Nuclear Energy: more problems for Theresa May – The Welsh dimension

Most of us know or have heard of Teresa’s Chinese puzzle regarding the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station (Government’s concern on security and cost grounds) but few of us are aware of the Welsh Government’s TAN 20 planning legislation that can derail the Horizon project of building a new nuclear plant on Anglesey.

TAN 20

The future of UK’s energy supply is now at risk and not just from the secretive Chinese and their ambitions for world domination but also from a bunch of looneys still living in the XIII century world, demanding Exceptionalism and Privileges on the grounds that they speak Cymraeg (Welsh).

These people have managed to infiltrate every level of Welsh society in the post-devolution period and now control the Welsh Labour Government, most quangos, BBC Wales, other Welsh media and have endless pressure groups, all there for a simple purpose of making them ‘More Equal’.

In Wales, the social inclusion and democracy is well on the way to being eradicated but interfering with a project of a huge national significance may just be a step too far?

Horizon Wylfa II

The Welsh Language Society, together with the Welsh Language Commissioner are at war with Horizon (A UK energy company developing a new generation of nuclear power stations that includes Japanese technology).

The Welsh language campaigners have accused Horizon of wanting to delete policies designed to safeguard the Welsh language (TAN 20) and in response, Horizon stated that the language protection measures are far too restrictive and unless relaxed or removed could jeopardise the Wylfa II project.

What’s all this really about?

The Welsh language missionaries are not used to being sidelined or ignored and feel grieved that the ‘Welsh language essential proviso’ that has become a norm for most public jobs in Wales is not being accommodated by Horizon.

Somehow the concept of employing the best people upon merit, skills and competence rather than upon a highly dubious linguistic skill is a notion difficult to comprehend by the Welsh language pressure groups.

Wales and especially Anglesey need investment and jobs and nuking a £14 Billion project for a dubious cause that’s already causing economic and other damage to Wales seems bizarre and ludicrous?

Ironically, our ‘Dear Leader’ the Welsh speaking First Minister (Labour) – Rt Hon. Carwyn Jones is currently in the USA on a mission to drum up inward investment under the slogan ‘Wales is open for business’.

Curios if Carwyn Jones is making them aware of TAN 20 or of our failing education system, removal of English language from our primary year’s education and other Welsh language measures that are only there for the privileged few?

Not long ago a proposed housing development close to Bangor (Gwynedd) was shot down by the local Council using TAN 20 and screaming out “We do not want to be drowned in a sea of Englishness”!

The housing project was cancelled like many others before it and no doubt others will follow the same fate in time to come unless people of Wales wake up and find the courage to stop the cancerous Social Engineering imposed on Wales.

Finally, noticed the Welsh Governments ‘Mission Statement’ just above the TAN 20 image “The Welsh Government working for a fairer and more prosperous Wales” – perhaps the Trading Standards should intervene as misleading the public is not usually acceptable and the Welsh Government should not be an exception?

Jacques Protic 07.09.2016

4 thoughts on “Nuclear Energy: more problems for Theresa May – The Welsh dimension

  1. Really like your stuff, a politically incorrect beast! Some of you descriptions of Welsh speakers had me laughing out loud. And I’m one of them!

    Long live uncensored free speech! (No matter how ridiculous or disagreeable it may be to some.)

  2. The cabal that gathers in the so-called “Welsh Assembly” have taken it upon themselves to set a nationalist agenda where Welsh = GOOD English = BAD

    Where are our MP’s when we need them? I know there are Welsh MP’s even Labour ones who sit in the sovereign parliament and are not happy with the way devolution is taking shape.

    Wales has never voted for creeping separatism, Wales is not a social and economic entity and Wales will never have a million Welsh speakers, so why is the agenda allowed to be set and policed by so few?

  3. I have written statements from the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales ( a Welsh Labour Crony Special Advisor and Business partner of a wilful breaker of the ministerial code of conduct, one Alun Davies a Welsh Labour Minister now for the Welsh Language in grubby dirt digging lobbying outfit in Bute Road Cardiff). These statements say that he and he alone has jurisdiction, in fact he states that the Welsh Assembly Government actually comes UNDER his jurisdiction.

    This is a very dangerous situation and Westminster MUST wake up to the dangers from within.

    • The vast majority of the population are coasting along unaware what is going on in their name. People still regard a general election as more important than the Mickey mouse assembly ones and who can blame them but in remote corners of Wales extreme things go on in council chambers that need exposure to the masses.

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