European Zimbabwe in the making: Welsh language pressure group trying to impose uncompetitive practices on Wylfa B nuclear station

Couple of  weeks ago, UK Government’s planning officials (Bristol based), have been forced to apologise to Welsh nationalists including some local politicians after a public meeting was held on Anglesey without a Welsh translator present!


The Planning Inspectorate held a public meeting in Anglesey’s capital (Llangefni), to offer more information on how the planning process works on major infrastructure developments, specifically the Wylfa B nuclear power station, but anything they had to say simply ‘fell on the deaf ears’ of few nationalists present who walked out in protest, whilst most people stayed and presumably were happy with the presentation format.

These who walked out were the people who have no respect for anyone outside of their narrow ‘Gog speaking circles’ and are determined to impose their will and their tribal language by any means on the Welsh majority including any outsiders who dare ignore the Orwellian privileges granted to them by the Welsh Labour Government.

Instead of standing their ground and stating the obvious that in Wales like in any other part of the UK everyone speaks English, the planning officials chose to grovel in the same way as the Horizon’s CEO Duncan Hawthorne did a while back in a similar context (See Breaking News: ‘Nuclear boss nuked’) – A new meeting is now in the process of being arranged – Cost and time issues not relevant, when the tax payers’ money is involved?

The national media interest in Welsh politics is virtually non-existent compared to the coverage Scotland gets, which is a great shame and events like this hardly ever get reported.

By contrast, the Welsh media, especially the BBC Wales laps up any nonsense from the Welsh language lobby and gives them a huge prominence to express their grief or outrage or both but I wonder to what purpose and for whose benefit?

Those left in the cold (the vast majority of Welsh people) are denied a public voice and seem to be of little relevance to the Welsh ruling establishment which is now ‘affectionately known’ in many parts of Wales as the Welsh Language Taliban and probably more than just an apt definition based on the current events?

It’s now apparent that in the post devolution period, the Welsh language has become synonymous with ‘Being Welsh’, and clearly separates the Welsh speakers from the lesser equal majority who are unable to speak Welsh and who are now simply the second class people.

Wales has a raft of measures imposed by the Welsh Labour Government to secure unprecedented privileges for a minority that override all other considerations and this is especially visible in Welsh education and the public employment sector that has started having a damaging impact on the Welsh education, Economy and the NHS.

It’s not a secret that Wales is the basket case of the UK in terms of GDP and only survives through subsidies given by the UK’s Government but few are aware that Anglesey is poorer than Sicily as recently stated in the Economist:

“Certainly the Britain beyond London and the south-east that Mrs. May wants to conquer—call it the Mayan Empire—is less economically advanced. If it were a country it would be about as rich as Spain, with a GDP per person one-tenth below the EU average. Some parts of UK are a lot worse off. On the Isle of Anglesey, in Wales, income per person is 57% of the EU average, lower than most of Sicily”.

Anglesey is desperate for investment, needs quality jobs and a project like the Wylfa B, if it does go ahead, this would provide considerable economic benefits, locally and nationally for years to come and instead of being welcome it’s being sabotaged by a privileged minority, most of whom are in Welsh public employment.

So, who are these ‘special people’ that take indignation whenever they perceive that their language and their culture is under threat?

A question with complex answers, to be dealt with at some other time, but in short it’s worth remembering the headlines of UK’s leading papers from the not so distant past:
‘The list is entirely random but the pattern is fairly clear, one is picked out for no reason at all except that one is English, prominent and well known.’

The original group who operated for years as Meibion Glyndwr (the Sons of Glendower), who was behind many mindless acts of violence or intimidation that Peter Dunn and many others wrote about, has not disappeared.

The new generation of ‘Meibions’ are now ‘legitimised’ by the Welsh Labour Government through the Orwellian privileges I briefly mentioned earlier and dealt with in other Glasnost essays and many now hold senior posts within the Welsh public sector (politics, broadcasting and education).

An incredible turnaround, but not achieved by luck or a chance but through the ‘common cause’ scheming (opportunism and deceit) – If anyone believes that the Welsh First Ministers, Rhodri Morgan initially and now Carwyn Jones represent the working people of Wales or are in politics to deliver Labour’s Social Justice agenda are simply misguided or delusional!

People like Morgan and Carwyn are purely and simply Welsh nationalists of the worst kind and their track record based on their priorities and a vision for Wales is there for anyone to see: The key target being the creation of a Welsh speaking ‘nation’!

Back to Anglesey’s Wylfa B and the new kind of ‘Meibions’ who caused disruption of the public meeting arranged by the UK Governments Planning Authorities.

The ‘chief disruptor’ was Anglesey’s Plaid Cymru’s Assembly Member, one Rhun ap Iorwerth, who joined the protesters in the ‘walk out’ and was quoted to have said the following:


“The Planning Inspectorate knew they were in the wrong and apologised immediately, but an apology after an event only goes so far – it shouldn’t happen in the first place.
This should be a reminder to all public bodies that they have a duty to operate fully bilingually out of respect to our communities, let alone the legal obligations on them to do so.
I have also referred the matter to the Welsh Language Commissioner who has given me an assurance that she will look into this matter.”

Not sure what ‘legal obligations’ Rhun is referring to as in this case the organisation involved is the representative of the UK Government but I’m sure the Welsh Language Police Chief (Commissioner), Meri Huws will enlighten us in due course.

Anglesey can never be described as being a hot bed of Welsh nationalism, that ‘honour’ strictly belongs to Gwynedd, but it does have few of the Y Fro fanatics including the elements of the Welsh Language Society, then the so called PAWB (pressure group against nuclear power expansion on Anglesey) and in the local governance.

These people, as their political masters (Plaid Cymru) and including Labour’s Carwyn Jones (FM), have a tunnel vision and seem incapable of a rational thought beyond their key political objective of imposing the Welsh language on all of us.

All these people, conveniently ignore the economic reality of being independent and without the English funding, the best they can ever achieve or aspire to is to be a European Zimbabwe!

Rhun ap Iorwerth needs to be reminded that his stance does not reflect views of the electoral majority on Anglesey as Labour, Tory, Lib Dems and UKIP supporters when combined outnumber Plaid Cymru whenever the turnout exceeds 65% which is usually the case with the national elections but the apathy prevails in Assembly elections and people get Welsh nationalists by the back door!

Take a quick look at Rhun ap Iorwerth’ background and especially his career within the BBC Cymru Wales which he built on his nationalism and his first language (Cymraeg).
People like Rhun now dominate BBC Wales, a situation that many political observers find disturbing as it appears the BBC Wales has become a prime recruiting ground for Plaid Cymru’s budding politicians and no longer represents Wales at large?

To better understand the mind-set of these people (Rhun ap Iorwerth et al.), consider the Rio Olympics Twitter blog of a nationalist troll who often uses abuse whenever Glasnost UK is mentioned in the Social Media:

Then this, by some other trolls:


With no Welsh media outlet that is willing to scrutinise or even criticise the Welsh Government’s direction and purpose, the task is left to few people like myself who are prepared to stand up to the near totalitarian Welsh establishment and in the process we all face considerable intimidation, threats, hate mail, mindless and fabricated character assassination and other forms of harassment – Do we deserve this, or an open and a frank debate is now ‘dead and buried’ in the post devolution Wales?

The next image depicts the Welsh Labour Government’s reaction to my demands for an open debate on the merits of the Cymrufication agenda:

Then my AM, Rhun ap Iorwerth and his party (Plaid Cymru) does the same – Curious why?
Now, ‘politically ostracised’ from the Welsh Assembly in the constituency I live in, I’m only left with my Labour MP Albert Owen but in reality, there is little common ground that Albert and I share.

I genuinely believe in the Social Justice and in the traditional values of UK’s Labour movement, whilst Albert in my opinion only represents his personal interests and his Welsh speaking world.

Sadly, my predicament is far from being an exception and being politically unrepresented is prevalent throughout Wales and again largely down to the ‘Welsh Media’ who often act as the gate keepers, protecting the ‘more equals’ in our, increasingly warped and Orwellian society.

In conclusion, people of Wales are now faced with some tough choices and especially if they can trust any of the Welsh speaking politicians in Westminster, the Assembly and in the Local Government on the matters of democracy and equality of opportunity.

Their culture and their language at any cost including destruction of the Welsh economy if it gets in the way as evident from the Wylfa B events!

Jacques Protic 26.09.2016

One thought on “European Zimbabwe in the making: Welsh language pressure group trying to impose uncompetitive practices on Wylfa B nuclear station

  1. The Welsh nationalist tribe have no interest in economic advancement their only concern is language and blood.

    Everything they do is done through the prism of purity and Anglophobia, every decision made takes into account whether it will mean more people born in England living in Wales.

    Gwynedd council may soon role out with glee double council tax for holiday homes using the ruse that it is to help “local people” afford to buy houses but Gwynedd has plenty of cheap housing and if Gwynedd council was serious about affordable housing it wouldn’t block every new build application on the grounds it may damage the moribund Welsh language.

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