Loony Corner of Welsh Nationalism Exposed


In the Orwellian world that Wales has become under the leadership of Welsh speaking First Ministers in the post devolution period it has become increasingly difficult to penetrate obstructions and censorship on the part of the Welsh establishment including the Welsh media to effectively challenge the notion created by the Welsh Labour that the Welsh speaking minority is a privileged class based on their ‘linguistic exceptionalism’ and therefore worthy of unprecedented privileges in the Welsh public sector and elsewhere.

The intention of this ‘Loony Corner’ is to expose the lies and deceit behind the headlines celebrating the Welsh linguistic exceptionalism as they appear in the media – Watch this space:

3 thoughts on “Loony Corner of Welsh Nationalism Exposed

  1. Hear Hear Cymnot. Well said. Probity, honesty, truth, and integrity are completely alien concepts to the whole lot of them. And it so good to see someone actually recognise the real science facts now. Thank you

  2. I question the very notion that Wales is a “nation” North Wales is neither economically or socially linked to the south. The people of the south are more genetically different to the people in the north than the people of Kent and Scotland.

    Wales is not a nation and Cardiff with its interloper elite has no more right to govern me than Chester city council.

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