‘CYMRAEG 2050 Policy’ Panacea or a disaster for Welsh education and children of Wales?

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Welsh Labour Government can never be accused of neglecting the Welsh language, and even the Corona Virus crisis didn’t stop them in finding time to unleash yet another initiative strictly aimed at creating and growing ‘Welsh speakers.’

A few days ago the Government released a 45-page Welsh language strategy, titled “Cymraeg 2050: A million Welsh speakers Action plan 2020–21”, full of meaningless jargon but exceptionally sinister on many levels – You can read it in full here: https://gov.wales/sites/default/files/publications/2020-03/cymraeg-2050-a-million-welsh-speakers-action-plan-202021.pdf

Interesting image from the NCC website, they seem to have a sense of humour by using red colour for ‘learning’ – You WILL LEARN Welsh.

A friend, who is a teacher in Wales, made the following observation after she read the document:

“What has jumped out at me more than anything else are the words: ‘Creating’ and ‘increasing’ the demand for Welsh. It all sounds a bit forced to me. Manipulation of the public perchance?

Why do they have to create the demand if they are selling it as demand-led?

It seems that conditions will be such that us non-siarad Cymraeg plebs will be so disadvantaged that we will be pushed/shamed into learning Welsh.

It’s pretty desperate isn’t it, particularly in a country with many people living below the poverty line. I’m not sure being herded into a system where Welsh is given top billing will help their life chances much. Depressing stuff.”

It is depressing and equally sad when the Government chooses to deliberately manipulate the population by shameless use of lies and deceit to do so.

Even more depressing is the method adopted to reach their ‘target audience’:

The primary focus will be on parents of young kids that includes the toddlers, infants, primary school children, and even the expectant mothers to be, who all will be getting a deluge of ‘bilingual benefit’ propaganda.

The ‘Message’ will be delivered to the parents by an army of midwives, health visitors, nurses, childminders, playgroup leaders, school teachers, you name it, all aimed at getting parental cooperation on a policy that will damage most children for life.

All of them apparently, already fully signed up to unleash the ‘gospel’ and most likely to be the Welsh speakers too. Curious how they justify it to their conscience to use a position of trust to peddle Government’s narrative and propaganda? Strange times.

In many publications emanating from the Government, they often parrot ‘we are responding to the popular demand for the Welsh Medium Education’. When asked via the Freedom of Information requests to disclose where this ‘demand’ is coming from, their standard response is ‘We do not hold such information’.

What is similarly dismal is the state of the opposition parties sitting in the Welsh Assembly. Welsh conservatives are 100% behind the Welsh Government’s education policy; in other words, part of the problem and not a solution and we all know where the Plaid Cymru stands on this.

Welsh people need to consider at the next election in May of next year if the devolved governance is worth keeping. Our young people’s future is at stake and will be destroyed if we do nothing.

As the Government is unlikely to listen or allow parents to choose the teaching language for their children, the people of Wales should support the two parties who are demanding that the Welsh Assembly is abolished.

Scrap the Welsh Assembly: https://www.scrapthewelshassembly.com/

Abolish the Welsh Assembly: http://www.abolishthewelshassembly.co.uk/


This article follows my earlier work in exposing the failure of Welsh Education policy and specifically the underachievement of children in Welsh Medium Education:

Jacques Protic 16.04.2020

20 thoughts on “‘CYMRAEG 2050 Policy’ Panacea or a disaster for Welsh education and children of Wales?

  1. My son is four and goes to school in Sept. I chose the school with the best Ofsted rating but now I’m seriously worried that I’ve made the wrong choice as the school are now using a new curriculum – all Welsh. As someone who has lived and worked all over the world I don’t want my son to be limited to a shitty salary and being stuck in Wales for the rest of his life because those are the only options his education has given him.

    • I assume you meant the best Estyn rating as Ofstead only regulates education in England. When it comes to the Welsh language, Estyn is part of the problem and not a solution. I often say it, and for good reasons, Estyn’s definition of a good school is based on the following: ‘Numeracy bad, English literacy bad, Welsh language teaching excellent = A Good School’.

  2. Wales really needs to devolve and get away from idiots like you! And then we should sell the water that you have stolen from us for many years at a highly inflated price maybe even poison it 🙂

    • Marc you need to wake up boy, the Welsh turned Wales over. Welsh Waters top man ” who’s Welsh ” earned £768,000 last year, Devolution just created even more parasites just like him . English subsidies will dry up and then you will be in the shit.

    • As it stands now, Marc, more people want the Assembly abolished than the Independence. Personally, I would welcome any referendum with a binary question: Independence or Back to the Westminster rule, I think this is called democracy.

      • We had best hope that the English never call for a referendum on cutting Wales loose, Wales would crash over night just as Ireland did.

  3. Shame on you to write such an evil article against the Welsh- Khumry! A lawyer should hold you accountable. The article and the claim are racist and it violates the constitution of human rights! I am German and when I go on holiday to Wales, I prefer to listen to Welsh instead of English. It bothered me last year when I mostly heard English in Cardiff. In the rural area around Glamorgan, it was better and beautiful to hear more of the native language. As a German, I demand: teach and speak more khumric in the khumric communities. Learning the Welsh language must become mandatory. I wish I could learn this wonderful language because it is the heavenly language. Whether you like it or not. Traditions, history – particularly the KHUMRIC BRITISH HISTORY, national languages and cultures must be preserved and actively applied. Definitely! You should apologize in an extra blog.
    Moni from South Germany

    • A lawyer should hold the Welsh assembly accountable for whipping up racist nationalism and wasting billions of pounds of good for nothing vanity projects just so they can stay in power. A lawyer should hold the Welsh assembly accountable for denying its Welsh children a proper education.

    • You left me speechless, Moni and from your attitude/stance, I’m surprised you are not demanding the Turkish Medium Education in German cities where they have a huge presence? Wales is an English speaking nation 80% + and the devolution has given the Welsh-speaking minority the powers that Hitler would have been proud of, at the beginning of the Third Reich era. mfg, Jacques (A ‘mischung,’ as my other family half comes from Aachen so perhaps more Dutch than German)!

  4. What utter babble and deceptive nonsense! I am no fan of The Labour Welsh Government but even less so do I applaud English people domiciled in Cymru or in England espousing views about the language policy of the Welsh Government and Senedd. Those native Welsh people sucked into this very anti-Welsh rhetoric really do need to read up on Welsh, not British, but Welsh history rather than swallow the English story which is that of an aggressive military state invading, conquering, annexing and sequestering and colonising other lands and the people living there. Since that time poverty has seen dramatic rises as England raped and pillaged Cymru of her resources: copper, iron, slate, coal and human flesh sacrificed upon the industrial altars of English business and manufacturing interests. Little if anything at all made a return into the Welsh economy as England grew richer and Cymru poorer. Our language was officially suppressed (look up The Blue Books) on the internet and discover how the Westminster Parliament engaged in open warfare with the Welsh language using Welsh children as it’s weapon of choice. Look up TheWelsh ‘Not’ on the internet for the full story. Wikipedia is a source of a good summary. Henry 8 formally incorporated Cymru into England so that neither the country nor the nation existed any longer. Since that time Westminster has treated aCymru as a small, quaint, somewhat exotic and quirky tourist theme park purposefully mad reliant, dependent even upon tourism. A deliberate policy of keeping all Welsh eggs in one basket knowing what happens if that basket were to be dropped. And too many Welsh men and women were succered into believing that their own economy too frail and their country too small to go it alone. Tell that to the people of Leichtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Panama., El Salvador! No! Cymru can survive and flourish as an independent nation as it is already demonstrating with burgeoning entrepreneurial success North South East and West and the SENEDD , not the Government it houses, but the whole of the SENEDD is part of the reason for that success and symbolises our Welsh ability to stand as a free nation. Until we are released from Westminster’s grasp we shall never be able to put right those things which trouble us as a nation. Health is devolved but Westminster retains a strong interest and real presence well demonstrated by its taking control of PPE equipment for NHS staff scuppering am earlier acquisition bid by the Welsh Government Westminster has cocked up the U.K. response to CV19 with tragic results uK wide. The Welsh and Scottish governments were active long before Westminster. So, stop the scared quissling relationship with pro-England lies and believe n your own country and nation. CymruRydd.

    • A Coslett, you’re running out of time , how much longer do you think the English tax payers will keep funding your anti English rhetoric. Take heed , there are over one million non Welsh in Wales and the message that the Welsh nationalists are starting up again will be driven home to those in England that send over those billions.

    • Thank you for expressing your views, Mr Coslett but have an inkling that there must a missing link between your stance and the reality?

      • Dear Editor , I fear Mr Coslett may have smoked or eaten some hallucinogenic before writing such deluded drivel .

  5. The Welsh language dead? I think not! Learning your ancient native tounge is not propaganda! And the Welsh language is a protected language! You should be ashamed of yourself for writing such an article. Are you English by any chance? Because that would make far more sense.
    The language of cymraeg is a beautiful, poetic language and opens the eyes to the native culture of Wales. There is no downside to learning more languages. Do you know the history of the welsh people? How our language was beaten and shamed out of our ancestors? I for one believe the people of Wales should be taught Welsh at a young age and it should be made compulsory. It’s like going to school in England and complaining that you have to learn English. So your article is a bit rediculous and rather racist rely isn’t it!

    • Here you go Richie Welsh is easy to learn , .
      Record and in Welsh Record.
      Problem and in Welsh Problem
      Pen and in Welsh Pen
      Batten and in Welsh Batten
      Radio and in Welsh Radio
      Cooker and in Welsh Popty

    • Agree to disagree, Richie. If the language is ‘so beautiful’, wanted and valued, why there is a need for the compulsion to learn it?

      Incidentally, irrespective of what I may think most children in Wales have no interest in your language, forced feeding is not working and most drop it at 16 PERMANENTLY, not cool as they’d say!

      • Dear Editor , could I have put that any better , no, do I trust every word you write , Unequivocally. I know of Welsh children that despised going to Welsh medium schools, from what I’ve heard it sounds more like child abuse than anything resembling a proper education.

  6. It baffles me take the origin of this site is purely buildt on hatred, not down to the knowledge that Britain has always been bilingual regards of hated towards the native of its land.

    Your sincerely Meirion Penddraig

    • No hatred, Meirion, just a call for fairness in Wales and parental rights to choose the language their children should be educated in EM or WM, where is the hatred?

  7. It baffles the brain that even in these troubled times they can waste time and money on something so certain to fail. The welsh language is as dead as the Monty Python parrot but nothing shocks me anymore in medieval basket case wales.

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