Carmarthenshire LEA Erasing English Medium Education

The Council’s Local Education Authority (LEA) has issued a formal notice of their intent in Llangennech – Effective as from Monday 5th September 2016:

Carms Public Notice

Full version of the notice is now on Council’s website:

A retrograde step in many ways that will damage children from the English language 1 homes as it’s now more than evident that the Welsh Medium “for all” drives down the level of achievement in schools and reduces the life chances of most pupils.

Welsh Medium (WM) education must not be driven through at all costs and the best interests of pupils and their parents must be respected.

Sadly, in Carmarthenshire, the LEA does not value children’s interests or has any conscience regarding the negative implications on their future and the WM education shall be imposed no matter what.

Considerable parental opposition to imposed WM education has been voiced prominently in the local media (Llanelli Star / Llanelli Herald), then Wales on Line and even mentioned on BBC Wales got them absolutely nowhere!

Full history of parental anguish and distress can be read on their website:

With all the faux consultation stages, now completed and all that’s left is to “object formally” to the Statutory Notice.

Having said this, It has been made crystal clear in the Executive Summary that every objection on community or pedagogical grounds has already been dismissed using ideology (policy), not pedagogy and will be dismissed again.

This is basically the well tried and practised Gwynedd method = Social Engineering Policy that trumps pedagogy and human rights.

Time for the Welsh Labour Government to get involved or all of this mess is their doing?

Jacques Protic 04.09.2016

3 thoughts on “Carmarthenshire LEA Erasing English Medium Education

  1. Where’s the evidence to your following statement?

    evident that the Welsh Medium “for all” drives down the level of achievement in schools and reduces the life chances of most pupils.

    I’m from a non-Welsh speaking home and have ‘somehow’ managed with my Welsh medium education… I’ve even gone on to graduate in Welsh! Gosh how did I manage that!?

    • Thank you for your contribution Claire, but you seem to miss the principal point which is the erosion of ‘Parental Freedom of Choice’ when it comes to selecting WM or EM education for the Welsh kids. On your ‘where is the evidence’ question, this is simple just consider the following and all from the Welsh Government’s education statistics:

      2016. Key stage 2. Level 5+ 0-8% EFSM
      WM English 49% EM English 57%
      WM Maths 49% EM Maths 57%
      WM Science 49% EM Science 57%
      Key stage 2. Level 5+ 8-16% EFSM
      WM English 41 % EM English 48 %
      WM Maths 43 % EM Maths 50 %
      WM Science 42 % EM Science 49 %
      Key stage 2. Level 5+ 16-24% EFSM
      WM English 38 % EM English 41 %
      WM Maths 40% EM Maths 42%
      WM Science 38% EM Science 42%

      It appears that as far as you are concerned and many others like you, the ruined schooling of thousands of pupils either forced or tricked into WM schools is just collateral damage on route to a Welsh speaking independent Wales. There never has been evidence that WM schools out-performed EM schools when deprivation levels of the pupils is taken into account.

      By coincident, happen to be writing a new essay on this very subject that will contain a detailed explanation of WG’s statistics including the meaning thereof – Watch this space!

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