‘CYMRAEG 2050 Policy’ Panacea or a disaster for Welsh education and children of Wales?

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Welsh Labour Government can never be accused of neglecting the Welsh language, and even the Corona Virus crisis didn’t stop them in finding time to unleash yet another initiative strictly aimed at creating and growing ‘Welsh speakers.’

A few days ago the Government released a 45-page Welsh language strategy, titled “Cymraeg 2050: A million Welsh speakers Action plan 2020–21”, full of meaningless jargon but exceptionally sinister on many levels – You can read it in full here: https://gov.wales/sites/default/files/publications/2020-03/cymraeg-2050-a-million-welsh-speakers-action-plan-202021.pdf

Interesting image from the NCC website, they seem to have a sense of humour by using red colour for ‘learning’ – You WILL LEARN Welsh.

A friend, who is a teacher in Wales, made the following observation after she read the document:

“What has jumped out at me more than anything else are the words: ‘Creating’ and ‘increasing’ the demand for Welsh. It all sounds a bit forced to me. Manipulation of the public perchance?

Why do they have to create the demand if they are selling it as demand-led?

It seems that conditions will be such that us non-siarad Cymraeg plebs will be so disadvantaged that we will be pushed/shamed into learning Welsh.

It’s pretty desperate isn’t it, particularly in a country with many people living below the poverty line. I’m not sure being herded into a system where Welsh is given top billing will help their life chances much. Depressing stuff.”

It is depressing and equally sad when the Government chooses to deliberately manipulate the population by shameless use of lies and deceit to do so.

Even more depressing is the method adopted to reach their ‘target audience’:

The primary focus will be on parents of young kids that includes the toddlers, infants, primary school children, and even the expectant mothers to be, who all will be getting a deluge of ‘bilingual benefit’ propaganda.

The ‘Message’ will be delivered to the parents by an army of midwives, health visitors, nurses, childminders, playgroup leaders, school teachers, you name it, all aimed at getting parental cooperation on a policy that will damage most children for life.

All of them apparently, already fully signed up to unleash the ‘gospel’ and most likely to be the Welsh speakers too. Curious how they justify it to their conscience to use a position of trust to peddle Government’s narrative and propaganda? Strange times.

In many publications emanating from the Government, they often parrot ‘we are responding to the popular demand for the Welsh Medium Education’. When asked via the Freedom of Information requests to disclose where this ‘demand’ is coming from, their standard response is ‘We do not hold such information’.

What is similarly dismal is the state of the opposition parties sitting in the Welsh Assembly. Welsh conservatives are 100% behind the Welsh Government’s education policy; in other words, part of the problem and not a solution and we all know where the Plaid Cymru stands on this.

Welsh people need to consider at the next election in May of next year if the devolved governance is worth keeping. Our young people’s future is at stake and will be destroyed if we do nothing.

As the Government is unlikely to listen or allow parents to choose the teaching language for their children, the people of Wales should support the two parties who are demanding that the Welsh Assembly is abolished.

Scrap the Welsh Assembly: https://www.scrapthewelshassembly.com/

Abolish the Welsh Assembly: http://www.abolishthewelshassembly.co.uk/


This article follows my earlier work in exposing the failure of Welsh Education policy and specifically the underachievement of children in Welsh Medium Education:

Jacques Protic 16.04.2020