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  1. Dear editor, or should I say BNP wannabe, how can you or anyone hate a language, well we all know the answer to that question don’t we, “I don’t understand it so I hate it, mm, very enlightened?. it’s quite funny really watching you at work, trying to conquer and divide us again, with your obvious transparent propaganda!!, reminds me of what’s going on in China, it’s the Han way or the highway!!/correction facility, you are trying to indoctrinate the Welsh population into this feeling of Britishness, and do away with our language, how dare you spout your rubbish, we are a proud nation with some of us being bilingual, so what!!, grow up and stop with trying to Incite hatred, look inside your racist self and please for everyone’s sake, change the record, haha, Cymru am byth!!!!

    • There is no hatred at this end John of your language or/and your culture. Repeating what I said to others who accused me of racism in a similar manner to your approach is to suggest that people of Wales, especially the parents’ must be the only arbiters when it comes to choosing EM or WM education for their children and not the Welsh Government. Do you have a problem with this?

  2. Thank you for your thoughts, Mr Gunn. You are right on the web traffic as through other priorities Glasnost has been neglected for a number of months but the team will be back soon to defend the rights of the English speaking people living in Wales (80% +) to be able to educate their children in the English language schools and hold public sector jobs without the current discrimination that favours the privileged minority (Welsh speakers)

    There is no prejudice at this end in regard to the Welsh language which we duly respect as a minority’s cultural language including all those who choose to use it or educate their children through the Welsh Medium Education.

    Having said all of this, we do not believe that the Welsh language can be sustained by the state compulsion and our aim is to expose the failings behind this policy and above all to highlight the immense harm being done to the English language, 1 children forced into the Welsh Medium Education.

    Finally, we have noted that you have made some important points on failings of the Welsh Education in your letters to the editor at the Western Mail and we would be pleased to give them far greater prominence via the Glasnost UK’ social media with your agreement to do so?

    • Typical comments from ignorant,agenda driven people, you people make me laugh, you are so insecure about us having our own language which is thriving,no thanks to you and your type, it’s been the agenda for years, stuffing britishnes down our throats in whichever scenario, scared of losing Scotland and then us, these people are willing to go to any lengths to maintain the status quo!!!.

  3. Socpie “Save our Children from Political Interference” is dedicated to serving children’s learning interests. It is professional website that views the education of children as being too important to be left to political rhetoric, hope, optimism and guesswork. Politics has no place in education as far as I am concerned.

    Any person who does not have legally accredited teaching qualifications are expressing their personal opinions and prejudices, which includes the author of this website. The source of What happened in Llangennith was the policy of Professor Sioned Davies Report, not the Welsh Government. Policies are not made on back of envelopes. You claims appear political. You are citing politician’s. My only interest is in the issues.

    This is why I have posted live Welsh Government petition to allow the Sioned Davies Report to be reviewed and for new independent research to be instigated. The closing date is in early May. I need a 100,000 signatures. As a retired professional teacher, educationalist I am entitled to express my professional opinions.

    There are articles, research and handouts on The policy will never be implemented, because it will be a fundamental breach of children’s human rights to reach their full learning potential. The way to ensure this is to sign my petition.

    The evidence for parents to make informed decisions is on my website,

    What I find morally repugnant about Llangennith is that a mob of “Tom, Dicks and Mary’s” were demanding how children should be educated in schools. Cymdethias Iaeth had no moral right to protest about the issue. Most Welsh speakers are nice, sensible people, who get on with their every day lives. You site appear to be anti-Welsh.

    In respect of the authors response to my previous posting I would advise the author that if he wants to declare himself an authority on education I suggest he gains some qualifications and reads the literature before he expresses his prejudices. The English Government has now recognised its policies were a disaster. A huge range of educationalists castigated them.

    Only 8,000 Welsh speakers. A small minority of Welsh speakers demanded that the Newsnight Editor should be sacked.

    The Donaldson Report was an excellent one. The author is not qualified to understand it. Donaldson was a historian. He was not an authority on languages. The real problem is few people understand languages. I actually possess the same qualification as professor Jason Donaldson. The Welsh language policy is still to be implemented.

    Most Welsh speakers a nice, sensible people, who get on with the normal lives.

  4. You seem to be an English nutter, or a self-loathing Welshman, who hates welsh culture and it’s history, there are well run schools with the main medium as English in Wales already, I was one of those students and wasn’t forced to do anything in Welsh other than the compulsory classes which was just like any other compulsory class and had no negative impact on my education. Quite different from the days gone by where speaking Welsh in public at all was criminal as a result of English rule.

    Despite being a distinctly different country from England, we don’t have our own independent media to focus on issues that impact wales or promote welsh culture and having one public channel in Welsh is already too much for you. There is no other country on earth that is an example of it’s own population actively attempting to get rid of it’s own language, historically unheard of and quite opposing to the unique culture we have.

    I don’t see why you are against people wanting to live as Welsh and rightly have the medium supported, if it’s an issue of money and why should you pay, then why does my tax have to go to pay for people to go to the doctors? Or for other public services I do not use? I’m fit and healthy but I’ve never needed serious treatment.
    Same principle, we are Welsh, we all pay our tax to fund these services despite may actually never needing them including whatever amount you quote as the cost of printing is Welsh despite ignoring more glaring issues like homelessness in Cardiff and poverty in the Valleys for example.

    By all means leave Wales as you may have done already, your only goal seems to be to rid the country of the Welsh language and turn Welsh nationality into a minority in it’s own country. Unlike the 20-30% of the population in Wales that is English and identifies as such, Wales will continue to have Welsh and support our heritage as it has continued to do so through much more imperialistic and state supported suppression of it.

    • The only observation that I can make after reading your letter is that you should change your name and instead of calling yourself a ‘Regular Welsh Citizen’ perhaps ‘Cymraeg Not British’ would be more appropriate? As far as your assertions go, you must be oblivious to what’s being done to Wales and for whose benefit by the privileged minority!

  5. “A strange choice of words but the message is clear enough – Wales now belongs to the Welsh speaking minority – Assimilate or leave!”

    From the latest Article. Yes many of us are already making the moves to leave what has become a Third World totally corrupt banana republic committing a crime against humanity of epic proportions but hidden away behind the curtain of “confidentiality” and reprisal.

    I can now have a very clear conscience that I have prevented by reasoned factual argument a number of small businesses (some notable by their very hi-tech nature) from investing and relocating to Wales. They would have trained and employed higher wager earners besides bringing in the expertise to help support and train local people. I have also stopped those with some wealth from living/retiring here and spending their wealth in Wales. I could not in conscience place my hand on my heart and state that Wales is a proper and fit place for English immigrants to come any longer.

    In our immediate neighbours, one legally qualified Welsh speaking (born and bred here) couple have already purchased in France and will be selling up and going this year, citing the corruption that is Wales, and three others other than ourselves are actively seeking moving out. Of those 2 are also Welsh speakers and one family cites the appalling state of Welsh Medium education not wishing their children to be disadvantaged in a scientific and technological world.

    Go for independence Wales. Just don’t have your begging bowl out. Get off your butt and start earning your place in the world, no more subsidies, no more welfare benefits, no use of the pound, from the England you claim to hate.

    And to think I used to love this country, deeply respect its people in-grained from childhood, respect its old hard working ethic and principle, respect for its right to a language of its own. But I will not subscribe to the Nazi type bigotry and Democide of the minority. Wales and its Nationalist nutters need to have a very good look at the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights before claiming itself a “nation”.

  6. The Social Engineering Experiment continues apace in Wales under the Welsh Labour Government. Despite the denials, the facts are crystal clear and the definitions which were labyrinthine epitomies of obfuscation and opacity are now made clear.

    Figures published on the 7th May 2014 which ran until December 2012 showed that 193.5 people per 100,000 head of population met untimely deaths at the hands of NHS Wales.

    Figures published on 29th June 2016 which run until December 2014 show that 240.1 people met untimely deaths per 100,000 head of population.

    (Already cynically age and risk adjusted)

    In statistical terms that is a staggering increase in just 2 years. When boiled down to actuals not much has changed throughout the years of Welsh Labour rule in Cardiff Bay. The situation only worsens. When is the general public going to wake up? When will they begin to realise that their rightly placed “close to the heart” affection for the front line staff of NHS Wales is being exploited by Welsh Labour, the criminals and liars in management employed by NHS Wales. I would like to use the term “Lions led by Donkeys” but as that is an insult to donkeys as far as NHS administrators are concerned, the animal rights people would have a legitmate case.

  7. I have just found this site and yes I am English and have lived in North Wales for over 14 years. In general many ordinary people have been kind and generous to us including Welsh speakers and Owain Glyndwr men as well.

    Many true Owain Glyndwr men and activists are far more pragmatic than the Nationalist nutters peddling their axe grinding agendas at the moment and have stated clearly that we are welcome here, we live here, we spend what money we have here, brought a business here and fully accept that we will not learn Welsh whilst it is rammed down our throats but put our language efforts into learning Spanish so that we can communicate with more people in the World.

    But there most definitely is a serious social engineering experiment being carried out in Wales and some salient facts need to be exposed fully which are usually suppressed. I have been embroiled in a war of attrition with NHS Wales and its professional liars for over two years now.

    Back to the facts which are undeniable. Firstly every single one of us in Wales receives a subsidy of £634 per head per annum from the coffers of the United Kingdom over and above that spent on a UK citizen living in England each year. For what— Corruption in High Places I ask? As nothing has changed for the ordinary person in all the years of devolution only an increase in bone idle public servants and their grotesque salaries whose backsides are kept polishing chairs with that subsidy.

    As regards Nazis and those very foolish comments by Welsh people who should know better as there are those of us quite capable of finding out what I am about to say. The real Nazis in Wales are Welsh Labour and those who would politically support them in the Senedd. From their own statistics, already cynically “age and risk” adjusted published by the Office for National Statistics in May 2014, some 97,000 of our citizens met untimely and irregular deaths in Welsh hospitals alone in the 12 years 2001 to 2012. Solidly a Welsh Labour administration, no one else to blame. At the last census, there were 3,063,000 of us living here in Wales.

    That is an astonishing and disturbing 3% in round figures of our population. These deaths were labelled “Avoidable”. In the twelve years of Nazi rule in Germany 1933 to 1945 within the boundaries of Germany, 762,000 German citizens met their deaths from all of the programmes put in place by their death squads. These programmes included forced labour, purges, executions, Jews, homosexuals, gipsies etc and include 160,000 recorded deaths in the infamous T4 euthanasia initiative 1938 to 1945 for the sick and most vulnerable. From the German census of 1933 Germany had a population of 67 million. So the Nazis only managed a mere 1% killing rate of their population. These figures are verifiable from the work of Professor R.J.Rummel and the research of Scott Manning and the population surveys by the Allies in 1945/1946.

    The most chilling aspect of this is that the justifications for the deaths in Wales read EXACTLY the same as the justifications used by the medical practitioners and physicians operating the T4 euthanasia pogrom. In my own area of Betsi Cadwaladr, you are 6.5 times more likely to meet an untimely and irregular end in one of their three major hospitals than if you had fallen foul of the Nazi death squads. So cynical is this by the professional liars and criminals that call themselves NHS managers, Board members and administrators in the BCUHB area, that their published data, to make themselves look a bit better than they really are only covers 11 years of themselves and their predecessors.

    And yes it is not defamatory as it is the truth (backed up with documentary evidence) to use the words liars and criminals. The Public Services Ombudsman for Wales, one Nicholas Bennett and his officers have just been exposed as common criminals by the Information Commissioners Office for their woeful and deliberate failures under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act, not in itself criminal but they subsequently failed wilfully and deliberately to comply with the enforcement instructions of the ICO which under Section 40 and Section 47(1) is criminal and of course the Welsh Labour Government is doing everything it can to avoid summary conviction in the Magistrates Courts and an unlimited fine or possible indictment before a Crown Court.

    This of course also applies to Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board and its officers who also failed utterly to obey the Law of the Land and deliberately failing to comply. This resulted in Higson the Chairman having to write a grovelling apology, not to me but to the ICO (I have a copy) which claimed this merely and “administrative oversight”. I ask you to judge after a 6-month war of attrition and the data still remains incomplete even to this day. So I now have three different sets of medical records 4 years of which had been destroyed deliberately, discovered in March 2014 by me.

    Just as an interlude to the drab figures, let us remind ourselves as to the background of this fine upstanding pillar of society and guardian of our rights, Nicholas Bennett Public Services Ombudsman for Wales. He is/was a “Special Advisor” to Welsh Labour and had/has a close business relationship with a scandal-ridden, sleaze ridden, discredited, wilful and proven breaker of the Ministerial Code of Conduct one Alun Davies AM in a grubby little dirt digging lobbyist in Bute Road Cardiff. A man who did not even then have the decency to resign he had to be sacked And now Jones has had the sheer effrontery to bring this creature back into Government hoping we have all forgotten the total lack of integrity. And his mate is the guardian and protector of our rights as Ombudsman. Does this not have the heady aroma of a fish market on a hot day?

    And another Jones/Drakeford lie exposed. NHS Wales it is claimed is no better nor any worse than anywhere else in the UK claimed to be reported by OECD. Really? Jones and Drakeford, it is a matter of public knowledge actually REFUSED access to NHS Wales by the analysts and inspectors of the OECD. So the data on which this falsehood is based was fraudulent and prepared by the coterie of cronies to cover their real activities. Sadly Rummel describes all this as DEMOCIDE!

    So yes fellow citizens of Wales there is much more than a “social experiment” being carried out here. A crime against Humanity is being perpetrated by Jones and cohorts of cronies and I am sad to say a number of so-called Welsh Nationalists. A nation which a century was the most sincere and god fearing in the world and has become statistically the ungodly cesspit on the planet. Not my figures– go check.

  8. I have just read the 2012 report W.G. report on the future of the Welsh Language. There is reference to further research that needs to undertaken into Language Transmission. This where the problem lies.
    Wales has never enjoyed a leading second language educationalist. The definition of an educationalist is someone who has attended a university school of education and obtained a teaching degree. These are Q.T.S. school teachers.
    Anyone who does not possess Q.T.S./Q.T.L.S qualifications are legally not entitled to call themselves teachers.
    The W.G. has commissioned research that more teachers with masterates in teaching, not subject knowledge. Ph.D. academics Welsh for adult tutor are not teachers, they are only tutors.
    I was the first person to write a private published researched book on second language learning that directly addressed the issue on how to learn Welsh, but there was not expressed interest in my work by the WfA adult tutors. My 2011 Report was ignored. My offer to develop a Welsh adult methodology was ignored also. These are university issues.
    I am cognitivist-educationalist and my interests are much wider than merely Welsh tutoring. The issues of second language learning are extremely deep. I am probably at the edge of what is known.
    My professional opinion is the population in general under estimate how difficult it is to learn a second language. This not to suggest that learners should not learn Welsh, but there is a huge difference from learning basic Welsh and fluent Welsh.
    There is the interesting Daily Telegraph case of a boy who had a French speaking mother, who was visit France and converse with natives, but he failed is AS French examination, because he had no prepared the phrases he had to regurtate for the examination.
    There far too much passion and emotion in all Welsh learning and speaking issues, and not reasoned debate.

    • Thank you, Howard, for an interesting insight into the Welsh language issues.

      In a different context, I also happen to have a deep understanding of learning an additional language as in my late teens I decided to adopt the UK (England) as my home country and had no English whatsoever (My fluent German, including Slavonic languages at the time plus some Latin and Ancient Greek), did me no favours when I was dropped at the ‘deep end’ to pursue my further education here.

      I never found time to learn English properly and have no idea of its grammar and other finer points that kids learn in school and if I had to sit a GCSE exam I’d most likely fail it miserably!

      I also happen to be a ‘young dad’ with two kids in Welsh education and observe first hand the damage the imposed Welsh language does to the English language 1 kids, hence the reason for voicing my concerns via Glasnost UK as in my experience the Welsh Government is not listening and is not prepared to change!

  9. I would be surprised if Dafydd ap Gwilym will visit this site again. It is what people do in this world that is important no what they say. His comments appear very childish and prejudiced.
    I do not subscribe, agree with everything that is cited on this website.
    An interesting issue is Jamie Bowen Cymdethias Iaeth was on Breakfasttime 2nd March 2016 speaking from the Maes of the Eisteddfod demanding ‘action’ should be taken about the issue of creating a million Welsh speakers BY 2050.
    Political dreams are one thing. Practical realities are another. I would be most interested if anyone can explain to me how this can be achieved,
    There is also the issue of the Aran Jones, Welsh Political activist, gin drinking learn Manx in day challenge
    “This man will attempt to learn the Manx language in one day via a live videocast” (25/6 June Media Wales).
    Adrian Cain said: “It’s been a real coup for us to work with the team at SaySomethinginWelsh. Their unique methodology is a real eye-opener, and we think our learners are going to be amazed by the complex sentences they’ll be able to use within a remarkably short period of time.”
    If anyone can explain how he achieved this I would be most interested.

  10. I have just followed a link from a Wales Online news report to this site. From the comment left by this group I guessed it would be a place to insight arguments, encouraging rudeness and bitterness between people by interfering in the business of others.
    I suggest that everyone gives this site a miss as there are plenty of forums where mature and intelligent discussions can be found.

  11. What’s your viewpoint on someone who wants to live their life through the global language of English?
    I can understand your position, but in reality , it is not always possible to see a medical practitioner who can speak Welsh in 2016. Language is declining in many areas. Obviously not every doctor or professional will be able to speak Welsh.Especially when they are from outside the area themselves. English is a global / medical language.Surely if our public services are under such scrutiny and pressure. Best candidate should receive the position. Not be omitted because they can either not speak Welsh, or do not wish to be forced to learn Welsh either.

  12. I’m an English speaking pbliuc servant in Wales and that BBC programme really was a joke. One disgruntled worker and having to go up some lonely road to speak … what an absolute joke.The Welsh language is still discriminated against in Wales … the only grade in our local council that actually has the same % of Welsh speakers as the local population are the dustman … every other grade and Welsh speakers are way under represented.I believe that pbliuc servants should serve the pbliuc … which in Wales means serving Welsh as well as English speakers … the truth is that Welsh speakers are shunted to the back of the queue and end up using English in order to get the same service as their neighbours.

    • Thank you for contributing your thoughts Whitney, but the problem I have with your argument is that it lacks specifics and I’d be genuinely interested to find out which part of Wales you are referring too? Based on my experience the Welsh speakers have massive privileges in most parts of Wales especially within the public sector!

      • What do you want the Welsh speaking community to do Jacques? What kind of country are you striving for? What role will the language have in your (and the rest of the monoglots on this site) vision of Cymru?

        • A good question Tarian but some wrong assumptions. It appears that being a ‘monoglot’ is a dirty word according to you! Can’t speak for the others but I happen to be a multi-lingual individual including MFL’s and still have some remnants of the ancient Greek and Latin. My stance on the imposed tribal language of Wales is principally down to being able to see the harm being done to the children first hand as a parent. Children lose considerable teaching time on the Welsh language that most children have no interest in and most of the kids from non-Welsh speaking homes end up damaged for life (As evident by the decline of Welsh education standards ever since the Welsh became a compulsory subject in Welsh education). Back to your question: I have no problem with the Welsh language but passionately believe in the Freedom of Parental Choice when it comes to the Welsh language. I want the Welsh kids to thrive in education and being taught by inspiring teachers from all cultures and backgrounds and not just by the Welsh speaking teachers who have now become ‘essential’ requirement in most schools. In short I want a separate Welsh Medium and English Medium education and for the latter to be free of the ‘essential’ Welsh language and the essential Welsh speak teachers and I want the Welsh Government to start respecting parental choice and above all recognise that the Social Experiment in Wales is not working as most kids simply have no interest or any affinity with the Welsh language – A Fact!

          • May I also raise another issue. If you are a U.K. website then why are you not writing to Nicky Morgan Educational Minister about her delusional back of the envelope education policies.
            The T.E.S. has recent assert that we must fight to protect our children from being exploited for political reasons. It is cruel what they are doing to children 13/5. There is no leading educationalist the U.K. agreeing with their punishing Sats after I spoke my mind.
            At least in Wales we do not treat our children like inaminate objects on a production line. I accept there are some problems, but the Welsh Government Donaldson Report is the best thing that has happened eduationallly since 1987 when the politicians started to interfere with education, It is a wonderful victory for children in Wales.
            People like Michael Godes, who delusionally dreams about Chinese teaching methods which contradict cognitive science and mountains of educational research just to please Daily Mail readers.
            The Cockcroft 1982 into mathematics took five years of research and compile. It still remains relevant. When are you going to ask Nicky about that.

          • Thank you for your contribution Howard (Your comments noted) but this time, I need to disagree with your assertions on a number of levels and I do so for the following reasons:

            Whilst we are fully aware of what’s going in education systems outside of Wales the principal reason for not involving Glasnost UK especially in England and Scotland is down to a simple fact that the main media in both nations, take no prisoners when ‘things’ go wrong and do not hesitate to articulate concerns and arguments as loud and as wide as possible.

            In Wales, the situation is different as Wales has no scrutiny of their education failings and the media keeps silent upon a horrendous form od Social Engineering where education is used as the principal tool to impose effectively what’s a tribal minority language upon the majority (The sole reason why Welsh education has an abysmal performance at every level that matters)!

            You seem to imply that the children elsewhere are ‘inaminate objects on a production line’ which is truly absurd but exceptionally true in Wales!

            Finally, In regard to Professor Donalson incidentally, whom I have met and exchanged some notes upon the very issues that you have raised and your assessment is simply very wrong.

            To cut a long storey short Prof Graham Donaldson became a paid ‘independent’ messenger to underpin Carwyn Jones’ Social Engineering policies via Welsh Education, where children, their education and their future is largely irrelevant as long as kids learn Welsh!

            The Key part of Grahams’s recommendations – Enjoy it!

            The Welsh language

            21. The Welsh language should remain compulsory up to the age of 16.

            22. There should be a renewed focus in schools on learning Welsh primarily as a means of communication, particularly oral communication and understanding.

            23. Progression in the Welsh language towards transactional competence at age 16 should be appropriately reflected in the related Progression Steps and Achievement Outcomes.

            24. The value attached to the Welsh language by children and young people, teachers, parents and carers and the public should be enhanced by strengthening the focus on its commercial value for the jobs market, the suggested cognitive benefits of bilingualism and its importance in enabling children and young people to achieve a good understanding of the cultural life of Wales in the past and present.

            25. Investment in and improvements to provision and the raising of standards should focus on strengthening the language in primary schools in order to create solid foundations for learning in Welsh and other languages in secondary school. There will also be a need for support for secondary schools to enable them to improve and adjust their provision

            26. Welsh-medium schools should act as hubs for the Welsh language, to support teachers and practitioners in English-medium schools.

            27. Systematic links should be established between schools and outside agencies that can support teaching, learning and the provision of resources in Welsh and modern foreign languages, including further and higher education providers and Mentrau Iaith.

            28. Significantly better and more creative use should be made of technology in the teaching and learning of Welsh and also modern foreign languages.

            29. The Welsh Government should realign Welsh language qualifications at 16 with the proposed focus on speaking and listening and application in the workplace.

            30. Implications for enhancing competence in the Welsh language in the education workforce should be taken forward through the New Deal for the Education Workforce and Professor Furlong’s review of teacher education.

          • May I clarify my views and values.
            The Welsh Language is a integral part of Welsh Culture and of the school system. Learning a second language is highly beneficial for children. It improves their grammar. I cannot find evidence of any other cognitive benefit in my research.
            Open Democracy U.K. report that 50% of sequential learners in Welsh medium schools, those who did not learn Welsh from birth, are unable to speak the Welsh after they leave school.
            Languages are developed like viruses, they need to be shared between people to be developed and retained. The language needs to be all around learners to develop fluency in it. It needs to be grown like plants in a desert, it needs plenty of rain, usage of it, to becognitively grown and to be kept alive. Gaelic cannot revive in Scotland for instance.
            There is rapid language development from birth than cannot be recreated at an older age.
            The political calls from Cymdethias yr Iaeth that all English speaking children in English speaking schools should be made fluent is a myth. People do not appreciate that because they speak their first language with ease and flow, how many thousands of hours it takes to develop language fluency.
            Speaking a language is the fastest cognitive skill that the human mind can process. We can only keep our language fluent through being bathed in it all around us regularly. Welsh is not spoken on the streets of most of Wales. This lowers the potential for learners to learn to speak Welsh fluently.
            I am unclear who advised the W.G. on this issue. There needs to a realistic balanced approach to speaking Welsh in English medium schools so the curriculum does not get overloaded.

          • Little to disagree with Howard but as far as the youngsters are concerned most of them see no relevance of speaking or learning Welsh (Have two kids in Welsh education and see it first hand). In my view, it’s time to take a long and a hard look at the horrendous implications behind the Welsh language imposition. Furthermore, consider the following:

            What percentage of 15-year-old pupils in Welsh schools took a GCSE in a modern foreign language in 2015?

            Answer: 22%. That’s the lowest percentage of any constituent part of the UK. Then – A level? Just 5% (Kids are suffocated by the Welsh language)!

          • The Children’s Commissioner has a legal responsibility to represent children’s interest in Wales, She cannot act without evidence. I

          • ‘Evidence’ is important but irrelevant if it contains the Welsh language imposition and related ‘system’ abuse – Tell that to Llangennech parents – See: (Time and time again Children’s Commissioner and Ombudsman Wales have refused to get involved if the culprit is the Welsh language – The same applies to Equalities and Human Rights Commission in Wales) – The system is CORRUPT!!

          • The Education issue you refer to is currently subject to a formal complaint to the Welsh Government with supporting evidence. May I ask you to kindly refer your concerns to the Children’s commissioner.

          • Interesting comment Howard but any reference to the Welsh Children’s Commissioner would be an absolute waste of time – No Commissioner in Wales including Ombudsman will do anything to protect Welsh children from the damage done through Welsh language imposition! Perhaps you can elaborate on your complaint to WHG with more detail?

          • That is what I want and all my friends want for their children who live in Wales. After raising 4 children through the education system in North Wales, we have experienced much of what the editor talks about. We have suspected as much but in a society that seems to have a glass ceiling preventing my English speaking Welsh children from reaching positions of decision makers, I do not see a future in Wales for them, as I do not see Wales going in a direction that embraces them. So you loose again as bright talented young people leave the area to find their future. We have lost out also as our children speak a pigeon Welsh that sets them up for very little and to have put them through a Welsh medium school only, in my experience, leads to them excelling in neither language. Not to mention the teachers who have got the job, because they are first language speakers often holding narrow nationalistic ideas being of a very low standard in such schools. Not always but that was our experience. Harsh but true. We could all tell you of stories that would make you want to shut us up. Sadly, we all talk about it in private but who’s got the energy to challenge it in the public arena. We are heading for a Wales that’s number one priority is to increase the Welsh language over all else that could be of use to our children in their future. We want children to have the education that sets them up to go anywhere in the world, competing against the best, or stay home here in Wales. A Welsh only education often sets them up to stay in Wales only, a bilingual education retricts their choices and reduces their overall achievements. We are a silent majority and we wish you well in gathering momentum in your fight to verbalise these issues publicly.

          • Thank you for your thoughts Eleanor and aptly said: We live in a culture of fear whilst the Welsh Labour Government is destroying future for most children in Welsh education. If you have the time it would be good to have your experience in a form of an article which I would gladly publish on Glasnost pages.

  13. Times are changing, it’s over. Strange how the lingua farga is English. But the language fanatics still claim they are pro Welsh only. My children will not be forced to speak a minor strain of Latin. In fact I suggest we start a petition to introduce Latin instead of Welsh?
    If you don’t like this website. Don’t read it

      • Just because an individual is proud to be Welsh, but more proud to be British. As I am. Does not mean they support the EWDL Tarian. It also does not signify that they support your cousins at “Britains First.” In my opinion your s facist

        • To refuse to assimilate into Welsh speaking communities by insisting WE speak your language certainly shows everyone that the monoglots think they are superior, ignorant and very arrogant – ask any European ( the vast majority being bilingual) just laugh at you

          • What communities? Take a good long hard look at Plaids/Liebours : “communities.”
            Clear off back to your cave you mug(s)

          • Clearly Tarian you wish Wales to remain a primitive country. English or more correctly North American English is THE, repeat THE, language of the international technological and science industries. The very future itself unless you wish us all to live in mud huts and squalor on benefits from another country. Even China is by mandate teaching ENGLISH to ALL of their children to ensure their future in a modern world. There is no one else on the planet who are more protective of their culture than traditional Chinese people.

            Secondly I think a more objective examination of so called “Welsh” culture needs to be made. Please justify why £7million was spent on a MONET painting by the Welsh National Museums Service (an icon of Welsh culture I think not) whilst at the same time starving the National Slate Museum at Llanberis of funds and resources in the hope that they can close it down which most definitely IS an icon of Welsh culture?
            And whilst we are on the subject of “Welsh” culture icons let us examine one of the so called doyens of “Welsh” culture, one Dylan Thomas. An immoral, drunken, potentially drug taking womaniser who spent time pondering whether he had contracted syphilis (incurable at the time) from his sexual philandering whilst vomiting his alcoholic intake across the toilet floors of seedy New York speakeasys and bars. Oh and most of his work was originally written in —- please forgive me for swearing —–English later translated by the bigots into Welsh.

            I ask any responsible parent reading this, is this what you want your children to aspire to, to look up to, to be brainwashed into becoming? No — I thought not.

            Oh I forgot to say that I was brought up Welsh in the industrial heart lands of England. My teachers throughout were Welsh with one notable exception, and the congregation of the chapel I was forced to attend as a child was over 60% Welsh (boy could they sing –really) but they aspired to better things many of them walking over days to English cities find meaningful work (driven out by the corruption and criminality of their own example it was an English owner of Dinorwic that wanted to a proper wage with decent working conditions to be paid to its workers yet it was the Welsh bargain system “foremen” that refused to allow thier own to be paid properly) to become a hard working fully accepted in their own right communities that flourished together, prospered together and enjoyed each others company. Now the rascist ( forgive the Trotsky made up word) bigots of begging bowl mentality Wales have jumped on the axe grinding bandwagon. So yes I have heard the real truth from the horses mouth.

          • Thank you, Ian, for your thoughts and observations – Welsh public through Welsh media censorship is largely unaware of the implications behind Welsh Medium Education (WME) imposition.

            Welsh kids, especially those from the English Language 1 homes are damaged academically in WME and the Welsh Government knows this but it’s not prepared to listen and the drive to creation of a Welsh speaking state goes on relentlessly irrespective of the horrendous consequence for children and their future:


          • “Ask any European…”
            I would do rather quickly if I was you. Because soon the Principality and Great Britain will no longer be European. Where will you move to then?

  14. Let’s be honest, most of the people posting on this blog would prefer to see Wales renamed “Western England” – except when the rugby is on, when you can all kiss the three feathers and pretend to be patriotic Welshmen for 80 minutes. Would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    • @Charlie Medson. So you don’t kiss the British Lion when the Welsh Rugby stars are representing the Lion’s then? Or how about when Welsh sportsmen and sportswomen, are representing Great Britain in the Olympics? Even when Welsh cricketers , are representing the England and WALES cricket team? Your the ones who are pathetic, grow up. Be thankful that your minority language occupies a stratosphere, would be untenable in any other nation. Cyber Nat bullie(s .) Wales will always be part if Great Britain. Just as Scotland will be too.

        • If the flag of Dewi Sant was represented on the disunion jack, yes, but as most intelligent people know, it is not, that’s EM education for you… God help us!

        • Yes it is, via the Saint David s Flag. All your beloved rugger players have no issue kissing the Lion emblem. So why the further hatred#—-“‘…tarian…”
          Im born and bred Welsh , and am on an equal footing with yourself. I can speak Cymraeg, but now refuse too. Due to the neo CYI xenophobes. Your extremism is and will lead to the undeniable tragic death of Cymraeg.
          But I also recognise, as you clearly never will. That to be Welsh you do not have to speak the minority language.

          • To jack y Sais :- you imposed your language on us by refusing to learn this country’s mother toungue, you beat our language out of us by imposing the Welsh Not, if you want to work abroad Jack, you learn their language because not one of them tolerate your attitude towards English supremacy -it is you who has built an iron curtain around your little monoglot mind

          • “The English language was always seen as the language of progress.” Especially in the early twentieth century in South Wales.
            Where else can any of OUR kids use Welsh in there future career s? A tiny part of Patagonia? Or within the current re-imposed iron curtain now in the whole of North Wales.
            If we live in a democracy, there should undoubtedly be a choice as to whether they are educated in an EME or a WME.

        • Wales is represented on the Union Jack via the Saint David Flag Tarian.
          We majority are not suggesting you kiss it. But your beloved rugby players do , and always will continue to do so. We are not even suggesting that Cymraeg should be unequal. Now we are in the twenty first century. English must be accepted or allocated on an equal basis with Cymraeg. Parents in my opinion, must have a choice as to whether their children are educated in WME or within an English medium education.

          • It’s irrelevant if Wales is represented on the Union Jack. Wales/Cymru is part of the United Kingdom. It is also a Principality. When the Union Jack/Union Flag was created, Cymru was a Principality of England. Obviously a non-independent nation will not be represented on the Union Jack.

          • Btw robat y bradwr
            , st David’s flag is not on the DIsunion jack -last time I looked, there was no black nor yellow cross anywhere on it – what planet are you on ?

    • I don’t watch the rugby boyo. Always prefered football. This website is a breath of fresh air. Welsh nationalists have undoubtedly distanced many former Welsh speaker’s from using the “iaith,” further.
      Not the good old Plaid of old but the “nationalists,; mainly from Cornwall who thought/ think,they have a God given right to accuse real born and bred Welsh Citizens of being: “colonists.”
      Xenophobic behaviour is apparent among a,tiny minority if the minority.
      I don’t agree with everything written on this blog. But I’m Welsh and British, as you all are, always will be .

  15. You, Mr Protic, suffer from what is called cognitive dissonance, or informally, ‘doublethink’: the condition of believing mutually contradictory things at the same time. You spend an awful lot of time raging against the Welsh language, Welsh people and Wales in general, which seems pretty nationalistic to me as you hold up the UK and the English language as the superior alternative. You believe English superior to Welsh, and Britain superior to the notion of Welsh nationhood: you are a British nationalist. Yet you still frantically condemn ‘nationalism’ in Wales! If nationalism is such a scourge, why are you a fervent British nationalist?

    Your insistence that Welsh is a ‘tribal language’ and that Welsh speakers are some scheming minority oppressing everybody else borders on racist. Now, when in history were a whole people vilified as power-usurping maniacs, ruling the institutions of a country for their own good behind the scenes, and plotting against the majority…? Germany in the 1930s comes to mind.

    • Blatantly your response has been part ‘copied and pasted,” off the wonderful, enthralling, articulate and intelligent contributor on the tab magazine# @Whistleblower. In my opinion even the best pro minority bloggers would have difficulty countering@Whistleblowers :””cognitive dissonance..”” arguments. Cymru are y UNION am Byth

      • It seems, Jack your education is rather lacking especially regarding the true natives of this country, probably the result of a south walian English medium “education” no doubt.. Never mind, I’m sure you or the rest of the English speaking morons can get jobs anywhere in the world by just shouting louder so that Johnny Foreigner will understand you. At least we (being bilingual) have the ability and decency to learn other languages when abroad and get thanked for the effort.

          • Don’t need to learn anything is what you are trying to say I think… Your grammar and attitude says it all about you lot.. I think the Europeans would love an iron curtain around the monoglots.

  16. I think it was Charles de Gaulle who said “Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first.” We seem to have a lot of nationalism expressed in these comments from both sides of the Welsh language camp. I for one welcome a forum which allows a discussion on the merits and relevance of the Welsh language today as you cannot seem to find anywhere else to do it. If your case is sound you should be able present your arguments without resorting to personal abuse. Sadly as we saw in the Scottish independence debate Trolling those whose opinions differ to your own increasingly seems to be the preferred approach of those who cannot defend their opinions with reason or whose minds are closed to alternative views. Contemptible really.

    If this Blog can spark some debate on the Welsh Language and other issues relevant to Welsh politics more power to it. With just a 36% turn out at the last referendum on law making powers in Wales we could certainly do with something to motivate and excite our countrymen and women to pay attention to what is going on around them and express their opinions on current issues through the ballot box.

    There are a great many subjects which could be covered here. Discussions on Tax raising Powers in Wales and further devolution, what to do about the low turn out for NaFW elections, has the NaFw been a success, AM salaries, Welsh Government, how do we attract more inward investment, Tourism and local environmental issues all come to mind. Discussing and challenging accepted views, including those on the Welsh language, is good for democracy.

    • We live in a free world and the Welsh Language Society has every right to be heard as anyone else within the scope of England & Wales Laws.

  17. It’s time for a referendum on Independence now. In reality , in a true democracy the majority should always delegate.
    The fact is the majority of real Weslh people dont speak Welsh.
    You should head past Machynlleth next time your in shell island love,on your “”vacation.””
    Go to the real valleys, Swansea ,Newport or our wonderful capital of our Principality, Cardiff.
    It should be kept as a “pet.”
    Language only holds the Principality back in regards to investment.
    Just look at the problems in the North Wales Health Board…..

      • Tarian – Keep on deluding yourself fool. Thank you for the compliment. Your a plastic scouser too. After all you support LFC and Wrexham, and Liverpool is the de facto capital of North Wales. Now get back to your ruminations of xenophobia.

        • I support none of them bradwr Bach, you truly are “welsh” if only you had the intelligence to find out its true meaning in Anglo Saxon ( what you want to be but are’nt good enough to be one in their eyes – just a taff)

          • I’m sure if you studied your family’s genology you would discover that your descended from: “Anglo saxons” too.
            Or at least a majority of your support would be.
            I fail to see how an individual being defined as an “@Anglo Saxon” has any significance in 2016.
            Why is your mind set on a tribe that existed approximately a thousand years ago?
            As a previous pragmatic commentator has stated above. Go for independence but see where you are without the Pound Sterling.
            It’s 2016 we are living in a multicultural United Kingdom.

          • Why are you even mentioning the #Anglo Saxons? Wtf is wrong with you people? It is not 1848

  18. It was a bit rich for republican and Anglophobe Leanne Wood to pretend she was outraged at Nigel Farage’s legitimate comments about health tourists then for one of he own candidates a week later to call English people “Nazis” (I’m told he’s from Birmingham? if that’s the case maybe he’s referring to himself?)

    She also bleated about “skill shortages” in Wales when everybody knows professionals aren’t going to move to Wales to have their children’s education ruined by forced Welsh lessons of no value whatsoever in the 21st. Its time Welsh nationalists treated the language for the hobby it is and stopped forcing it down every bodies necks in the hope it will turn then into swivel eyed Plaid Cymru voters

  19. Please keep up your website! I know of no other webstie which is a voice of dissent in the hideous social engineering happening in Wales. The fact is that the worship of the Welsh Language and aggressive measures to force people to speak it will be counter-productive in the long run, as Wales becomes an economic joke with an education system whose only role is to indoctrinate young people into worshiping the ‘iaith’. Young Welsh people will be horribly under-educated, and the economy will be based purely upon EU hand-outs. Rather than moving Wales closer to independence it will drag the ‘gwlad’ back into the dark ages.
    Vivat Regina!

    • Brilliant blog – totally agree with you – and before any Nationalists have a crack at me – I was born and bred in Wales but I do not speak Welsh. Several years ago we bought a cottage near Talley – did it up and as I was in a residential job spent all my time off there. We were warned that because we didn’t speak Welsh the cottage could be damaged by Welsh Nationalists we sold it to an English couple!!! What comes round goes round!!!!

      • My sentiments entirely. Brilliant blog. Nationalists in Wales would be akin to the BNP in Manchester or London, discriminating against others who are different.
        “What goes around, does indeed come around.”

      • You didn’t say if the English couple who bought your cottage embraced the Welsh language and by doing so being immune to Welsh nationalist wroth!? Being ‘different’ is not tolerated by the nationalists, even today!

  20. I think it’s a bit rich of a foreigner to be telling us Welsh that we should have no rights in our own country. A bit more ethnic cleansing, anyone? Since when have Welsh speakers had anything like equal rights to English speakers in Wales? You’re in cloud cuckoo land.
    My late mother suffered degrading lack of treatment from the health service all of two years ago because she was far more capable of explaining herself in her first language as she died from cancer. That wouldn’t have happened if her first language had been English.

    • Nice of you Gwilym to be calling another British citizen in his own country a “foreigner” Welsh speakers have the same rights as every other citizen trouble is you want more rights than others because you see yourselves as special like some sort of endangered species. I don’t believe there is any citizen in Wales over the age of 5 who can’t convey themselves adequately in English. You are part of a militant nationalist minority growing in confidence because the WAG has pandered to you for too long, the language is still in decline because younger generations are still ditching Welsh and will continue to do so.

      • Methinks it is Donald who is ranting in a spoilt, narrow minded and militant English lingo supremacist way… Monoglots are a minority in this world. Don’t know whether to laugh at you or cry at your stupidity.

        • “”Mongolots ,”” are a minority bin this World…”
          I agree that on a global basis they are a minority#:””Tarian…”” But in your pathetic goldfish bowl, you are definitely the minority.
          What are the latest figures for the “faith?” In my opinion, it’s probably close to seventeen percent who have knowledge if this ancient obsolete language, in our Principality as a whole. But as you have seen from my aquaintance, this percentage is always on decrease, as there are many Welsh BORN speakers, who now refuse to speak #”IT.” Why is that Tarian? Could it have any thing to do with the minority s xenophobic behaviour, to any other human being who does not speak their #”faith?”

          • What culture do you have up there? Your living in the past. Whole Planet speaks English. Just as we majority do in true cultured Wales in the South in the civilised county of Glamorgan

          • You are the epitome of a bigotted xenophobe jack – everyone is equal as long as they are English ( I count you and the 81% “welsh” as English although unintelligible when speaking it – what will you do when England demands its independence and split the unequal union you desperately cling on to?

          • Spoken like a true English butt licker – what culture do you have down there in “the valleys” ? Bugger all ! Look at a map of Cymru and see if you understand the names of rivers, mountains, towns etc. you are a stranger by choice in this country

    • GP. No one whatever their main language should’suffer’ from the services provided,or not provided by welsh NHS. The fact is that our hospitals,particularly at weekends many of the doctors cannot even speak English,which after all is a WORLD language.

      I can accept that many elderly people if grown up in welsh language would WISH to use it,however there are logistical problems as welsh speaking has been declining for many ,many years.

      In this complicated world we seemingly ALL have rights,however the current welsh language policy is not welcomed by vast majority of English only speakers that I know and respect. Under the Darwinian ‘rules’ we either adapt or die,and as far as welsh society is concerned the latter seems to be happening.

      The ‘top down’ approach to social issues never works without ENFORCEMENT by Law and I think that is the next step towards COMPULSORY useage of the welsh language even on English only speakers who have no interest in it whatsoever. It might be unpleasant to you and others but its alright in a democratic country,but for how long will that last in a ‘one party’ state!!

  21. Dear Sir

    Wales is currently in the clutches of a WAG that is terrified of being tagged “anti Welsh” this ensures that the separatist fraternity of around 7% is currently calling the shots in Wales.

    I do not wish to see Great Britain fragment into ancient territories run by bigoted nationalists with 13th century mindsets and prejudices. The Welsh language is clearly dying a slow death and forcing it upon the majority of Wales where it has long since died will ensure the bad feeling that accelerates its demise rather than helping it.

    For the Welsh language to have any chance of survival there must be choice for English speakers to be free of coercion and forced education in Welsh Dafydd Elis Thomas said “the Welsh language can only survive with the consent of the English speaking majority” at present all we see is Welsh language compulsion and stories of Meri Huws trying to force expensive bilingualism on companies where barely anyone speaks Welsh.

    A sensible new approach is needed, the vast majority of Wales votes for British parties so its fair to say we are not a nationalistic insular people. With that in mind it is time the WAG starts listening to the majority on these issues instead of pandering to Plaid Cymru and its small minded advocates.

  22. Your vile diatribe on this site is distasteful. Let me just take your first article, first paragraph –

    “If you are a parent of a child from an English speaking home, and you want the best possible English medium education for your child in their crucially important primary years; you will be hard pushed to find a primary school within Conwy LEA …………….”
    (Conwy when i last looked was in a small country called Wales, they have their own culture, language and beautiful history that pre-dates all of its neighbours)

    As a parent here in Wales, I would like my language to be allowed to flourish, after years of “ethnic cleansing” by the mongrel nation of the English, the complete ban and flogging of small children for speaking their mother tongue 1848 Education Reform (Treason of the Blue Books).

    If you want a pure English education for your children – get thee back to f’in England. Wales is Wales, where the welsh live. We have been more than tolerant of immigrants from all countries including the English for centuries (first Mosque in the UK etc).

    Would you move to live in France/Spain/Germany and insist that your children we’re taught in English only? No i didn’t think so. Please afford us remaining welsh people to look after the oldest living language in Europe

    You will not have the audacity to publish this, as it won’t fit in to your unusual brand of Zenophobia.

    Yours Aled

    Editor’s note: Thank you for your comment Aled and after some consideration we have decided to approve your contribution unedited and we’ll leave it to others to judge validity of your stance and your arguments.

    • Team Wales doing well in the Olympics are they not Aled?
      Just another example of your petulant delusions.
      Joe Allen is a Welsh Speaker, yet had no problem playing for team GB in 2012.
      Your not living in an independent nation. It’s a Principality, and a part of Great Britain.

    • I am not English either.
      We are the the real multilingual Welsh speaking majority of OUR Country, or Principality?(agree to differ on this point??)
      Undoubtedly parents should have a choice in regards to the primary education if their children.
      How dare you tell me to f)#= off when I am Welsh too. Your xenophobic behaviour is if course tolerated.
      Wales is part of GREAT BRITAIN. Always has been,always will be.
      How can the minority dictate to the majority.
      #Referendum on Welsh Independence asap.
      I assure you, you will lose.

    • Aled, Wales has two national languages, Welsh and English. Particularly in South Wales, the vast majority do not speak Welsh. That’s not to say that I have an issue with anybody who does.

      I find your hatred of the English bizarre given that they’re a fellow country within the United Kingdom. I’ve no real desire to talk about 1848 as the world was a very different place back then.

      As a Welshman, whose primary language is English (reminder: one of Wales’s national languages), I’ve every right to expect my children to be taught in English if I so wish. I don’t want to “get thee back to f’in England” as I’m not English. As you say, Wales is Wales, where the Welsh live and I’m one of them.

      “Would you move to live in France/Spain/Germany and insist that your children we’re taught in English only? No i didn’t think so.”

      I’ve actually moved my family to a German-speaking country and my children are taught in German as that’s the local language which all the locals speak. But that’s entirely different to the situation in Wales where a minority wish to dictate which of the national languages the population should speak.

    • What a lovely picture Aled paints of nationalist cultural Wales where people are pure unlike the “mongrel English”

      Sure Aled would have got on well Himler and Co…

  23. If we are to behave in a sustainable, practical manner moving forward, the fact has to be accepted that 99% of the population of the principality are able to conduct their business in English. There is no NEED for welsh to be imposed on any public service, business or industry. It is just a WANT that is impractical, unaffordable and an imposition on the majority of the population. If we still live in a democracy, the needs of the majority override the wants of the relatively few.

  24. In a perfect world then people should be able to speak in their language,however in Wales the lingua franca is ENGLISH and it will be impossible for people to be guaranteed the RIGHT to use the welsh language. If you are ill,then you need medical advice and many doctors now come from overseas and can barely speak ENGLISH,let alone a MINORITY language.I can assure you that the english only speakers have had a BELLYFULL of the welsh speaking fanatics.

  25. What’s your view of someone’s human right to live their life through their own language? This means, for example, that if one needed to see a health professional it should be possible to do this in one’s own language. Similarly, this should be the case when dealing with government or simply living in one’s community.

    This ‘right’, which doesn’t impinge on the rights of others, appears to be about equality.

    The site is a little heavy on rhetoric and shows little knowledge and awareness of either the historical or current context.

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