Welsh Devolution – Manipulating minds and why the mainstream news is not the truth:

Let us start with a strong assertion, in other words, no mincing of words:

“The Welsh media, like the Welsh Labour Government, are corrupt and dishonest institutions.”

For years they have failed to do what they claim to be doing or what they should be doing, and least of all what society expects them to do.

Journalists and most politicians in Wales have cunningly adopted a symbiotic web of lies that misleads the public and promotes their agenda.

We now have 20 years plus of devolved governance that was initially sold to the Welsh public as the means to achieve greater democracy.

We need to ask if the devolution delivered more democracy or has just become another tier of excessive and costly bureaucracy?

In the case of Wales, a tricky question, but one that is exceptionally easy to answer, primarily if one focuses on a secondary question and asks ‘who is the principal devolution beneficiary’?

The only and abundantly clear answer with masses of evidence to support it stands out – The Welsh-speaking minority is the sole beneficiary of Welsh devolution.

Welsh speakers have managed by hook or by crook to infiltrate and control the main political parties, public services, and the media.

The sheeple (unsuspecting electorate) never had a chance to have their say. Most are blissfully unaware to this very day that any vote they cast for the Welsh Conservatives or the Welsh Labour will without fail, deliver Plaid Cymru’s policies and agenda.

The devolution provided the dream ticket to some 100K Welsh-speaking nationalists who now control our destiny, including our way of life.

How did we end up with this bizarre situation?

It all started back in 1988 when the Education Reform Act came into being; requiring Welsh to be taught in the English Medium schools throughout Wales (Conservative Government, giving in to nationalist pressure with no consideration for the consequences).

Further ‘tweaking’ came in via devolution when the Welsh Labour Government, together with Plaid Cymru, pushed Welsh into every Welsh public life segment with no scrutiny or challenge.

The English-speaking majority became marginalised via the 2011 Welsh Language Act that became the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011.

Overnight, Welsh became ‘more equal’ via carefully selected weasel wording:

“The treatment of the Welsh language no less favourably than the English language.”

This alone was enough to confine the majority to the second class citizenship within the letter of the law. Together with the other legislative provisions in place, they ensured no reciprocal right for the English speakers in Wales.

No Equivalent Act or Measure defines rights for the English language users, No English Language Commissioner, No rights for the parents to choose English Medium Education for their children. No right to employment opportunities in the Welsh public sector.

In short, we have ended up with Orwellian dystopia where the future for Wales is grim with no easy way out and where ‘linguicism’ has the same functional effect as racism it must be regarded as racism. 

The only glimmer of hope rests with the few activists seeking to reverse the devolution and in the process restore democracy that has been so cruelly stolen from people of Wales.

There are two Devo-sceptic political parties in the Assembly (‘Welsh Parliament’), both operating with limited resources against considerable odds (Hostile media that is hell-bent on protecting the status quo and the obscene privileges bestowed on the now more equal minority).

They are the Abolish Welsh Assembly Party https://www.abolishthewelshassembly.co.uk/ and the UKIP Wales Party https://www.ukip.wales/.

Neither of the two parties has adequately addressed the critical or the key issues raised in this essay, and unless they do so and quickly, they are unlikely to make a good case for the electorate to support them – Act now!

As a PostScript, Professor Barry made a highly astute observation back in 2001 that so far has fallen on deaf ears of those who govern us:

J. Protic 08.01.2021

Has the Welsh Conservative Party gone rogue?

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The BoJo affect has spread into Wales and the Welsh conservatives are riding high in most of the recent polls.

Political geeks in the so-called ‘Welsh media’ are predicting the unthinkable happening in Wales – A Tory majority in May 2021 elections and becoming the governing party in the recently renamed ‘Welsh Parliament’.

Due to lack of scrutiny, the unthinkable might just happen, and the Welsh Tories with their bland and nearly invisible leader, Paul Davies, could become the governing party.

For that very reason, I chose to look at the Welsh Conservative education policy, as education is the key to future prosperity or the misery of any nation (*).

I don’t think anyone can disagree factually that Welsh education died under the Welsh Labour governance, but how different are the Welsh Tories?

During my research, I came across a fascinating video taken in the Welsh Assembly some three years ago. Ended up ‘gobsmacked’ when I heard a two-minute-long clip where Darren Millar MS, spells out the Welsh Tory education policy, on behalf of his party leader Paul Davies:

Darren Millar: Member of the Welsh ‘Parliament’ for Clwyd West Constituency and also holds Welsh Conservative Party Vice-Chair.

No more pretence and from the ‘horse’s mouth,’ “Welsh Conservative Party is 100% behind the Welsh Labour Government’s Cymraeg 2050 policy to create one million Welsh-speakers”.

Darren’s toxic diatribe against the parental rights or parental choice in how to educate their children is truly staggering, not even the ‘fag paper’ can now separate The Welsh Tories from the Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru. The man even dared to call compulsion ‘an opportunity’ – Beyond parody.

Without even taking a breath, Darren delivers his closing comment: Conservatives will make sure that Welsh Medium education is extended to every corner of Wales irrespective if the Welsh language is prevalent there or not”.

No mention of the international expert opinion that the best educational outcomes, come from schools where pupils are taught in their home language and no mention of the United Nations Human Rights Article 26 (3) that expressly states that the parental choice should be respected:

What Welsh Conservatives say in their Manifesto?

“DELIVER EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION by transforming teacher training and directing more funds to the classroom”.

Then they say: “Our nation is home to some of the world’s most inspiring teachers and ambitious pupils” – Inspiring teachers? Mainly derived from the Welsh Medium teacher training colleges, where only a small percentage have meaningful degrees in STEM subjects – Most can be at best defined as the Welsh Language Missionaries.

On ‘ambitious pupils‘ – where is the ambition when most children are dumbed down by a warped state ideology that comes before pedagogy?

Then they carry on with even more nonsense:

“There is no reason why Wales shouldn’t be performing alongside the best educational systems in the world. Under Labour, however, Wales has been falling down the rankings of the international school league tables and continues to be outperformed by other UK nations”. – A truly evil and a dishonest statement, as by adopting the key Labour’s policy on ‘growing’ the Welsh-speakers, no education system can ever flourish.

“A successful education system is critical to ensuring young people become well-rounded, responsible citizens, who are ambitious, take pride in their community and who are equipped to provide for their family and contribute to society.” – Genuinely wonder about the sanity of the people in the Welsh Conservative Party if they believe in the nonsense they portray as the party policy?

“Already facing the prospect of major curriculum change, the education profession has grown weary of excessive political interference. Welsh Conservatives recognise that successful learning relies on people far more than structures, which is why we trust teachers, parents and young people, themselves to be the key to moving on from the one-size-fits-all approach which has dominated education in Wales since 1999″. – Trusting parents by denying them the teaching language choice and by implication denying to most that precious link of parental involvement in their child’s educational journey?

Had enough of analysing cynical propaganda but for anyone wishing ‘self-harm’, they can read the full document here: https://www.welshconservatives.com/files/welsh_manifesto_finalenglish_0.pdf

As I was trying to formulate the closing arguments as to why the Welsh Tories, Labour and Plaid should not be trusted with the future of Wales, I remembered a brilliant note that I got from a friend after she watched the full video and I’ll use it in place of anything that I might come up with:

Honestly, there is no room for balanced debate is there? It’s total bulldozing of a policy through the Senedd regardless of the different needs, characteristics and social histories of the communities in Wales.

Still insisting that demand for WME outstrips the supply of WME schools is totally inaccurate  (based on data from Cardiff schools). It is now policy driven not demand-driven which anyone can read on the Welsh Government’s website. 

Of all politicians that spoke in the Senedd, Neil Hamilton came across well and the arguments he made were fair and honest. I’m really concerned that the later speakers did not appreciate the concerns of parents he spoke for or highlight the dangers of ignoring dissenting voices. Private schools will be full to bursting, homeschooling will continue to rise, tutors will continue to be used to support those struggling to keep up in WM schools. These costs will be absorbed by parents. 

I wonder how many of these people making these decisions are trained teachers? I wonder how many of these people pushing this agenda grew up in an English speaking Welsh household on a low income? I wonder how many of them sent/send their children to WM schools from EM households.

I wonder whether these people actually celebrate diversity and appreciate that the face of Wales has changed? It seems that they are trying to demand that Welsh people fit a mould of their choosing. 

The aim?  That ALL 16 year olds leave school able to communicate in Welsh. 

To what level? For what purpose? At what cost? For what benefit? For whom? 

People are not unthinking robots. It doesn’t matter how many signs are replaced with Welsh first, people whose first language is English will seek out the English translation and ignore the Welsh. It could even stoke resentment particularly when it makes driving more hazardous. I’m not sure it’ll encourage people to absorb more Welsh or rush to learn the language if that is indeed one of the aims. 

It’s a pity the debate is so closed. I fear a two-tiered system will be the result of this policy. But hey, what do I know? I’m only an English speaking Welsh citizen and a teacher.”

Has anything changed in the Welsh Tory education policy since 2017?

One would need to be a masochist to watch the full video as it truly got me depressed the first time I watched it, but for transparency sake here it is, in its full ‘glory’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDWf78YAhI8&feature=youtu.be

Jacques Protic 14.05.2020

(*) Future prosperity or misery of Welsh people borrowed from the great Gwyn Thomas, the Welsh playwright (6 July 1913 – 13 April 1981).

Further reading:

Welsh devolution has failed 80% + of us, where next?

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Devolved Government has failed Wales and is jeopardising nations future by prioritising the Welsh-speaking minority, their language and their culture.

Having travelled extensively for most of my life and having visited many totalitarian countries that existed behind the iron curtain before 1990, I can categorically say that when it comes to the micromanagement of society, contemporary Wales is second to none.

Some 20 years of devolution, three successive Welsh-speaking First Ministers via the Governing Labour Party has got us to a situation where most of us are the second class citizens.

We, the majority are in a hopeless position with no respite on the visible horizon or any hope of restoring democracy via Welsh Conservatives or Plaid Cymru as both of these parties are controlled by the Welsh-speaking leaders, and both fully committed to the Y Fro Gymraeg ‘nation-building’ via the futile social engineering experiment.

The Y Fro Gymraeg narrative is endlessly promoted via the Government, the media, all public services and all blissfully blind to so much harm and damage inflicted on Wales, for exceptionally selfish and self-serving reasons.

In my earlier essay ‘The ugly face of Welsh nationalism’, I have introduced three new concepts to define the inequality that is forced upon us and treated as a fait accompli by those who govern us.

These are the Legalised linguistic racism; State-funded parasites; Privilege and entitlement for the minority. Soon, I will introduce the fourth element, the Gatekeepers in Welsh public life who control all the critical public services and you should not be surprised that most just happen to be the Welsh-speakers.

Where do we go from here? Our only hope is that within the limited time left until the Assembly elections due in May of next year, we manage to reach the uninformed the silent majority who are hopelessly unaware what’s going on and what’s being done in their name.

This is a call to all Welsh patriots to support and promote the two parties who are committed to Abolishing the Welsh Assembly and hopefully give them the mandate to Make Wales Great Again:



Jacques Protic 24.03.2020