The Ugly Face of Welsh Nationalism

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For several years I have been the subject to some vile threats, intimidation, hate mail and all because I chose to stand up for the oppressed majority in a nation that has made most of us the second class citizens.

The latest development is an organised attempt by the nationalists to eliminate my presence on social media platforms and so far have managed to get my Twitter account suspended.

As I understand it, they are now focusing on doing the same with the Glasnost UK account on Facebook and had several failed attempts trying to take down the Glasnost UK website, bizarre.

One of my friends made a very astute observation when I told her about the situation:

So no discourse or reasoned debate is allowed? I wonder why the myopic few are so intolerant of anyone who highlights the adverse effects of these language policies on the majority of the Welsh population. It’s not a rational or reasonable approach to take, is it?”

Also, found an interesting thread on Twitter and a group of people who seem to be rejoicing in my account being suspended, the answer or a clue may be in their Twitter profiles?

A deluded lot, as other than Glasnost UK or as me (Jacques Protic) I have never used any aliases on any social media platform or anywhere else for that matter.  

To uninformed outsiders, the second class citizenship statement in the opening paragraph is unlikely to make much or any sense but what we have in the post-devolution Wales, is nothing other than a bizarre world where Dystopia merges into Utopia.

On one side, we have the oppressed and the abused majority, and on the other end, the privileged minority who live the dream of the self-created Y Fro Gymraeg bubble.

In the Utopian world within this bubble, the Welsh language flourishes and where everyone loves the language that in reality, their precious language is irrelevant to most people living in Wales, is conveniently ignored.

‘Loving the Welsh language evidence’: The next article will expose how the Welsh Government is manipulating the ONS (Office for National Statistics) to provide statistics that fit their narrative.

To make sure the Welsh language is ‘loved’, the devolved governance is relying on some draconian measures where the compulsion or diktat or both are enshrined in the legislative provisions either enacted by the national government or the devolved administration.

We have ended up with an absurd situation where the Welsh language is effectively ‘more equal’ than the English language, and where the legislation has helped the Welsh-speaking minority create a form of a legalised linguistic racism at the expense of the majority.

This linguistic racism has effectively become a meal ticket via the public sector for many whose only ‘life skill’ is the ability to speak Welsh, and it appears that the nationalists will go to any length needed to protect their ‘God-given’ privileges.

Some thinking people often refer to them as the state-funded parasites, literarily bleeding the nation to a slow death and being a significant factor behind the demise of the education standards, the economy and the NHS in Wales.

Strong words? Just think of the Welsh Assembly for now, and the army of translators employed within and what they do:

Their only function is to provide instant translation via the headphones to the majority of the Assembly members who are not Welsh-speakers or to translate everything that’s not in Welsh for posterity that hardly anyone ever reads.

Translating services in the context of a nation where everyone speaks English is not only plain stupid but is also profoundly sinister IMHO.

Each time an Assembly Members chooses to speak in Welsh, we are all reminded who controls our nation and for whose benefit.

I’m not advocating banishing the Welsh language as it’s a cultural language of a significant minority and needs support via practical and reasonable measures but must not come before the English language.

Welsh Assembly and the Devolution has failed Wales. Most Welsh members of Parliament and the Assembly contingent from all main parties (Labour & Conservatives) have all failed the majority by tolerating or openly endorsing the linguistic racism.

Plaid Cymru or the ‘Party of Wales’ as they call themselves is the only party that is being honest with the electorate, and for those who want the Welsh language and Welsh Independence at least they have a political platform to articulate their ambition.

This is in stark contrast to the Welsh Labour and Welsh Conservatives, who are reliant on the English-speaking majority to get elected and use lies and deceit to do so – Both parties are led by the Welsh-speakers, does anyone seriously think that they will put Wales before their language?

In conclusion, we have ended up with an Orwellian society where the ‘more equal’ Welsh-speaking minority can demand to be spoken to or addressed in Welsh anywhere in Wales and also demand and get the Welsh Medium Education for their children.

Can the people who do not speak Welsh demand a right to have their children educated in English only?

Can the non-Welsh-speaking individuals be considered for a public job, where most positions are often designated ‘Essential Welsh-speaker’, even if they are better qualified to do the job, via the English language?

The answer is NO to both, and all down to the Labour and Conservative Assembly Members who have helped place the Welsh-speaking minority into the position of privilege and entitlement.

The privilege and entitlement for the minority are damaging Wales and ensuring the perpetual decline of everything that matters or should matter to people of Wales (Education/NHS/Economy).

Welsh people need to wake up and start standing up for their rights, and the only way to do so IMO is via the ballot box at the Assembly elections next year and vote for the parties that are demanding Abolishing or Scrapping the Welsh Assembly:

( and

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A lesson from Ireland:

Jacques Protic


6 thoughts on “The Ugly Face of Welsh Nationalism

  1. As well as slanderously, incorrectly decaring that every opposition voice on social media to the linguistic apartheid is JP. The fanatics have now pressurised the unique non welsh language medium national tabloids within the welsh principality to remove every comment on the ‘welsh language,’ from the Daily Post and the Wales online too.(Since the anti welsh linguistic aparthied Brexit / Ukip revolution took hold within the welsh principality.) Its benificial for the linguistic fanatics and the linguistic fanatics aparthieds enforcers to declare that every social media entry that does not agree woth their stalinist, xenophobic discriminatory linguistic aparthied is the infamous JP. The extreme minority of the fanatics who are actually literate in more than one non xenophobic, universal language. Subconsciously do realise that their is huge animosity towards the totalitarian, undemocractic welsh linguistic enforcment too. But if the linguistic aparthieds enforcers and enablers were to admit this to the non literate welsh linguistic fanatics proletariat and emi and non literate sheeple. They would be admiting defeat to the anti welsh language UKIP/ Brexit revoultion.

  2. By declaring the moribund welsh language as necessary for public sector work they effectively lock out other opinion from the ruling classes of wales, this is no accident it is by design.

    Freedom of speech is precious but in a devolved wales where you worth is dependent on whether you worship a croaking moribund language we see how wales might look if the crazy cult had full power with independence.

    Better not to waste time with fanatics they are beyond help its the vast majority in the middle who need to be focussed on before they are tempted down the path of nationalist fascism.

  3. I do admire your persistence with the Welsh linguistic inequality. Devolution is not working for most of us, and I’ll support the call to abolish the Assembly. People like Ianto Jones, I don’t think there’s any reasoning with them, they haven’t got the mental capacity to listen

    • Don’t usually engage or publish profanities but just to illustrate what I meant in my opening paragraph, Ianto Jones just proved my point that is merely impossible to have a rational dialogue with the Welsh-speaking nationalists (This is just the one of many 100’s that I get from these people regularly).

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