Welsh devolution has failed 80% + of us, where next?

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Devolved Government has failed Wales and is jeopardising nations future by prioritising the Welsh-speaking minority, their language and their culture.

Having travelled extensively for most of my life and having visited many totalitarian countries that existed behind the iron curtain before 1990, I can categorically say that when it comes to the micromanagement of society, contemporary Wales is second to none.

Some 20 years of devolution, three successive Welsh-speaking First Ministers via the Governing Labour Party has got us to a situation where most of us are the second class citizens.

We, the majority are in a hopeless position with no respite on the visible horizon or any hope of restoring democracy via Welsh Conservatives or Plaid Cymru as both of these parties are controlled by the Welsh-speaking leaders, and both fully committed to the Y Fro Gymraeg ‘nation-building’ via the futile social engineering experiment.

The Y Fro Gymraeg narrative is endlessly promoted via the Government, the media, all public services and all blissfully blind to so much harm and damage inflicted on Wales, for exceptionally selfish and self-serving reasons.

In my earlier essay ‘The ugly face of Welsh nationalism’, I have introduced three new concepts to define the inequality that is forced upon us and treated as a fait accompli by those who govern us.

These are the Legalised linguistic racism; State-funded parasites; Privilege and entitlement for the minority. Soon, I will introduce the fourth element, the Gatekeepers in Welsh public life who control all the critical public services and you should not be surprised that most just happen to be the Welsh-speakers.

Where do we go from here? Our only hope is that within the limited time left until the Assembly elections due in May of next year, we manage to reach the uninformed the silent majority who are hopelessly unaware what’s going on and what’s being done in their name.

This is a call to all Welsh patriots to support and promote the two parties who are committed to Abolishing the Welsh Assembly and hopefully give them the mandate to Make Wales Great Again:



Jacques Protic 24.03.2020

3 thoughts on “Welsh devolution has failed 80% + of us, where next?

  1. Devolution has failed everyone but the fascist Welsh-speaking nationalists, Wales will never vote for the partition so lets just put everything into abolishing it.

  2. I am a recent returnee from Overseas and am attempting to seek employment in either the Civil Service or NHS, and am confronted by the perpetual question “Do you speak/understand Welsh?”. So far, I have been unable to secure even an interview for any of the jobs I’ve applied for, and am wondering whether this isn’t a Welsh/English apartheid being practised here. The resentment displayed by the Welsh Assembly towards Westminster is getting us nowhere, and it’s time we moved-on from “Remember the Miners’ Strike” mentality to one of admitting we can’t go it alone.

    • apartheid is a policy invented and continually practiced by the monoglot english language zealots here in Cymru.

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