on Welsh soil.

    Debate aside, couldn’t help but giggle at ‘Cymrufication’. I had a sudden vision of an English parent saying “This school….they’re trying to Cymrufy my child!”

  2. All you people saying wales will be speaking polish before long haha more like England will be speaking Arabic lol get your burgas ready boys

    • James, your other two comments will not be published as they contain abusive and vulgar elements – If you can manage to argue your case without vulgarity we’ll be pleased to publish your views and thoughts.

  3. The welsh speaker is not the enemy the true enemy is the nationalist many of whom don’t speak Cymraeg and wont be learning it any time soon.

    As the celtic fascists at the annual gathering pointed out the welsh football team aren’t pure enough to befit an award from the dark age miserable jamboree.

    Welsh Labour has betrayed its roots and should be expelled from the UK Labour movement, there will not be a million fluent welsh speakers ever and its folly to suggest there will be but I’m more concerned by the nationalistic direction wales is traveling in steered by a minority hell bent on recreating a 15th century rift with English people who are now 3rd class citizens in their own UK country.

    Cymraeg is just a weapon of the nationalist, Welsh people have much good will toward it which the separatist understands this and shout down any that dares not tow the line.

    • 3rd class citizens? Join the club …You’ve looked down your noses, called our language irrelevant, called those that live their lives through the medium of Cymraeg as ” nationalists, nazis, language nutters, Taliban (God knows why) ” so, Protic/ Cymnot what are you to do with us? Gas chamber or Welsh Not? BTW Protic, What use is the Serbian language outside of Serbia?

      • A never ending tirade Tarian, often abusive and sometimes racist (unpublished). As far as the appellatives go you are inferring to, I can say it with a clear conscience that in my case they have always been used in a measured, contextual and proportionate way where the situation arose to do so.

        Your whining seems to be ‘one directional’ and often misses the point – To remind you on Anglesey, Gwynedd and soon elsewhere English language 1 primary school children are forced into the Welsh Medium education and through this draconian measure are damaged academically (Evidence based) and you have the audacity to say ‘Welsh Not’.

        My stance on the Welsh language has always been simple and straight forward: When it comes to linguistic choices in Welsh education, the parental choice must be respected (English or Welsh as the parents deem appropriate and not imposed by the ‘Welsh Government’)!

        On the Serbia question that you raised: Serbian language is identical to Croat (Serbs use Cyrillic Alphabet whilst Croats use the Latin script – Orally little difference). Both languages are of Slavonic origins and closely related to the Russian, Czech, Slovak, Polish and some other languages of East Europe – Anyone from those nations can converse easily with the others – Very different to the Welsh language situation hence the reason for being irrelevant to most people of Wales and the vast majority of Argentinians too!

        Finally, if you make an effort to learn Serbian, you should be able to converse with speakers of the second language of Wales (After English) – The Polish language!

        • The Cymraeg language fascist justifies coercion and bigotry on the grounds they’re oppressed by evil English people.

          The Welsh nationalist lives his/her life as though we’re still in the 6th century they’re unable to grasp Britain is a melting pot of peoples and there is no such thing today as “celts’ or “saxons”

          The Welsh Nazi finds the idea of a Cymraeg speaking state, pure and virginal in a similar way to N Korea quite appealing.

          Of course England has its racist oddballs, the only difference being they aren’t listened to never mind pandered to by weakling politicians many of whom secretly harbour similar views and even more disturbingly hold Labour party membership cards.

  4. “A strange choice of words but the message is clear enough – Wales now belongs to the Welsh speaking minority – Assimilate or leave!”

    Yes, many of us are already making the moves to leave what has become a Third World totally corrupt banana republic committing a crime against humanity of epic proportions but hidden away behind the curtain of “confidentiality” and reprisal.

    I can now have a very clear conscience that I have prevented by reasoned factual argument a number of small businesses (some notable by their very hi-tech nature) from investing and relocating to Wales. They would have trained and employed higher wager earners besides bringing in the expertise to help support and train local people. I have also stopped those with some wealth from living/retiring here and spending their wealth in Wales. I could not in conscience place my hand on my heart and state that Wales is a proper and fit place for English immigrants to come any longer.

    In our immediate neighbours, one legally qualified Welsh speaking (born and bred here) couple have already purchased in France and will be selling up and going this year, citing the corruption that is Wales, and three others other than ourselves are actively seeking moving out. Of those 2 are also Welsh speakers and one family cites the appalling state of Welsh Medium education not wishing their children to be disadvantaged in a scientific and technological world.

    Go for independence Wales. Just don’t have your begging bowl out. Get off your butt and start earning your place in the world, no more subsidies, no more welfare benefits, no use of the pound, from the England you claim to hate.

    And to think I used to love this country, deeply respect its people in-grained from childhood, respect its old hard working ethic and principle, respect for its right to a language of its own. But I will not subscribe to the Nazi type bigotry and Democide of the minority. Wales and its Nationalist nutters need to have a very good look at the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights before claiming itself a “nation”.

    • Welsh medium education is not better than EM education, there is less ethnic minority and kids from poor backgrounds attending these schools plus there’s the old chestnut of more money per pupil. What kind of a mad society thinks its sensible to educate children in a 2nd language they don’t full understand and in one barely spoken throughout the world?

      WM schools are nationalist breeding grounds creating tomorrows welsh politicians and public sector employees because ALL of tomorrows public sector jobs in Wales will be reserved for welsh speakers conditioned whom regard English people as the enemy whilst publicly spouting the nonsense that is “civic nationalism”

    • Adieu, hwyl fawr, don’t forget to write…. Not! Will you learn to speak French if you decide to “settle” there? Or will you still spew your linguistic supremacy over there as well? Good riddance!,

        • Cymraeg is the language of Cymru, get used to it, we will not be bullied by the likes of you Protic/Cymnot, creatures that settle here and insist that Welsh speakers conform to your idea of how our nation should be – another part of England. If you hate us that much, move away to South Wales or Cheshire where your attitude towards us would be welcomed no doubt, yet you insist on staying on Anglesey, with the rest of the white settlers around Beaumaris – Pathetic lot.

          • Ag Harris,

            Unfortunately I didn’t know this site was back online so I couldn’t post this earlier.

            However under what reality does Polish have more speakers in Cymru than Cymraeg? In the UK, 1% (546,000) of the population speak Polish. In Wales, 562,016 or 19% of the population speak Welsh. It is estimated that 100,000-150,000 speak Welsh outside of Wales in the UK.

            Not only are you implying that more people speak Polish in Wales than the entirety of the UK combined but also you fail to recognise that there are more Welsh speakers in Wales than there are Polish speakers in the UK.

            As for the rest of your comments, no person in Wales is forcing you to speak Welsh. Again because you anti-Welsh lot have a lot of difficulty in understanding this, there is not a single person in Wales forcing you to speak or learn Welsh.

            I can only assume from your complaints regarding Gwynedd and Ysbyty Gwynedd that you live in or have a connection to Gwynedd itself. Surely you must have noticed that the majority of people in Bangor, Caernarfon, Pwllheli, Llanberis, Dolgellau etc are first language Welsh? That also Welsh is the most common language heard in these town/city centres and on the streets? Wouldn’t you be annoyed if you couldn’t get English language NHS services in England? So considering the first language of the users of the local health board, wouldn’t it make sense for them to be able to use the NHS in the language of their choice? You’re not going to find a doctor who can speak Welsh that equally can’t do his role in English.

          • Actually English is the language of Cymru. Cymraeg is now the third language of Cymru.(Behind Polish.)
            Cymraeg may have been the primary language prior to the industrial revolution. But it’s now 2016, not 1986, or 1886.

            In South Wales it most definitely is not the primary language. As the majority of south waliens” “kept it as a pet.”
            Probably the reason why so many South Waliens have actually risen up the class ladder.

            I have no problem with speakers of Cymraeg. But I do take offence to often uncultured, uneducated philistines delegating to myself that I have to speak their moribund language – Each to their own.

            CYI xenophobes think they can enforce the moribund language on the entire public education system is when we the majority, start to take offence. You have already ruined the North Wales Health Board with this enforcement.

            Almost feels as if I’m entering another planet when I venture into the failure of the hospital that is Ysbity Gwynedd.
            If you think that you will be successful in enforcing the moribund language on the entire Welsh education system with no English medium education you will discover huge resentment.

            Soon rival protest groups may be established to counter this hideous social engineering.

          • It may not be a part of England. But , wether you like it or not, pal. It’s part of Great Britain.
            It is also a Principality. Because Prince Charles, the Duchy of Cornwalls emperor was coronated in Carnarvon Castle.
            Obviously in the days when Carnarvon was civilised.

          • Only five percent of French citizens speak Breton. As it is quite justifiably classed as a regional language.
            A maximum of fifteen percent at the best estimates in 2016 are completely fluent in CYMRAEG. In regards to reading, writing and speaking.
            All the real evidence suggests that the Welsh language is dying.
            Do the Irish still use Gaelic officially? (Outside some obscure corner of Western Ireland.) No they don’t. Yet the Irish maintain a proud history and are a real independent nation in the South.
            All the great writers have written in either English or Russian, Chinese throughout history.
            I don’t live in Beaumaris, but wished I did. It is the epicentre of civilization in Caernarvonshire after all.
            I have to live with xenophobia, and xenophobic behaviour on a daily basis. Just because I have a different opinion on the nationhood of a non independent Principality in an independent United Kingdom. Xenophobia breeds xenophobia

          • Cymraeg is the language of the Cymry not the Welsh and the insular Cymry are thankfully dwindling because today’s youth are far more outward looking.

            Its a long road and nationalistic fascists are still around as we see on Jac’s blog but they’re on the way out.

            One day Cymraeg will be recognised as a local dialect which people learn as a hobby without it being foisted upon the majority.

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