Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me?

A delightful childhood axiom that most of us will remember, but is it true?

Words do have an immense power and over the centuries of human history, it was the words that were used by good and evil people that brought hope, enlightenment or unleashed forces of huge destruction upon the mankind.

In the context of Wales and “words” we are seeing an interesting phenomenon through the increased usage of a language defined as ableist (expressions used to label and insult whenever no rational argument is available that can stand scrutiny).

Not long after I formed the Glasnost UK website and started sharing my views upon the Welsh post-devolution realities, I became a target to some truly obnoxious low life Welsh speaking trolls.

These ‘people’ felt that by demeaning me through lies and distortions on various nationalist blogs or other public platforms that somehow the well-researched and factual essays published on Glasnost and elsewhere will be deemed worthless and dismissed.

This strategy failed but then through their ‘ingenuity’ they opted for the ableist approach and overnight I became some or all of the following ‘diminutives’, (Featured on BBC Wales web pages, most of Welsh press and the Social Media too):

A Fuckwit / A Nazi / A Serb Racist / An English Coloniser / A Twat / A Welsh Hater and a lot more including the most often and commonly used ‘advice’: “Fuck Off to England”!

Last week I made a comment on a rather crude obituary published in the Western Mail – WOL (Wales on Line) on the death of A A Gill where the article was more concerned on reminding the Welsh readership of his ‘hatred for Wales’ rather than perhaps using the time-honored approach of not speaking bad of the dead!

Fortunately, A A Gill’s contribution to journalism, including his wit and brilliance was highlighted and honoured in the national media and it is unlikely he’ll be turning in his grave for facing the wrath of the Welsh Nats but by defending his stance and freedom of speech I got this reply on WOL pages:


To my thinking, a despicable comment and carefully worded not to appear as a direct threat but menacing nevertheless and perhaps intended to incite others to resort to violence?

As I understand it, the ‘author’ of the comment Kevin Bates, now lives in Scotland but there are ‘loads’ more in Wales that never lose an opportunity to insult me including the so-called ‘journalists’ from the Daily Post (Trinity-Mirror publishing group that includes the Wales on Line):


Back to the beginning and my assertion ‘do the words hurt’?

Whilst the insults and the abuse I often get, do not have a direct impact on me as I and long ago got immune from such nonsense, however it does have an impact on my friends and family.

I try hard to hide instances of this nature and shield them from it but it’s not easy to do so and people do get hurt, but can’t see the Welsh nats shedding any tears anytime soon!

I’ll conclude with a quote, the origin of which escapes me at present but very apt in the context of this article:

It’s difficult to win arguments against clever people but damn  impossible to do so against the small-minded bigots’

Do I deserve this for exposing the Orwellian Social Engineering of Wales through Welsh Labour Government’s compulsion measures to create a ‘bilingual society’ by imposing a language and a culture of little to no relevance to most people of Wales?

I assume any answer to my question above, hinges on ‘Who is Welsh’?

The privileged minority of circa 10% of the Welsh population and all Welsh speakers as the language one or the 80% majority of Anglo-Welsh who live their lives through the English language?

The missing 10% are the Wenglish who use the Anglicised version of Welsh for social interaction but lack ability to read or write Welsh and often dismissed by the privileged puritans as irrelevant or even worse, being called the English!

Jacques Protic 14.12.2016






7 thoughts on “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me?

  1. Tarian why assume I’m a monoglot ? there are many useful languages in the world and moribund Cymraeg isn’t one of them so I would say for all intents and purposes your tribal language disqualifies you from calling yourself “bilingual”

    As for Polish people I work with them every day and they have a work ethic that puts the local Welsh to shame, their language is also more widely spoken in Britain (and probably Wales) than Cymraeg will ever be again.

    • Tut tut cymnot, denying that Cymraeg is a language still spoken here in Cymru certainly demonstrates perfectly the hatred there is towards us by the English supremacists unfortunately living amongst us… But I take heart when bigots like yourself, Glasnost and A.A.Gill mercifully expire,taking your bile with you to the grave whilst we carry on speaking Cymraeg. Cymnot, you on the other hand can off

      • Tarian clearly implies that those who retain the ability to speak the tribal lingo are the indigenous population and those who don’t are the alien, which disqualifies his accusation of supremacy.

        A person who speaks English, French and German to a reasonable standard can be called “bilingual” or even “multilingual” but a person speaking a tribal regional lingo as well as English in a 100% English speaking country is flattering themselves.

      • Not much to say in response to the latest ‘gem’ from Tarian and others like him. These people fail to comprehend that the vast majority of Welsh people simply have no interest in a language and a culture that has expired a long ago.

        From the lexicon of the Welsh nationalism:

        1. Fascist: Someone they disagree with.
        2. Bigot: As above
        3. Racist: As before
        4. Hate speech: Truth

        All the rights belong to them and whilst no one I know has any issue for the Welsh language to remain as a vibrant cultural language of the minority, this is not good enough for them.

        • The “Cymry” as they call themselves wish to lead a 21st-century life whilst harbouring a mentality lodged firmly in the 13th.

          They are so convinced of their self-worth and entitlement that they cannot and will not consider that their intolerant demands that everyone they come into contact with speaks their lingo means the vast majority of the population are effectively locked out of free and fair progression within Wales.

          To merely question this policy will provoke accusations of Fascism, Bigotry, Racism turned back on YOU!

          Wales has taken a backward step since devolution, it is not a real country, merely a loosely assimilated block of regions that have more social and economical connections with the adjacent regions with England than each other.

          Unfortunately devolution has given the elitist separatist a weapon to beat those of us who won’t comply with their vision of anti-Britishness.

  2. Good question “who is welsh” or what is welsh?

    Wales is not a nation in any true sense, the people east of a line on a map are the same as those west of a line on a map the only reason they spoke the tribal “celtic” tongue longer is because of a remoter geography. This does not take into account post industrial revolution mass migration.

    Welsh nationalism is a modern phenomenon shaped out of a fanatical cult like infatuation over a dying language and by a people who consider themselves MORE pure MORE original and MORE deserving than those of us of a diverse ancestry.

    Welsh nationalism is insular, exclusive and hateful, it should be opposed by all fair minded people.

    • Speak english,….speak english…go back to your own country…the mantra of the post brexit ( and most definately pre brexit) ignorant english speaking monoglots this what you really want jacques/cymnot ? Attacking innocent Polish speakers for the single reason they speak a different language to the mob.

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