Horizon Nuclear Boss grovelling but still gets NUKED

The ‘nuclear saga’ continues and little headway made, since I wrote the initial article ‘More problems for Theresa May’.

A grovelling apology has been issued last week to the Welsh nationalists by Horizon’s Nuclear Power CEO Duncan Hawthorne through an open letter, only to be dismissed with contempt.

The ‘Get English Out’ brigade’s response was neatly summed up in the local press (NW Chronicle – 8th Sept 16) in the following extract:


It appears there is little common ground between the two parties and highly unlikely that any compromise will be reached anytime soon (The fact that Anglesey and Wales are desperate for investment and jobs, seems to matter not)?

It also appears to many who are observing the ‘nuclear developments’, that these people have no relationship with the process of reasoning and have conveniently forgotten that the original nuclear power station the Wylfa I Magnox which was commissioned back in 1971 has gone through the nearly identical process.

Other than the significant economic benefits, there was no damage to the ‘privileged minority’, their culture or their language and all of that before the TAN 20 legislation granting the Welsh speakers a ‘protected status’ anywhere in Wales and well before the ‘Welsh language Police’ was created (Welsh Language Commissioner)!

Since then the nationalists in this part of Wales (Anglesey and Gwynedd) have achieved the total stranglehold of the Local Governance including the education and are imposing their language and their culture with no mercy or seem to hold any respect that on Anglesey the non-Welsh speakers are in majority.

Both Counties have removed English Medium education in the primary years a long time ago (ending up with an abysmal quality of education) and all public jobs are strictly there for the Welsh speakers only – Democracy, fair and reasonable, I think not – Racial Discrimination, more likely?

Back to Horizon’s CEO’s letter, here in full:

“The Wylfa Newydd power station will create generations of high quality employment for local, Welsh-speaking people.

If you look at the existing Wylfa station you’ll see Welsh speakers, doing high quality jobs. If you look at the existing Horizon offices, you’ll see Welsh speaking people doing high quality jobs, and this Autumn they’re joined by Welsh speaking apprentices embarking on high quality careers. We support the Welsh language because we want to, not just because we need to.

This week, frankly, we’ve made a bit of a mess of communicating this by not properly explaining some amendments we asked for to draft local planning guidance. We’re sorry if this has given the wrong impression about our commitment. Put simply, we were worried that wording in the draft guidance could have led to Wylfa Newydd being unable to go ahead if there was any impact on Welsh language, in any area, for even a short time, regardless of the undoubted long term benefit. We’ll do a better job of making this clearer as we look to resolve this issue.

We can’t claim there won’t be any impacts to manage during the build phase because every big construction project the world over needs to bring in some people from outside. This is why we’re working hard, not just on our long term plans to foster the language, but on ways of dealing with any temporary impacts. We make no secret of this, we’re honest about it – in fact please come to our consultation events this month and next where you can pick up updated plans, and talk to our teams (in English or Welsh) about language issues, and all other aspects of the Wylfa Newydd project”.

Duncan Hawthorne
CEO, Horizon Nuclear Power

Jacques Protic 10.09.2016

9 thoughts on “Horizon Nuclear Boss grovelling but still gets NUKED

  1. Wales has a minority who speak an old tribal language once spoken throughout the country, what “culture” Wales has is a mystery to me?

    A hill farmer in Gwynedd will share a similar culture to a hill farmer in the Pennines, A Bus driver in Bangor will lead a similar life to a bus driver in Bolton.

    This talk of “language and culture” is nothing more than a poorly positioned fig leaf for English hating Welsh nationalists to hide behind, spit their venom and throw their spears at people they regard no differently to the way Nazi party members looked upon Jews.

    I’m not pulling my punches, there’s a sinister anti English racist cabal with too much influence in Wales and it goes right to the top.

    • Awesome pragmatic statement cym not. Anti English racism is very apparent. Has become much worse since the disaster of devolution.(In which only thirty five percent of the potential electorate in Wales voted.)

      Even I at the time regrettably voted yes. Because in the late nineties there was still an element of respect between the Welsh Monoglot speakers and the Wenglish. Even the Welsh English Monoglot speakers seemed to be respected.
      I’m not pulling any punches anymore either. Hatred is entrenched in their soul.

      Irony when it is the English who fund Cymraeg mainly. Also generate millions of pounds sterling in the tourist sector.
      Its almost as if the old WME or WME only pupils from those good old equitable days have infiltrated every public body, business, private sector.

      Created an Orwellian world where if you can speak Welsh but choose not too . Or you are Mongolot English .You are forced to live in a culture of fear and resentment.

      Post 911 this xenophobic behaviour became much more apparent. When a radical group started comparing the situation in Wales with real awful conflicts. Such as the on going conflict in Israel/Palestine. Ridiculous.
      Especially when Cymraeg has had billions of pounds spent on its development.

      It is a fact without their enemy, the Welsh economy would be conducting trade deals in Abergwyngregyn with representatives from Zimbabwe , Haiti and Uganda.

  2. No error on my part Tarian – The Census 2011 figures on the Welsh language use and fluency were far too vague to have any real meaning.

    Instead, I have used more recent and far more reliable data on this subject: Welsh language usage survey and Anglesey’s school statistics, where a question “Do you speak Welsh at home” is asked.

    This can then be pretty well used as a proxy for a definitive number of adults for whom Welsh is the “first” or preferred language on Anglesey – The figure is 47.88%.

    By coincident, the Institute of Welsh Affairs only last week published Welsh Language Commissioners (Meri Huws) overview on the state of the ‘God’s language’ – http://www.iwa.wales/click/2016/09/position-welsh-language-challenges-opportunities/

    Most of us know that Meri Huws is good at spin, lies and deceit and was duly corrected by those who happen to be experts on the subject as reflected in the comments section, especially those posted by J. Jones.

    Finally, a small example on how the Y Fro Gymraeg missionaries are intimidating Welsh communities where Welsh language is irrelevant: https://penarthnews.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/welsh-language-society-puts-pressure-on-penarth-town-council/

  3. “Since then the nationalists in this part of Wales (Anglesey and Gwynedd) have achieved the total stranglehold of the Local Governance including the education and are imposing their language and their culture with no mercy or seem to hold any respect that on Anglesey the non-Welsh speakers are in majority.”

    Try again Protic and find out what the %age speaking Cymraeg is on Ynys Mon..it is still in the majority by 57% so, you linguistic bigots are still a minority!

    Also, where can Cymraeg speaking children in anglicised areas of Wales (England west as we call it) get their schooling?

    • Just because you never ventured past rhayader , with the Urdd road trip,does not give you the right to state that Welsh is a majority language? Who are you trying to kid Pal?

      Out of an approximate three point three million people who live in Wales in 2016. Only one in five, or one person out of six can speak Welsh fluently. You linguistic bigot really are living on a different planet.

      Anyhow 57%, last time one of my associates spoke with one of your spiritual, God like bloggers. He claimed that over seventy percent of Welsh subjects could speak Welsh on Anglesey. Clearly his figures are incorrect.
      Cymraeg is a minority language#Symyl

        • Nothing of the sort Tarian, Can’t speak for Cymnot, but my stance is simple: No to Welsh Government’s diktat and related social engineering through the imposed Welsh Medium education – Parents must have a choice WM or EM and no ‘state’ interference!

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