About Us

The team behind Glasnost UK will address all significant political, economic and social issues that Governments and Media at large do not want you to know…
Glasnost is looking for your involvement and your contributions in terms of comments, articles or any information regarding political representatives in your area where you feel their actions overstretch their mandate or human rights standards or any social and society content that you may think needs wider ‘airing’. Comments can be sent by email here, or on-line here.

We intend to look at each constituent part of the UK individually including detailed examination of our political representatives at all levels of governmental structures and tell you where they stand upon the key issues that matter to people of this nation and not what they want us to hear.

UK people need to move away from the “Tribal Politics” – Old concepts as ‘Once a Labour always a Labour’, Tory and so on, no longer have validity in contemporary politics and certainly mean different ‘things’ in different parts of the UK and we intend to expand on this and in significant detail soon – Remember Plato and his immortal words:
Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those not so smart“… then a few centuries later some ‘clever clogs’ said “In politics stupidity is not a handicap” and the current UK political realities do bring both statements into the realm of a lot more than just plausibility…

Having already looked in some detail at the political, social and economic state of England, Scotland, N. Ireland & Wales, the editorial team has total unanimity in depicting Wales as the basket case of Europe and UK and it’ll be the Welsh issues that will feature prominently in the formative period of Glasnost UK, with others to follow in due course of time.

Finally, Glasnost UK team is totally and absolutely committed to all aspects of fundamental human rights principles and will be working hard and with your help for an inclusive and open society throughout the United Kingdom.