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Essential reading for all parents with children in Wales’ schools:

Welsh devolution has failed the English-speaking majority in nearly every quantifiable measure and nowhere more so than in education.

Education has become a tool for the Welsh-speaking minority in the Welsh Government, and elsewhere, to socially engineer our children into ‘Welsh speakers’ and to become more Welsh through a revised history narrative.

Our children are no longer being taught how to think, but what to think.

All three main political parties (Labour, Conservatives and Plaid Cymru) in the Welsh Assembly (‘Welsh Parliament’) are led by Welsh speakers who are unanimous about using compulsion to impose their will and their language on the people of Wales.

The Brexit Party, UKIP, and independent Assembly Members, even if they wanted to oppose this social engineering, simply have no means to do so and occasional protestations have invited ridicule from the pro-Welsh language consensus in the three main parties.

Wales’ ‘media’ doesn’t do much if any scrutiny of anything that is even remotely likely to expose the damage being done to our children in the name of the Welsh language; all appear to be fully subscribed to the Y Fro Gymraeg nation-building concept.

The latest blow to ‘freedom of choice’ in Wales came from Boris Johnson who recently committed, presumably upon the advice from a few senior Welsh-speaking Tories, to offer his party’s manifesto support for Labour’s policy to create One Million ‘Welsh-speakers’ by 2050.

Jeremy Corbyn has not shown any inclination to challenge the Welsh language fanatics in the Labour-controlled Welsh Government.

With no political voice, and little evidence the media in Wales are willing to entertain investigative journalism which may prove damaging to the established consensus of Welsh language compulsion and imposition, parents like myself are confined to Social Media platforms to reach out to those who are absolutely clueless how much damage is being done to children in Welsh education.  This applies especially to youngsters with no Welsh at home who attend Welsh Medium schools either through misguided parental choice or by compulsion.

My thoughts and views are echoed by many highly respected academics who are denied a public platform and their research papers and essays usually end up in academia archives, never to be seen again.

Here is a small example of this from 2013 when Dr Tim Williams (TW) argued that teaching Welsh is a futile experiment and that teaching through the medium of Welsh in English-medium schools damages education by concluding:

“The dog that has not yet barked in Welsh politics is the English-speaking majority whose identity is not represented in the dreams of Welsh nationalists.

They are keen to see the survival of Welsh and have supported full access to Welsh-medium education for those that want it.

But when this support becomes a zero-sum game, with their children used in futile experiments at language revival, they’ll get restless.

Don’t stir them up. You may find the existing consensus is the first victim.”

The ‘zero-sum game’ TW mentioned has now turned negative because the English-speaking majority are in a lose-lose situation where the loss represents their children’s under-performance in formal education, stifled by Welsh nationalist political dogma, perhaps unparalleled in the post-Stalinist/Nazi era.

TW’s notion that the children with no Welsh at home are damaged in Welsh-Medium schools has now been shown beyond any reasonable doubt by the meticulous collating and analysing of the KS2 and GCSE data obtained over several years from the Welsh Government using the Freedom of Information Act provisions.

Before I deal with the data, we should remember that we have a legacy spanning nearly twenty years of relentless misinformation, half-truths, and the use of cherry-picked information by the Welsh Government and the Welsh media promoting the virtues of the Welsh language, bilingualism generally, and Welsh Medium Education at every available opportunity. This is still happening, with no end in sight, despite the fact that more recent research has thrown doubt on, or completely refuted, many of the claims previously made in support of Welsh language imposition.

We are faced with a problem of how to inform the uninformed, and those previously misled, and how to get through to the general public who don’t really know what is happening in Welsh education.  To make matters worse they don’t even know that they don’t know because the tendency is to believe government information.  I, therefore, decided to write to Kirsty Williams, the Minister for Welsh Education.

My letter to the Minister used the open format starting with ‘Dear Mrs Williams’ followed by reams of facts and figures, clear of any ambiguity, to try and get through to her that Welsh Medium Education for children with no Welsh at home is, or arguably should be, a non-starter for the vast majority of children, unless she is absolutely determined to damage generations of our children by making them sub-optimally literate and numerate in two languages. Even if she is doing this with cross-party support.

The letter was sent on 18.10.2019, followed by a PS note containing additional information (22.10.2019). Both, duly acknowledged under the reference TO/KW/07373/19. The reply received on 08.11.2019.

All three sets of correspondence will be released over the next few days on every Social Media platform including my personal blog – Please share it widely – Future of our children is at stake and we need to get the silent dog, barking again.

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6 thoughts on “Education – Wales

  1. Most of the population are unaware of the Welsh language act which emerged under the radar of the Brexit referendum. Such a significant change should have been widely covered in the media or indeed been the subject of a referendum. Without the scrutiny of a free and impartial press, democracy will not exist in Wales.

  2. There is an acceptance among ALL welsh politicians that the destruction of academic exellence is a price worth paying for the resurrection of a near dead language but all the evidence in Gwynedd shows that the choice language of the school yard is English.

    Its hard to imagine a more damaging policy a government can thrust upon its people. The affects go beyond lost generations of potential they affect the here and now in the recruitment of much needed professionals of child bearing age put off by Cymraeg coercion.

  3. I’m only thankful that I’m now retirement age and never had children anyway (by choice) – as I’ve been hearing so many tales of this sort of thing since moving from southern England to West Wales. Latest tale I’ve been told was 2 weeks ago – where a younger woman told me how she’d sent her first child to a Welsh school (as that was all that was available to her) and had to take him back out again after 18 months. Reason being he only learnt 5 words of Welsh in that time and they were absolutely wrecking his confidence by doing things like giving him detention for speaking English and that applied even if they caught him speaking in English in the playground at break time!!!! She’s having to do the best she can at home-schooling him at the moment and worried because she has a 2 year old sibling coming up behind him. She called it “The English Not” and told me of the people she knows that moved to England when their children reached school age – in order not to put them through this sort of official bullying. So much for all those people that keep blithely telling me “Oh children are like little sponges – they just absorb Welsh just like that – even when it isn’t their language”. Doubtless there are children that pick it up very quickly – but there will be lots of others that don’t do so. I’m not a child-loving person – but I think it’s wicked to treat children like political footballs like this.

  4. Two things concern me….
    1). The number of people who went to Welsh medium schools who now as adults realise that their English is so poor that they are unable to get the jobs they dream of or aspire to.
    2). The lies constantly presented by those promoting Welsh medium education such as the myth that ‘it has been proven scientifically that learning Welsh helps to prevent Alzheimer’s’. The fact is that taking up any new mentally challenging task will improve mental agility and help to discourage Alzheimers. There is nothing unique about the Welsh language that gives it curative powers.

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