Welsh ‘should get same immigration points as English’ in system

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BBC wales operate upon the ROM principle (Read Out Memory) only, and seldom they allow any feedback – Any thoughts/views on this article will be published in the comments section after the article:

On Monday MPs voted for the UK government’s immigration bill at second reading.

It will do away with free movement for people from the EU and pave the way for a new points system.

In response the Home Office said that English is “the national language”.

The Welsh Language Commissioner, Aled Roberts, has also called on the Home Office to “acknowledge Welsh as an official language in Wales” as part of the new system.

A spokesperson at the Welsh Government said ministers are “concerned” by the proposals from the Home Office, “which do not make provision for other official UK languages, other than English”.

“Welsh holds the same legal status as English in Wales and should be treated no less favourably.

“We strongly believe that Welsh language skills should be awarded the same points as for English. The Minister for International Relations and Welsh Language will making these points to the Home Secretary.”

Welsh Language Commissioner Aled Roberts said he is “disappointed that the Home Office does not acknowledge Welsh as an official language in Wales, and refers to English as the only ‘national language'”.

The plans for the new points-based immigration system would award 10 points for an ability to speak English “at a required level”, as well as points for having an annual income of at least £23,040 a year, having a job offer in place from an approved sponsor, if there are shortages in the proposed area of employment, and a high level of education in a relevant field.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “We are delivering a news points-based immigration system that works in the interests of all of the United Kingdom.

“As the national language, being able to speak English will help people live and integrate effectively wherever they choose to settle in the UK.”

The Welsh Language Commissioner, Aled Roberts, said he will be writing again to the Home Office “to request a response to their initial letter, and an explanation of the situation.”

Expendable children – Welsh Education

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A teachers perspective and a harrowing indictment of Welsh Labour’s Education Policy.

About ten years ago, I was seconded from my inner-city multi-ethnic secondary school in Cardiff to its four feeder primary schools with a similar mix of pupils. I was to be responsible for transition, working with Year 6 pupils. I had identified schools such as Cardiff High, and Radyr, as top division secondary schools and school like Willows High, and Eastern High as second division schools.

It’s a well-known fact that parents throughout Wales and the whole of the UK avoid certain schools. It’s not because of the majority of the pupils who attend or the teaching staff.

It’s because schools from the most impoverished areas have to contend with increasing social deprivation and have become the dumping ground for modern social ills that have emanated from the ever-expanding underclass.

It’s all about geography, and it’s more divisive and unfair than the old eleven plus. Welsh Labour’s fanfare of Education, Education, Education should be changed to Location, Location, Location.

In each of the four primaries, I was asked to work with those pupils who struggled academically, usually because English was their second or third language. I worked with small groups while the class teacher concentrated on the more gifted and average pupils.

The first thing I noticed was the class answering the register in Welsh. In fact, there was quite a bit of Welsh around the classrooms. The teachers would occasionally give instructions in Welsh to often-bemused pupils.

This did not happen in my secondary school. Welsh was only used in Welsh lessons. In one of my primaries, there was an Estyn visit, not an inspection, two individuals where there for less than a day.

The year six teacher said rather nervously that her maths and Welsh lesson was to be observed. One of the Estyn visitors entered the classroom to choose pupils to test their Welsh.

Each time she pointed at a terrified ten-year-old, the teacher interjected explaining that each one chosen was unsuitable because they had only recently arrived from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc.

This carried on until a pupil born and bred in Cardiff slowly paced towards the beckoning finger and through the door. That school had a 75% turnover which means that only 25% of the pupils remain at the school from Year 1 to Year 6.

There was a lot of mumbling and disquiet in these primary schools and much open hostility to this ever-increasing imposition of Welsh and its adverse effect on pupils’ wellbeing, development and happiness.

The class teachers openly resented being removed from their pupils for up to a month a year to attend Welsh courses against their wills. Supply teachers had to take their places and who, in my experience, were not suitable substitutes for class teachers, interrupted continuity and were often incompetent. There was also the expense to the school.

I diplomatically broached the subject with a headteacher who responded by angrily railing against the increasing Welsh language provisions which were adversely affecting pupils’ education and teachers’ morale.

She added “Do you know Dennis that during inspection Estyn would wander around in the playground during lunchtime with their clipboards listening to conversations of children and marking the school in the amount social Welsh spoken by these kids from Libya, Iraq, Pakistan, Splott, Czech Republic etc… It was like Orwell’s thought police or a surreal Kafkaesque tale.

I had assumed at the time this situation was as a result of Plaid Cymru’s influence and the outcome of political deals with the Labour Party as they shared power for a while. I began writing to the local press and was regularly publically expressing my disgust in their letters’ pages, hoping to expose these developments that were damaging our pupils’ education.

Many of the staff in the primary school who had read them congratulated me and thanked me for expressing these views. However, they were loathed to draw attention to themselves.

Another Head pulled me to one side and said, “Loved your letter in the Echo last night, it certainly needed saying” – Then as part of her next Assembly she handed awards to the pupils and teachers who had been nominated for speaking the most Welsh that week!

Senior school leaders are terrified of Estyn. The responses to the letters from the zealots were a toned-down version of their tweets and uncensored outpourings on other platforms.

When I was walking down the corridor during my weekly visit to my secondary school a long-serving male teacher, very committed but an old sweat with a cynical streak, on passing said with a smirk, Bora Da, Dennis.

Further along, another teacher did the same thing. This ugly contagion had spread to the secondary schools. Several times I passed the Head, not a man to cross without repercussions, who offered a Bora Da and each time I politely wished him a gracious good morning.

Having worked in the private industry most of my life, I was regularly astounded that mature, educated teachers accepted often misjudged and misguided directives from on high, unquestioningly.

Many of our secondary teachers had been at the school for decades. Some weren’t even Welsh, then overnight they start speaking in, for them, an alien language because the Head says that, after all these years, they must. In any other occupation, there would be almost total non-compliance.

Because of my experience in schools, the Welsh language imposition being one of many issues that concerned me, I got more involved with local politics to discover the level of infiltration of Welsh speakers that dominate the Labour Party leadership and Cabinet.

I now discovered the party of which I had been a member for forty years had been hijacked and was now a nationalist party. My intentional efforts, to improve the educational standards for most unfortunate in society via socialism, was dead in the water.

The so-called Welsh Labour party was boasting of the great demand for Welsh Medium schools, while conveniently ignoring the reality.

This demand had arisen because parents were seeking alternatives to their local “rough school” and were enrolling in faith schools and Welsh language schools with low “free school meal” uptake along with like-minded aspirational parents who want to avoid the riff-raff. You can also access free transport to Faith and Welsh Medium Schools.

Improving the down at heel schools with the lowest exams grades would be counter-productive for the current Welsh Labour Party as it would lower demand for Welsh-medium schools.

We can only hope that some members and activists can be convinced to reverse this trend and support the most vulnerable to create a fairer society which is the reason for the existence of the Labour Party.

Dennis Coughlin – 16.05.2020

Editor’s note:

Over the years, I have experienced some horrendous abuse, intimidation, threats including hate mail from the Welsh-speaking nationalists, apparently intending to get me silenced.

My ‘crime’ speaking out on the considerable injustice in our society where under the devolved governance, a minority is singled out for the privilege and entitlement and where the vast majority has effectively become irrelevant and confined to the second class citizenship.

I genuinely admire Mr Coughlin’s intervention and do hope other teachers, parents, and perhaps politicians will realise that the current Welsh language policies are unsustainable, damaging and destructive – the silent majority must speak out before more damage is done to Wales, especially to the most vulnerable – Children in Poverty:

Do these children need the Welsh Medium Education or for that matter, any other child who does not have Welsh as a home language?

In my opinion, no and I was astounded to learn that the Welsh Government has spent £24,358,000 on promoting the Welsh language in 2019/20 Financial Year alone (Source: Welsh Gov – FOI Disclosure/Ref: ATISN 13604)

If anyone thinks that this kind of expenditure on promoting a ‘compulsory subject’ is right and acceptable, while 1,000’s of children live in poverty, please let me know – YOUR TURN TO SPEAK OUT!

Jacques Protic 17.04.2020

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Has the Welsh Conservative Party gone rogue?

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The BoJo affect has spread into Wales and the Welsh conservatives are riding high in most of the recent polls.

Political geeks in the so-called ‘Welsh media’ are predicting the unthinkable happening in Wales – A Tory majority in May 2021 elections and becoming the governing party in the recently renamed ‘Welsh Parliament’.

Due to lack of scrutiny, the unthinkable might just happen, and the Welsh Tories with their bland and nearly invisible leader, Paul Davies, could become the governing party.

For that very reason, I chose to look at the Welsh Conservative education policy, as education is the key to future prosperity or the misery of any nation (*).

I don’t think anyone can disagree factually that Welsh education died under the Welsh Labour governance, but how different are the Welsh Tories?

During my research, I came across a fascinating video taken in the Welsh Assembly some three years ago. Ended up ‘gobsmacked’ when I heard a two-minute-long clip where Darren Millar MS, spells out the Welsh Tory education policy, on behalf of his party leader Paul Davies:

Darren Millar: Member of the Welsh ‘Parliament’ for Clwyd West Constituency and also holds Welsh Conservative Party Vice-Chair.

No more pretence and from the ‘horse’s mouth,’ “Welsh Conservative Party is 100% behind the Welsh Labour Government’s Cymraeg 2050 policy to create one million Welsh-speakers”.

Darren’s toxic diatribe against the parental rights or parental choice in how to educate their children is truly staggering, not even the ‘fag paper’ can now separate The Welsh Tories from the Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru. The man even dared to call compulsion ‘an opportunity’ – Beyond parody.

Without even taking a breath, Darren delivers his closing comment: Conservatives will make sure that Welsh Medium education is extended to every corner of Wales irrespective if the Welsh language is prevalent there or not”.

No mention of the international expert opinion that the best educational outcomes, come from schools where pupils are taught in their home language and no mention of the United Nations Human Rights Article 26 (3) that expressly states that the parental choice should be respected:

What Welsh Conservatives say in their Manifesto?

“DELIVER EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION by transforming teacher training and directing more funds to the classroom”.

Then they say: “Our nation is home to some of the world’s most inspiring teachers and ambitious pupils” – Inspiring teachers? Mainly derived from the Welsh Medium teacher training colleges, where only a small percentage have meaningful degrees in STEM subjects – Most can be at best defined as the Welsh Language Missionaries.

On ‘ambitious pupils‘ – where is the ambition when most children are dumbed down by a warped state ideology that comes before pedagogy?

Then they carry on with even more nonsense:

“There is no reason why Wales shouldn’t be performing alongside the best educational systems in the world. Under Labour, however, Wales has been falling down the rankings of the international school league tables and continues to be outperformed by other UK nations”. – A truly evil and a dishonest statement, as by adopting the key Labour’s policy on ‘growing’ the Welsh-speakers, no education system can ever flourish.

“A successful education system is critical to ensuring young people become well-rounded, responsible citizens, who are ambitious, take pride in their community and who are equipped to provide for their family and contribute to society.” – Genuinely wonder about the sanity of the people in the Welsh Conservative Party if they believe in the nonsense they portray as the party policy?

“Already facing the prospect of major curriculum change, the education profession has grown weary of excessive political interference. Welsh Conservatives recognise that successful learning relies on people far more than structures, which is why we trust teachers, parents and young people, themselves to be the key to moving on from the one-size-fits-all approach which has dominated education in Wales since 1999″. – Trusting parents by denying them the teaching language choice and by implication denying to most that precious link of parental involvement in their child’s educational journey?

Had enough of analysing cynical propaganda but for anyone wishing ‘self-harm’, they can read the full document here: https://www.welshconservatives.com/files/welsh_manifesto_finalenglish_0.pdf

As I was trying to formulate the closing arguments as to why the Welsh Tories, Labour and Plaid should not be trusted with the future of Wales, I remembered a brilliant note that I got from a friend after she watched the full video and I’ll use it in place of anything that I might come up with:

Honestly, there is no room for balanced debate is there? It’s total bulldozing of a policy through the Senedd regardless of the different needs, characteristics and social histories of the communities in Wales.

Still insisting that demand for WME outstrips the supply of WME schools is totally inaccurate  (based on data from Cardiff schools). It is now policy driven not demand-driven which anyone can read on the Welsh Government’s website. 

Of all politicians that spoke in the Senedd, Neil Hamilton came across well and the arguments he made were fair and honest. I’m really concerned that the later speakers did not appreciate the concerns of parents he spoke for or highlight the dangers of ignoring dissenting voices. Private schools will be full to bursting, homeschooling will continue to rise, tutors will continue to be used to support those struggling to keep up in WM schools. These costs will be absorbed by parents. 

I wonder how many of these people making these decisions are trained teachers? I wonder how many of these people pushing this agenda grew up in an English speaking Welsh household on a low income? I wonder how many of them sent/send their children to WM schools from EM households.

I wonder whether these people actually celebrate diversity and appreciate that the face of Wales has changed? It seems that they are trying to demand that Welsh people fit a mould of their choosing. 

The aim?  That ALL 16 year olds leave school able to communicate in Welsh. 

To what level? For what purpose? At what cost? For what benefit? For whom? 

People are not unthinking robots. It doesn’t matter how many signs are replaced with Welsh first, people whose first language is English will seek out the English translation and ignore the Welsh. It could even stoke resentment particularly when it makes driving more hazardous. I’m not sure it’ll encourage people to absorb more Welsh or rush to learn the language if that is indeed one of the aims. 

It’s a pity the debate is so closed. I fear a two-tiered system will be the result of this policy. But hey, what do I know? I’m only an English speaking Welsh citizen and a teacher.”

Has anything changed in the Welsh Tory education policy since 2017?

One would need to be a masochist to watch the full video as it truly got me depressed the first time I watched it, but for transparency sake here it is, in its full ‘glory’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDWf78YAhI8&feature=youtu.be

Jacques Protic 14.05.2020

(*) Future prosperity or misery of Welsh people borrowed from the great Gwyn Thomas, the Welsh playwright (6 July 1913 – 13 April 1981).

Further reading:

Postscript to “The cry of the children.”

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A significant detail occurred to me after I wrote the article on the plight of the children with no Welsh at home in Welsh Medium ‘Education,’ and will attempt to expand on it, under the context of the subheading question:

Are the Welsh parents most gullible parents on the planet?

The question only applies to parents in Wales who do not speak Welsh and are from the 80%+ segment of the total population in Wales. The only mitigating factor is in parts of Wales where the authorities (LEA’s) have already removed the English Medium Education in primary years, therefore no choice unless the parents can afford the independent school sector.

Most of these people have swallowed the Welsh language propaganda hook, line, and sinker, without knowing, understanding or questioning what it’s all about and for whose benefit.

Many of these parents willingly submerse (*) their children into the Welsh Medium Education or have them in the so-called English Medium schools with significant Welsh.

In both settings, most of the teaching time is lost on Welsh, then the quality of the teaching staff may be compromised as they mainly come from a small pool of the Welsh-speaking teachers. The end result is children underperforming through the toxic stress concept that I introduced and dealt with within the main article.

Now, let’s reverse the linguistic gospel and for the argument’s sake, say if the kids with no Welsh at home must be subject to compulsory Welsh learning, then the same principle should apply to the children who only speak Welsh at home and make them learn English throughout the foundation and the KS1 stage (3-7 years by age).

Reasonable?  I guess, most fairminded people would say yes, and amazingly so the Welsh Government ‘apparently’ thought the same just over a year ago when they proposed to include compulsory English lessons in the Welsh-medium nurseries.

As soon as the word got out into the public domain, the Welsh language fanatics were outraged, fuming, raving and demanding Kirsty Williams’ head on the platter.

English language poison must not be allowed in the Welsh-medium nurseries where the ‘more equal minority’ send their children to be educated and insist on racial and cultural purity.

Didn’t take long for Kirsty Williams to back off and even managed to apologise by grovelling for making such a dreadful mistake to the Welsh-speaking lobby. Surprisingly BBC CYMRU wales picked it up and published the sorry saga, back in February of last year:

Demands to remove English from WM nurseries came from UCAC (Teaching Union for Welsh-speaking ‘teachers’), Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (The Welsh Language Society) and Plaid Cymru, all expressing ‘grave concerns’.

In the footnote, I’ll include the full article as written by my ‘favourite, impartial and always objective’ Welsh-speaking BBC Cymru’s education correspondent, Bethan Lewis. But, what has been missed out, and why so much anger from the Welsh language missionaries?

Before I deal with the key question above, Kirsty Williams after backtracking on the English language early years learning, was quickly back in the Social Media underlying her commitment to the Welsh language immersion that should read submersion (*):

This time, Kirsty is including and reassuring Mudiad Meithrin a ‘voluntary organisation to promote WM education in early years’ lavishly funded by the Welsh Government and given
£3,031,000 (2019/20 Financial Year)

‘Voluntary’ but costing the Welsh taxpayers £3 Million annually – Can only happen in Wales.

Now to the answer and it should not surprise anyone that the Welsh language missionaries want the best possible education for their children and through their home language.

They know fully well the key facts to good education as often articulated by the British Council, Save the Children Foundation, UNICEF and many other education experts throughout the world.

The British Council summed it up perfectly:

By using the learners’ home language, learners are more likely to engage in the learning process. The interactive learner-centred approach – recommended by all educationalists – thrives in an environment where learners are sufficiently proficient in the language of instruction. It allows learners to make suggestions, ask questions, answer questions and create and communicate new knowledge with enthusiasm. It gives learners confidence and helps to affirm their cultural identity. This, in turn, has a positive impact on the way learners see the relevance of school to their lives.

But when learners start school in a language that is still new to them, it leads to a teacher-centred approach and reinforces passiveness and silence in classrooms. This, in turn, suppresses young learners’ potential and liberty to express themselves freely. It dulls the enthusiasm of young minds, inhibits their creativity, and makes the learning experience unpleasant. All of which is bound to have a negative effect on learning outcomes.”

Then there is another dimension to all of this and one that is far more sinister. The Welsh language missionaries want the total and the absolute control of the Welsh nation through privilege and entitlement including, jobs for life for them and their children.

By insisting on compulsory Welsh-medium education for all, these people are destroying the children whose home language is English by not allowing them to flourish and develop their potential.

Welsh Government (Labour) is guilty of a heinous crime as they have consciously and deliberately created legislative conditions to enable the Welsh language extremists to dictate the format and route that Welsh education should follow – More than evident through Kirsty Willams’s surrender act.

As I’ve said it before, do not expect a reprieve from the Welsh Conservatives as they are fully supportive and committed to the Cymraeg 2050 cause – Devolution is not working for 80% of us, so where do we go from here?

Back to the gullible parents, who are supporting social engineering of Wales by sacrificing their children is not an answer. Start demanding the best education your child should get and in your home language.

Insist on the removal of all teachers deemed ‘Welsh speaker essential’ in the English Medium schools. Children need inspiring teachers and not the Welsh language fanatics.

Take the fight to your LEA (Local Education Authority), get involved in school governance and keep out those who are only involved through the agenda to support the Welsh language dominance.

Get organised, form an action group with other parents and if your LEA is not providing the education format that you want or desire don’t hesitate to take your children out of the school – Your children deserve a decent future.

Politicians are usually sensitive to public feelings and use them to articulate your case. If they refuse to help, vote them out and keep spreading the word.

Can’t believe what I have just written, suggesting a revolution in the so-called ‘democracy’ but when democracy is stolen or taken away from you then there is no other option IMO.

Now to ‘Submersion’ (*):

Bethan’s report:

“Last week Welsh teaching union Ucac said the proposal in the new Curriculum White Paper was “a serious concern”.

But now the government has said the wording was not an accurate reflection of its intentions.

It has acknowledged the “unintended consequences”.

Ministers have also pledged to ensure any new law will make clear that language immersion can continue.

Currently, English is introduced incrementally from the age of seven in Welsh-medium schools.

Under the new proposals set out in a consultation last week, English would be introduced to three-year-olds in “cylchoedd meithrin” or Welsh-medium playgroups.

The consultation document said it would be a “duty on all schools and funded nursery settings to teach English as a compulsory element of the new curriculum for Wales”.

In a statement, the Welsh Government said on reflection that statement “does not reflect our intention” and would have “unintended consequences” for Welsh-medium schools and nurseries who apply immersion as the teaching model.

“To be absolutely clear, our proposal is the new curriculum will still enable schools and settings, such as cylchoedd meithrin, to fully immerse children in the Welsh language,” it added.

Ucac has welcomed the clarification.

The union’s general secretary Rebecca Williams said: “The unanimity and ferocity of the response from parents and organisations proves the value of immersion as an approach that creates bilingual citizens. It also emphasises the need for constant vigilance, and the importance of scrutiny and protest within a democratic system.

“We look forward now to responding to the detail of the proposals which should see our curriculum moving forward to a new and pioneering era.”

‘Lack of faith for the future’

Siân Gwenllian AM, Plaid Cymru’s shadow minisiter for education and Welsh language said: “The fact that such a clause has been included in the first place raises serious questions about the credibility and integrity of this government’s education department and its education minister.

“This mess is a sign of a lack of basic understanding learning within government about the necessities of minority language teaching.

“It does not generate a lot of faith for the future, given the key part the department is expected to play is to plan the growth of Welsh-medium education as part of the government’s goal to create a million Welsh speakers by 2050.”


My final note on UCAC statement above:

It also emphasises the need for constant vigilance and the importance of scrutiny and protest within a democratic system.”

The statement left me ‘gobsmacked’ and did think of a few and highly apt profanities in response to UCAC but refrained from using them.

Jacques Protic 28.04.2020

The Cry of the Children: The untold plight of school children in Wales

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‘The Ministry of Truth’ BBC CYMRU (wales), never misses an opportunity to promote the Y Fro Gymraeg narrative and are shamelessly exploiting Corona Virus school closures to support a policy that is doing untold harm to most of our children.

BBC Wales through the army of its Welsh-speaking ‘journalists’ are fretting that the school closures will undermine the children’s progress in learning Welsh:

On this occasion, they used Gwenfair Griffith (Twitter: @gwenfair_ don’t forget to use the underscore after her name), who tells us this:

“On top of anxiety about coronavirus and general concern about education, some parents are worried their children’s Welsh language skills will suffer.”

Both Gwenfair and BBC Wales promoted this article via the Social Media but when I challenged them with an alternative point of view, this was quickly deleted!

30 hours of stress, confusion, bewilderment and anxiety that is never mentioned in Wales but the pain and suffering is real, present, goes on for a long time and may have a life-changing impact in the latter life.

Interesting use of the wording ‘some parents’ that is often applied by journalists with low integrity to imply many, when more often than not, it is nothing other than a crude invention to promote their agenda. For the full article, follow the link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-52209165?at_campaign=64&at_custom4=34085F20-8217-11EA-AED4-05B9FCA12A29&at_medium=custom7&at_custom3=%40BBCWalesNews&at_custom2=twitter&at_custom1=%5Bpost+type%5D

Parents need to realise that the Welsh Medium Education (WME) is not a panacea that the Welsh language missionaries promise you.

WME is substantially inferior to the English Medium Education (EME) as detailed in my letter to Kirsty Williams (I).

The promises of job opportunities, cognitive advantages of ‘bilingualism’ are just empty promises made to protect the privileges of the ‘more equal’ minority, that became the hallmark of the post-devolution Wales.

Most children from homes with no Welsh language ‘skill’, never achieve the Welsh language fluency that the Welsh L1 pupils get (II).

Eventually, kids from English L1 homes do achieve some Welsh fluency but at a considerable cost as prioritisation of Welsh has dumbed down their STEM (Science -Technology-Engineering and Maths), abilities, and most will never catch up.

On the STEM subjects, it is worth pointing out that for some years now, most of the new teachers in Wales, originate from the Welsh-medium teacher training courses and the very teachers that are prioritised or fast-tracked by the Welsh Government.

Only circa 25% of them have STEM degrees. The vast majority mainly have the Welsh language qualifications – Not a good omen for the teaching standards in Wales, is it?

As far as embracing Welsh, again the evidence shows that most English L1 pupils have no intention of using Welsh during adolescence or later on in life or as a social language at any stage – In other words ‘not cool’ and quickly forgotten/abandoned (III).

The Welsh Government has been disingenuous for years: It has relentlessly pushed the narrative ‘Welsh language is a living language, a language for living,’ but is it when you examine the concept in the cold light of day?

Parents need to understand that Welsh as an everyday/social language is virtually nonexistent amongst the children of Wales. A well document fact and this simple fact will not change no matter what draconian measures the Welsh Government will think of next to impose on our children.

Now back to the emotional well being of toddlers (Early Years Foundation Stage – Ages 3-5) in WM settings then the same in WM infant classes (5-7 years by age or KS1 stage) and eventually into WM primary education (KS2 – Ages 8-11).

Most of these kids will hear no English during the school lessons until the KS2 stage when English is introduced.  To add insult to injury, children are often threatened with punishment should they use English during the playtime (IV) – Acceptable?

Caring parents (Not sure if I can include parents with no Welsh, who chose WM education for their children in this category). Either way, most kids are generally well-loved and cared for before the school starts, when they experience some stress by being separated from their parents.

This is generally known as positive stress which is a normal part of learning and development. Children do adapt to cope with frustration, handle obstacles and learn how to confront challenges. All of this will raise a certain amount of stress, but this level of stress is usually safe and manageable, especially if a child has the support of a healthy home environment.

In contrast to tolerable or positive stress, toxic stress refers to persistent, unhealthy amounts of stress caused by chronically stressful conditions without the protective benefits of healthy caregiving.

These stresses can eventually cause permanent damage, and I would argue that exposing children for hours, days, weeks and years to a foreign environment where the teachers shun their home language is a TOXIC STRESS (V).

There are other forms of toxic stress that sadly, many children experience and especially those who live in households where alcoholism, drugs and partner abuse is a norm rather than the exception.

These kids mainly live in the deprived areas of Wales, and most fall into the FSM (Free School Meals) category. At this point, it’s worth remembering that Wales has the highest child poverty as well as having the worst education system when compared to the other UK’s home nations.

(The demise of Welsh education standards is strictly down to the Welsh language prioritisation – The FACT that Welsh parents must not ignore).  

The school should provide some reprieve from their toxic home environment, but the Welsh state burdens children with the Welsh Medium Education if they happen to live within a catchment area where there are no English Medium schools – In short, the double whammy syndrome that will expand as the Cymraeg 2050 initiative (VI) is intended to remove the English Medium Education throughout Wales (KS1/KS2 years).

The Welsh Government (Labour), including the opposition (Conservatives and Plaid Cymru), IMO are all guilty of a heinous crime by abandoning the duty of care for vulnerable children in the state education. Making them into Welsh ‘speakers’ seems to be by far higher priority than giving them the tools that just might provide them with a chance of a meaningful future?

All of this suffering and misery, for the sake of a warped ideology that is never going to work, IMO can never be justified.

Welsh language had its day and seeing the harm being done, especially to children; I would argue that any language that needs state intervention and compulsion to keep it alive is not worth saving.

Back to the parents, especially those who initially chose the Welsh Medium Education for their kids, there are many with decent souls who discovered the hard way that they have made a huge mistake and do intervene by taking the children out of WME and finding an English Medium school for them.

Most of them do so to protect their little ones who displayed immense unhappiness, depression and reluctance to go to school often expressed through tears. This is far from being an isolated case and is happening throughout Wales.

Those parents who I have spoken with, tell me that the transformation was simply magic from the minute their children entered an English medium school – No more tears, children happy to go to school and at last being able to learn in a language that they understand.

Welsh political establishment, including the Welsh ‘media’ know this but go out of their way to hide it and continue to lie and mislead other parents.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words – In the image Heledd Fychan, a Pontypridd Cllr representing Plaid Cymru, is appealing to Andrew Morgan (Labour Cllr) and Rhonda Cynon Taf Council leader to stop the parents taking their children out of WM schools – Welsh ‘democracy’ at its best:

Heledd’s attitude is mirrored right across the Welsh political establishment with the exception of Neil Hamilton and Gareth Bennett who both support parental choice to EM or WM Education (No idea where the Brexit Party stands on this, will update when I find out)

Darren Millar, a Conservative AM for Clwyd West is slating the Welsh Government for ‘allowing’ closures of Welsh Medium schools. No mention of a simple fact that most Welsh Medium schools are not economically viable due to the lack of demand but kept open regardless.  

Finally, we must not ignore another significant element that the Welsh state is guilty of undermining:

Welsh Government wants you either to join in, into your child’s Welsh learning ‘journey’, or if that is not possible, practical or reasonable, they want you to entrust the Welsh-speaking teachers to replace you in the ‘educational development’ of your child.

Should you chose either of the two options, your child will be influenced to celebrate Welsh nationalism, subtly taught to hate the English through the emphasis on Welsh ‘victimhood’. There will be no room for Britishness, just the brutal nationalist version of history (VII).

The Welsh ‘educators’ (Education Minister/Estyn/LEA’s/Welsh-speaking teachers), all of them are keen to suppress that the critical aspect of your child’s success in education is the level of your involvement and assistance you can give your child in the crucial early years learning stage and in a language, you speak at home.

The latest on this comes from Plymouth University but many other reputable sources have the same message: https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/news/parental-involvement-plays-key-role-in-childrens-academic-attainment-research-shows

Would love to hear from any Welsh politician in the Assembly or the Westminster, to explain how on earth they can keep silent on one of the evilest deeds that any Government can impose on people and children they govern?

I would like to conclude this essay with a poem poignantly defining children’s silent cries and suffering from a deferent era but now and almost hard to believe that children’s silent suffering is happening in XXI C Wales.

Back to 1842, when Elizabeth (Barrett-Browning) wrote a poem to expose the immense suffering of children who were used as cheap manual labour in coal mines, quarries and other labour-intensive industries that existed during the Victorian era.

Elizabeth summed up their mental and physical pain using young lambs bleating to signify the suffering and a cry for help:

“Do ye hear the children weeping, O my brothers,

      Ere the sorrow comes with years ?

They are leaning their young heads against their mothers, —

      And that cannot stop their tears.

The young lambs are bleating in the meadows ;

   The young birds are chirping in the nest ;

The young fawns are playing with the shadows ;

   The young flowers are blowing toward the west—

But the young, young children, O my brothers,

      They are weeping bitterly !

They are weeping in the playtime of the others,

      In the country of the free.

 Do you question the young children in the sorrow,

      Why their tears are falling so?

The old man may weep for his to-morrow

      Which is lost in Long Ago —

The old tree is leafless in the forest —

   The old year is ending in the frost —

The old wound, if stricken, is the sorest —

   The old hope is hardest to be lost :

But the young, young children, O my brothers,

      Do you ask them why they stand

Weeping sore before the bosoms of their mothers,

      In our happy Fatherland”? (Land of our fathers, in the context of Wales).

The poem in full: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/43725/the-cry-of-the-children

On a personal note and as a parent I find it hard to comprehend the Welsh political agenda and its direction. We must not keep silent and helplessly watch the destruction of our children and their future.

Jacques Protic 25.04.2020


(I) – https://www.glasnost.org.uk/2019/12/open-letter-to-the-minister-for-welsh-education/

(II) – Data from the Welsh Government’s education stats: Reference: FOI – ATISN 12553 (2018)

For years the Welsh Government and the Welsh media have publicised and often repeated mantra “All pupils who leave WM schools after KS2 stage are equally fluent in Welsh”. In factual terms a blatant lie, and as the graph shows, English L1 kids are nowhere near the Welsh language proficiency that the children from Welsh L1 homes get (% given refer to the EFSM bands).

(III) – Bangor University, self-explanatory: https://www.academia.edu/21511550/Minority_language_abandonment_in_Welsh-medium_educated_L2_male_adolescents_classroom_not_chatroom?email_work_card=view-paper

(IV) –

Report of a Survey on the Social Use of Welsh by Gwynedd’s Primary Sector Children by Dylan Bryn Roberts and Dr Enlli Thomas (Bangor University)

For ‘penalised’ read punishment and this is from the so-called Welsh-speaking heartland

(V) – Essential Reading:

(VI) – https://www.glasnost.org.uk/2020/04/cymraeg-2050-policy-panacea-or-a-disaster-for-welsh-education-and-children-of-wales/

(VII) – A Welsh ‘history’ template being exported from Gwynedd LEA to the rest of Wales:

Nothing left to chance, children brainwashed to only support Welsh teams – Bizarre IMO.

Appendix A: Welsh Assembly Members ‘scrutinising’ the Minister for Education (Nov 2019) – Most AM’s absent – Left me speechless, any suggestions for the caption?

‘CYMRAEG 2050 Policy’ Panacea or a disaster for Welsh education and children of Wales?

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Welsh Labour Government can never be accused of neglecting the Welsh language, and even the Corona Virus crisis didn’t stop them in finding time to unleash yet another initiative strictly aimed at creating and growing ‘Welsh speakers.’

A few days ago the Government released a 45-page Welsh language strategy, titled “Cymraeg 2050: A million Welsh speakers Action plan 2020–21”, full of meaningless jargon but exceptionally sinister on many levels – You can read it in full here: https://gov.wales/sites/default/files/publications/2020-03/cymraeg-2050-a-million-welsh-speakers-action-plan-202021.pdf

Interesting image from the NCC website, they seem to have a sense of humour by using red colour for ‘learning’ – You WILL LEARN Welsh.

A friend, who is a teacher in Wales, made the following observation after she read the document:

“What has jumped out at me more than anything else are the words: ‘Creating’ and ‘increasing’ the demand for Welsh. It all sounds a bit forced to me. Manipulation of the public perchance?

Why do they have to create the demand if they are selling it as demand-led?

It seems that conditions will be such that us non-siarad Cymraeg plebs will be so disadvantaged that we will be pushed/shamed into learning Welsh.

It’s pretty desperate isn’t it, particularly in a country with many people living below the poverty line. I’m not sure being herded into a system where Welsh is given top billing will help their life chances much. Depressing stuff.”

It is depressing and equally sad when the Government chooses to deliberately manipulate the population by shameless use of lies and deceit to do so.

Even more depressing is the method adopted to reach their ‘target audience’:

The primary focus will be on parents of young kids that includes the toddlers, infants, primary school children, and even the expectant mothers to be, who all will be getting a deluge of ‘bilingual benefit’ propaganda.

The ‘Message’ will be delivered to the parents by an army of midwives, health visitors, nurses, childminders, playgroup leaders, school teachers, you name it, all aimed at getting parental cooperation on a policy that will damage most children for life.

All of them apparently, already fully signed up to unleash the ‘gospel’ and most likely to be the Welsh speakers too. Curious how they justify it to their conscience to use a position of trust to peddle Government’s narrative and propaganda? Strange times.

In many publications emanating from the Government, they often parrot ‘we are responding to the popular demand for the Welsh Medium Education’. When asked via the Freedom of Information requests to disclose where this ‘demand’ is coming from, their standard response is ‘We do not hold such information’.

What is similarly dismal is the state of the opposition parties sitting in the Welsh Assembly. Welsh conservatives are 100% behind the Welsh Government’s education policy; in other words, part of the problem and not a solution and we all know where the Plaid Cymru stands on this.

Welsh people need to consider at the next election in May of next year if the devolved governance is worth keeping. Our young people’s future is at stake and will be destroyed if we do nothing.

As the Government is unlikely to listen or allow parents to choose the teaching language for their children, the people of Wales should support the two parties who are demanding that the Welsh Assembly is abolished.

Scrap the Welsh Assembly: https://www.scrapthewelshassembly.com/

Abolish the Welsh Assembly: http://www.abolishthewelshassembly.co.uk/


This article follows my earlier work in exposing the failure of Welsh Education policy and specifically the underachievement of children in Welsh Medium Education:

Jacques Protic 16.04.2020

Welsh Education Minister responds to my letter = WHITEWASH:

Comments: 3

Freudian slip, or a dragon in distress?

True to their word Kirsty Williams’ team ‘responded’ to my letter dated 18.10.19.

On a quick reading, I found the response offensive and patronising as it doesn’t answer a single specific point raised on the underperformance of Welsh Medium Education. 

It merely restates their braindead policies and repeats their low-grade statistics which have nothing to do with education.  They have to do this because they have no answers and they know that we can’t do anything about it (Sheer and unadulterated arrogance – IMO).

What is astonishing that they have legislated ‘tonnes’ of the Welsh language compulsion measures with no prior impact assessment, which is nothing short of criminal neglect of the due process:

“The Welsh Government is in the process of conducting a comprehensive analysis of school performance looking at factors such as the medium of education of the school and other characteristics including eligibility for free school meals and speaking Welsh at home. This work has been internally and externally peer-reviewed, and we are currently taking forward work suggested following the peer review.”

This suggests that they are now looking for a way to obfuscate the inconvenient outcome from their review.

Welsh Government does not work for people of Wales – They work for their self-interests and not for us – they are not public servants but paid apparatchiks of the Y Fro Gymraeg regime.  

They are both propagandists and gatekeepers – trained to play everything hostile with a dead bat.  Some of these people have probably never done any kind of work other than taking taxpayers’ money to promote and facilitate the Welsh language.   

Under normal circumstances, the media should be on-board but they’re no better than apparatchiks as well.  As things stand there is a near-total cabal inside the political class and the 4th estate in favour of increasing the Welsh Language – the cabal is supported by cross-party consensus.  There is no meaningful dissent and no meaningful consultation.

When it comes to a war of attrition, the apparatchiks have all the advantages and they get well paid for doing it – The only solution is to get organised before May 2021 Assembly elections and support any party that has ABOLISH THE WELSH ASSEMBLY in its manifesto!

The Welsh Government’s letter in its naked form:


Eich cyf/Your ref  Ein cyf/Our ref TO/KW/07373/19

Dear Mr Protic

Thank you for your correspondence dated 18 and 22 October to the Minister for Education. I have been asked to respond on her behalf. The Welsh Government is firmly committed to the belief that we want all our school learners to have the opportunity to be bilingual.  In terms of the money spent on the Welsh language, figures are openly available on the government’s website at https://gov.wales/sites/default/files/publications/2018-12/finalbudget-2019-2020-megs.ods (This link doesn’t work for me but in the current financial year 2019/20 the Welsh Government has allocated £24 Million to ‘promote’ Welsh Medium Education that is based on ‘legalised compulsion’: https://www.glasnost.org.uk/2019/12/two-official-languages-in-wales-but-are-they-equal/ )

  – the BEL tab at the bottom of the document shows a breakdown of expenditure by theme.  

 As you mention in your correspondence, we consider the census of the population to be the key source of information about the number of Welsh speakers in Wales. However, the Office for National Statistics’ Annual Population Survey (APS) provides quarterly estimates of the number of Welsh speakers in the period between censuses. Attachment V in your correspondence shows how the estimates vary between the APS and 2001 and 2011 Census, something that the Chief Statistician has addressed in a blog, which was subsequently explored in more detail in the statistical bulletin, Welsh language data from the Annual Population Survey: 2001 to 2018.

 Cymraeg 2050 clearly states that the trajectory towards a million Welsh speakers was based on 2011 Census data and progress towards this target will be monitored using future census data. Nevertheless, the APS provides us with more regular estimates of the number of Welsh speakers, and the APS data is published to be able to monitor trends between censuses. The question on the Welsh language is included for cross-analysis purposes by the Office for National Statistics, and not specifically to provide a count of the number of people who can speak Welsh.

As a Government we are not aware of official publications or estimates that indicate that there are around 100,000 Welsh speakers.  

It should also be added that there is a strong democratic mandate for promoting the Welsh language and Welsh medium education. The Welsh Government’s policy in this area has been through several layers of public scrutiny and debate which suggest that the consensus of public opinion is supportive of this approach. The vision of reaching a million Welsh speakers by 2050, of which the education system plays a crucial role, was a party manifesto commitment which, following National Assembly elections in 2016, was included in the Welsh Government’s Programme for Government. The policy itself was subsequently subject to thorough scrutiny in Assembly Committees, before being voted upon by democratically elected Assembly Members in Cardiff Bay. 

 The Welsh Government is in the process of conducting a comprehensive analysis of school performance looking at factors such as the medium of education of the school and other characteristics including eligibility for free school meals and speaking Welsh at home. This work has been internally and externally peer reviewed, and we are currently taking forward work suggested following the peer review. 

Yours sincerely
Catrin Morris Senior Welsh in Education Planning Officer

Two Official Languages in Wales, but are they equal?

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Wales has two official languages and both treated equally according to the Welsh Government. One language gets zero funding, the other language gets Millions – Which language is More Equal?

Welsh Government seems to be oblivious to the need to optimise children’s grasp of English, maths, sciences, ICT, and other life skills that far exceed any point in learning a dying language.  Wales is competing with the world – as PISA shows we do it rather poorly. 

That weakness must extend to higher-level activities like research and commerce.  Weak education has a knock-on effect on competitiveness and the economy. 

With fewer opportunities in Wales, unless you happen to be a fluent Welsh L1 speaker, the children leave and mostly don’t come back, those who stay never use Welsh, so what is the point of teaching them Welsh in the first place?

Some weeks ago when I searched Welsh Governments FOI disclosure log, I came across an intriguing paper that was all in Welsh.

Translated version, simply beggars belief:

Promoting Welsh-Medium Education, £24.358 Million spent so far for the current Financial Year (2019/20).

English-Medium Education promotion expenditure for the last 10 years = Zero, Zilch, Zip, Nil, Nought or even Nothing.

Any disbelievers check out the following:

ATISN 13279 – FOI Disclosure

The table below provides details of allocations for the projects and programmes listed in ATISN for the current financial year. These are total allocations for these programmes/projects, not allocations for work to promote Welsh-medium education. The activities undertaken via these programmes and projects do however contribute, either directly or indirectly, to raising awareness of Welsh-medium education.

Programme or Project Funding Allocation 2019-20
Twf £0*
Cymraeg for Kids £730,000
Welsh Language Charter £788,430
RhAG – Parents for Welsh-medium Education £35,000
Teaching and learning resources commissioned by the Welsh Government £3,170,000
Learn Welsh programme (National Centre for Learning Welsh) £13,210,000
Mentrau Iaith £2,541,905
Mudiad Meithrin £3,031,000
Urdd Gobaith Cymru £852,184

* Programme succeeded by Cymraeg for Kids

The amount spent on promoting English-medium education over the past 10 years?

No work has been undertaken as our teaching and learning campaigns do not differentiate between sectors.

If you are dissatisfied with the Welsh Government’s handling of your request, you can ask for an internal review within 40 working days of the date of this response.  Requests for an internal review should be addressed to the Welsh Government’s Freedom of Information Officer at: 

Information Rights Unit, 

Welsh Government,

Cathays Park – Cardiff – CF10 3NQ 

or Email: Freedom.ofinformation@gov.wales

Open letter to the Minister for Welsh Education

18.10.2019 – (Welsh Gov. Reference: TO/KW/07373/19)

Dear Mrs Williams,

Welsh Medium Education (WME)

For some years now, I’ve become a vociferous opponent of the ever-increasing drive on the part of the Welsh Government to Socially Engineer Wales into a Welsh-speaking nation and where the compulsion is the modus operandi.

My motives were never driven by the ‘hatred of Welsh or the Welsh language’ as the nationalists would like to label me as, but as a parent, living in the Y Fro Gymraeg world (Anglesey) I have direct experience that the compulsory WME is doing untold damage to our youngsters, especially those with no Welsh at home and more than evident in the KS2 stats obtained under the Freedom of Information provisions from your Government:

The ATISN KS2 data is only using the Level 5+ children in eFSM bands to eliminate as far as possible the SES effects at the end of KS2 in the three core subjects that matter – English, Maths, and Science.

We know the biggest single influence on outcomes is the SES of the children’s parents. This, shows pretty clearly that English Medium (EM) schools out-perform WM schools in nearly all eFSM bands in all three important core subjects. In other words, children with no Welsh at home in WME are ending up illiterate and innumerate in two languages!

The data also shows that if ambitious L1 English parents are sending their children to WM schools, then they would probably do a lot better in an EM school environment. The truth is, so would many of the L1 Welsh pupils just as so many EAL kids do in EM schools in England. EM immersion is nearly always better than WM submersion of L1 English kids (Submersion is UNICEF terminology for children forced to learn through a language not spoken at home).

Before I deal with the GCSE outcomes, I strongly recommend that you carefully consider the implications of teaching children through a language not spoken at home as articulated by Save the Children Foundation, UNICEF and many other learning experts and academics are unanimous in agreeing that children need the first 12 years of their life to become proficient in their home language:

“Many children around the world go to school to find their teachers speaking to them in a language they don’t understand. Or they are expected to read and write in a language that has no meaning for them. It’s a key reason why so many of them fail to perform at school.”

In Wales, the so-called ‘bilingual advantage’ is peddled with no conscience or any regard to the harm inflicted on children who only have one chance of getting a good education. Your ‘linguistic’ policies are denying that chance to our children, and your bilingual narrative is simply a myth that can never be achieved in the Welsh language context.

Your whole philosophy on creating 1 Million Welsh speakers relies on a fallacy that the English L1 pupils in WM schools will embrace the language and use it happily ever after, but a recent (2016) Bangor University study observed the opposite:

“The key findings indicate that top-down formal domain transmission has amplified the view of Welsh as a language limited to formal, ‘high’ domains, thus inhibiting language application among male adolescents. The inherent association of Welsh with formality as well as tradition and patriotism has led to cultural disengagement among the target group.”

Back to the GCSE data and again from your FOI disclosure log ATISN 12826:

(a) Includes all mainstream secondary and middle schools in Wales.
(b) The percentage of pupils eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) is a 3-year average.
(c) The highest percentage of eFSM pupils at a Welsh-medium school is 19.252%.
(d) Pupils in year 11 on 31 August at the start of the academic year.
(e) The percentage of year 11 pupils achieving level 2 in any core Maths qualification (the equivalent of an A*-C pass at GCSE). The best of category counts pupils who got an A*-C in one or both of Mathematics and Mathematics – Numeracy.
(f) The percentage of year 11 pupils achieving level 2 in any core science qualification (the equivalent of an A*-C pass at GCSE). Vocational science qualifications are not counted as core qualifications from 2017/18.
(g) The percentage of year 11 pupils achieving level 2 in any core Welsh first language qualification (the equivalent of an A*-C pass at GCSE). This is the percentage of all pupils entering Welsh, rather than the percentage of all year 11 pupils.
(h) The percentage of year 11 pupils achieving the level 2 inclusive threshold – a volume equivalent to 5 A*-C passes at GCSE, including A*-C in Maths and either English or Welsh first language.
(i) The number of year 11 pupils achieving a volume equivalent to 5 A*-C passes at GCSE, including A*-C in Maths and English language.

“.” refers to a data item that is not applicable.

The ATISN data shows EM schools out-perform WM schools in almost every relevant measure apart from L1 Welsh within each eFSMs band except the 3rd band where some performance is similar.  This, confirms that WM education tends to disadvantage the high achievers more than the average to low achievers (therefore people with bright children should arguably avoid WM schools), but the average is a pretty low bar in Wales as PISA shows. 

Furthermore, it shows there is less deprivation generally in WM schools as most of us know; therefore, the outcomes SHOULD be consistently better, but they’re not – they’re mostly worse. 

The myth of WM superiority has always been because the WM schools have lower deprivation levels and this is why they initially appeared to be ‘better’ than EM schools with much higher deprivation levels, worse pupil/teacher ratios, and more ‘problem’ pupils like EAL etc.

In this context they were comparing oranges with bananas – it was not a like-for-like comparison, and the myth of WM superiority soon took hold buoyed by endless propaganda about bilingual advantage which recent research shows does not exist. 

Given their lower deprivation levels, WM schools under-perform EM by some margin.  This is what Professor Stephen Gorard found back in 1998, when he wrote ’Schooled to fail’? Revisiting the Welsh school‐effect, but he was ignored and vilified.

Once the SES/deprivation playing field is levelled by comparing like with like, as far as possible by using eFSMs grouping, then we start comparing oranges with oranges again, and the WM oranges start looking more like lemons! 

As time goes on, unless this madness stops and stops now the WM education becomes more mainstream, and less of an elite education pastime with some WM schools having low deprivation levels some private schools would kill for, then the relative under-performance of WM relative to EM will grow and grow.  Either that or, just as likely, you (W. Gov) will level everybody down AGAIN to obfuscate the failure of your flagship policy?

The 15 – 19.252 band contains only 766 WM pupils so it’s reasonable to expect that teachers had more opportunity to do remedial work with those pupils – which may explain why they appear to have done relatively well.

Columns K & L show the difference between Level 2 inclusive (which includes Welsh and English) and Level 2 inclusive without Welsh language.  If you compare WM and EM on this basis – what might be called the sensible basis for life in the rest of the UK which requires only English language skills – then WM under-performs again. 

WM school results are propped up by the ease with which L1 Welsh kids can pass GCSEs in Welsh language and Welsh literature.  So this is another notional advantage they have over EM schools in addition to their lower levels of deprivation.  This is nothing to do with pedagogy or education – it is about gaming the system to favour WM schools by giving WM ysgols more bites at the cherry (This advantage has been partly removed this year, and that’s one reason why 2019 looks even worse than 2018)! – The data, as presented, is based on traffic lights notation.  Green is better, Yellow is about the same, and Red is worse.

Moving away from the statistics, I would like to think that you, your colleagues and hopefully Mark Drakeford would seriously consider what the data says and start afresh, with a new education policy that can bring back the standards and excellence in Welsh education that evaporated 20 years ago.

It is not a coincidence that Welsh education stagnated with the onset of the devolution as making our children more Welsh became a priority for the Welsh Labour Government and substantial teaching time has been lost on the language teaching.  Any education expert worth his soul will tell you that the teaching time is finite, and the available time must be used wisely and effectively.

Your Government has been disingenuous by changing curriculum and exam standards to avoid direct comparison with the other UK’s home nations, but you could not escape or fudge the PISA results, which class Wales at the very bottom of all home nations.

Don’t want to overwhelm you with data and stats but worth noting that Professor Jon Jerrim (UCL) has observed that Welsh pupils who did PISA exams through Welsh, were about a year behind those pupils who used English in the same exams!  

You are fortunate that you have Welsh ‘media’ effectively in your pockets which is complicit in ensuring nothing bad is ever said about the Social Experiment that is relentless, ongoing and the sole reason for failing standards not only in the education but across the public services where Welsh language skill is valued more than the competence.

What you are creating is a utopian society and is not working, the Social Media is braking the censorship, and the Welsh public will find out the truth, what then? Interment or Concentration camps for the non-believers?

No nation other than Israel has ever managed to resurrect an indigenous language. Irish have tried hard, spent Billions of Euros annually and got nowhere and then they stopped – A must watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mrg_xuJZsDQ

Your expenditure on the Welsh language is not far from what Irish were spending at the height of their lunacy, and by throwing money effectively down the drain you are depriving many and far more worthy causes of adequate funding – Justifiable?

Assuming you read all of the above, I’ll not trouble you much further but must take an issue on the numbers of the actual Welsh speakers in Wales.

Most of the documents released by your department and Eluned Morgan, Minister for the Welsh language use wild and unfounded statements as to the demand/popularity of the Welsh language that are not based in fact but derived from phoney surveys originating from your own Government (Statistical services in the Welsh Government that ‘provide independent official statistics’) contradiction of terms, in other words, Ministry of Truth to fit with the Governments narrative.

Take a close look at this graph:

Annual Survey of some 11K participants ‘randomly chosen’ by Welsh Gov’s Ministry of Truth tell us that in 2001 Wales had 834K Welsh speakers but the Census in the same year recorded 582K of those who could speak Welsh or have some Welsh. Then moving along the graph we come to 2011, here again, the Annual Survey shows 790K Welsh speakers but the Census records 562K Welsh speakers. Now to the current year (2019) and by magic Wales has 891,000 Welsh speakers!

We all know that the Census data is a Gold Standard and with reliable information, so there is no way that any survey that comes above Census numbers can be real or valid; hence my definition of FRAUD, please explain what’s the purpose of the Annual stats that are widely out, year on year is?

Now on a well-kept secret, the ONS (Office of National Statistics) responsible for conducting the Census had to face an onslaught of some 20+ Welsh language pressure groups to ensure that Census planned for 2021 does not ask searching questions to identify a precise number of Welsh speakers.

Most people educated in Wales will have some Welsh but can’t be classed as Welsh speakers and most reliable estimates coming from sources outside of the Welsh Government that at best we have circa 100K Welsh speakers that can speak and read the language – Inconvenient truth for the Ministry of Truth?

Finally, I do hope that the Welsh Government and those responsible for the language and education policies will stop deceiving the Welsh public and finally admit that Welsh can never be anything else but a cultural language of a minority. Ignore all this at your peril as you’ll have on your conscience failure of thousands of our children whom you’ll deprive of education that they need and deserve to have.

Yours sincerely,

Jacques Protic


Contact: school.stats@wales.gsi.gov.uk
Date: 13-Sep-2016
Source: Welsh National Test Data

All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated.


Achievement of year 11 pupils at all mainstream schools by the broad medium of delivery and FSM eligibility, 2017/18


These are the changes introduced in 2017/18:
1) Vocational science qualifications are no longer included in the A*-C
science measure or the subject-specific
Several key changes have been implemented to the KS4 performance measures data in this 2016/17 academic year:
1) Introduction of the Capped 9 Score
The Capped 9 measure focuses on Year 11 pupils’ results from nine of the qualifications available in Wales, including subject-specific requirements.
The main changes compared to the previous capped points score are:
An increase from eight to nine GCSEs or an equivalent volume of
The introduction of subject-specific attainment requirements in English, Welsh, Mathematics – Numeracy, Mathematics and Science.
More information can be found in the Notes section:  

2) Cap on non-GCSEs to threshold measures. From 2017, a maximum of two vocational (non-GCSE) qualifications will count towards all threshold measures, depending on the size of the qualification (ie no more than 40% of the threshold).

3) Literature in threshold measures
Literature qualifications no longer count towards the literacy elements in the Level 2 inclusive or Capped 9 score from 2017 onwards, but can
still count in the non-subject specific elements.

4) New Mathematics GCSEs This is the first summer that pupils are expected to sit two GCSEs in Mathematics – GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Mathematics Numeracy.
These are the changes introduced in 2015/16:

1) Reporting school performance for 2015/16 is now based on a Year 11
cohort basis rather than for pupils aged 15 at the start of the year.
The Year 11 cohort is based on the number of pupils who were registered as being on roll in Year 11 in the school on 12 January 2016, the day of
the school census. This is a recommended change arising from the
Review of Qualifications for 14-19-year-olds in Wales. Data for 2013/14
and 2014/15 is still based on pupils aged 15.  

2) In previous years, LA figures were based on mainstream schools,
special schools, independent schools and PRU’s (Pupil Referral Units)
and did not include those pupils who were educated other than at school (EOTAS) who did not attend a PRU. This year, this additional EOTAS data
is included in the data and so will affect the LA figures. This additional
data will also be included in the Wales figures.

3) KS4 performance measures for Wales previously covered all maintained and independent schools in Wales. Beginning this academic year,
results for independent schools are not included in the Wales figures. Contact: school.stats@wales.gsi.gov.uk Date: 08/01/2018 Source: Welsh Examinations Database

All content is available under the Open Government Licence v2.0,
except where otherwise stated. http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/doc/open-government-licence/version/2/

Minority language abandonment in Welsh-medium educated L2 male
adolescents: classroom, not chatroom by Abigail Ruth Price and Marco
Tamburelli – School of Linguistics and English Language, Bangor
University, Bangor, Gwynedd, UK          

Education – Wales

Comments: 6

Essential reading for all parents with children in Wales’ schools:

Welsh devolution has failed the English-speaking majority in nearly every quantifiable measure and nowhere more so than in education.

Education has become a tool for the Welsh-speaking minority in the Welsh Government, and elsewhere, to socially engineer our children into ‘Welsh speakers’ and to become more Welsh through a revised history narrative.

Our children are no longer being taught how to think, but what to think.

All three main political parties (Labour, Conservatives and Plaid Cymru) in the Welsh Assembly (‘Welsh Parliament’) are led by Welsh speakers who are unanimous about using compulsion to impose their will and their language on the people of Wales.

The Brexit Party, UKIP, and independent Assembly Members, even if they wanted to oppose this social engineering, simply have no means to do so and occasional protestations have invited ridicule from the pro-Welsh language consensus in the three main parties.

Wales’ ‘media’ doesn’t do much if any scrutiny of anything that is even remotely likely to expose the damage being done to our children in the name of the Welsh language; all appear to be fully subscribed to the Y Fro Gymraeg nation-building concept.

The latest blow to ‘freedom of choice’ in Wales came from Boris Johnson who recently committed, presumably upon the advice from a few senior Welsh-speaking Tories, to offer his party’s manifesto support for Labour’s policy to create One Million ‘Welsh-speakers’ by 2050.

Jeremy Corbyn has not shown any inclination to challenge the Welsh language fanatics in the Labour-controlled Welsh Government.

With no political voice, and little evidence the media in Wales are willing to entertain investigative journalism which may prove damaging to the established consensus of Welsh language compulsion and imposition, parents like myself are confined to Social Media platforms to reach out to those who are absolutely clueless how much damage is being done to children in Welsh education.  This applies especially to youngsters with no Welsh at home who attend Welsh Medium schools either through misguided parental choice or by compulsion.

My thoughts and views are echoed by many highly respected academics who are denied a public platform and their research papers and essays usually end up in academia archives, never to be seen again.

Here is a small example of this from 2013 when Dr Tim Williams (TW) argued that teaching Welsh is a futile experiment and that teaching through the medium of Welsh in English-medium schools damages education by concluding:

“The dog that has not yet barked in Welsh politics is the English-speaking majority whose identity is not represented in the dreams of Welsh nationalists.

They are keen to see the survival of Welsh and have supported full access to Welsh-medium education for those that want it.

But when this support becomes a zero-sum game, with their children used in futile experiments at language revival, they’ll get restless.

Don’t stir them up. You may find the existing consensus is the first victim.”

The ‘zero-sum game’ TW mentioned has now turned negative because the English-speaking majority are in a lose-lose situation where the loss represents their children’s under-performance in formal education, stifled by Welsh nationalist political dogma, perhaps unparalleled in the post-Stalinist/Nazi era.

TW’s notion that the children with no Welsh at home are damaged in Welsh-Medium schools has now been shown beyond any reasonable doubt by the meticulous collating and analysing of the KS2 and GCSE data obtained over several years from the Welsh Government using the Freedom of Information Act provisions.

Before I deal with the data, we should remember that we have a legacy spanning nearly twenty years of relentless misinformation, half-truths, and the use of cherry-picked information by the Welsh Government and the Welsh media promoting the virtues of the Welsh language, bilingualism generally, and Welsh Medium Education at every available opportunity. This is still happening, with no end in sight, despite the fact that more recent research has thrown doubt on, or completely refuted, many of the claims previously made in support of Welsh language imposition.

We are faced with a problem of how to inform the uninformed, and those previously misled, and how to get through to the general public who don’t really know what is happening in Welsh education.  To make matters worse they don’t even know that they don’t know because the tendency is to believe government information.  I, therefore, decided to write to Kirsty Williams, the Minister for Welsh Education.

My letter to the Minister used the open format starting with ‘Dear Mrs Williams’ followed by reams of facts and figures, clear of any ambiguity, to try and get through to her that Welsh Medium Education for children with no Welsh at home is, or arguably should be, a non-starter for the vast majority of children, unless she is absolutely determined to damage generations of our children by making them sub-optimally literate and numerate in two languages. Even if she is doing this with cross-party support.

The letter was sent on 18.10.2019, followed by a PS note containing additional information (22.10.2019). Both, duly acknowledged under the reference TO/KW/07373/19. The reply received on 08.11.2019.

All three sets of correspondence will be released over the next few days on every Social Media platform including my personal blog www.glasnost.org.uk – Please share it widely – Future of our children is at stake and we need to get the silent dog, barking again.

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Nuclear Energy: more problems for Theresa May – The Welsh dimension

Most of us know or have heard of Teresa’s Chinese puzzle regarding the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station (Government’s concern on security and cost grounds) but few of us are aware of the Welsh Government’s TAN 20 planning legislation that can derail the Horizon project of building a new nuclear plant on Anglesey.

TAN 20

The future of UK’s energy supply is now at risk and not just from the secretive Chinese and their ambitions for world domination but also from a bunch of looneys still living in the XIII century world, demanding Exceptionalism and Privileges on the grounds that they speak Cymraeg (Welsh).

These people have managed to infiltrate every level of Welsh society in the post-devolution period and now control the Welsh Labour Government, most quangos, BBC Wales, other Welsh media and have endless pressure groups, all there for a simple purpose of making them ‘More Equal’.

In Wales, the social inclusion and democracy is well on the way to being eradicated but interfering with a project of a huge national significance may just be a step too far?

Horizon Wylfa II

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Loony Corner of Welsh Nationalism Exposed


In the Orwellian world that Wales has become under the leadership of Welsh speaking First Ministers in the post devolution period it has become increasingly difficult to penetrate obstructions and censorship on the part of the Welsh establishment including the Welsh media to effectively challenge the notion created by the Welsh Labour that the Welsh speaking minority is a privileged class based on their ‘linguistic exceptionalism’ and therefore worthy of unprecedented privileges in the Welsh public sector and elsewhere.

The intention of this ‘Loony Corner’ is to expose the lies and deceit behind the headlines celebrating the Welsh linguistic exceptionalism as they appear in the media – Watch this space:

EISTEDDFOD 2016 “WEAPONISED WALES” Without the Welsh Language Wales is Nothing

Comments: 17WMD_world_map.svg

Not a ‘figment of my imagination’ but the heading statement came from the lips of Archdruid Geraint Lloyd Owen in defense of their decision not to allow the Welsh Football Team to be honoured by the Gorsedd at the Eisteddfod for its remarkable achievement in UEFA Euro 2016 competition.

Archdruid said: As most ‘Welsh’ football players do not speak Welsh; Eisteddfod standards must be kept, then elaborated further:

“If they can’t speak Welsh I don’t see how we can welcome them in [Gorsedd], because Welsh [Language] is the biggest, strongest weapon we have as a nation and without it, we have nothing”.

A truly bizarre statement that in my view is an affront to the non-Welsh speaking majority who by inference are nothing too!

This nonsense was then followed by the Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones who together with Alun Davies (Minister for the Welsh Language) used Eisteddfod 2016 as a platform in a sinister ploy to push the Welsh Labour Party’s Cymrufication agenda to the next stage:

Creating 1,000,000 Welsh speakers by 2050 that first appeared in a small print within the Welsh Labour’s Manifesto (2016 Assembly Elections) is now an official policy and seems to be highly ironic that the County of Monmouthshire that is perhaps more English than England has been chosen to signal that the English language and its culture is no longer relevant in the post-devolution Wales – Arrogance?

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1984 for real: Death of English Medium Education for primary school pupils in Wales


The Welsh Labour Government wants ONE MILLION Welsh speakers by 2050 and to do so is planning to eliminate English language teaching in primary schools, what are the implications?

After 17 years of Labours’ dominance of Welsh politics their Social Engineering Agenda is finally in the open but anyone expecting a debate on the merits of dragging Wales back into the 13th century world or any scrutiny of such policies is going to be disappointed – Welsh Media does not tolerate dissent or any ‘disrespect’ of the Welsh language and its culture!

We are only days away from the Welsh Assembly elections and most of us have seen endless politico posturing and their promises of a better tomorrow to get our vote but none of the Party Political Broadcasts including the leader debates have ever touched upon the Welsh language imposition –   there is only a Deafening Silence!

Take the article following this extended preamble which has been ‘shamelessly plagiarised’ from BBC Wales’ web pages: “Welsh Labour to create One Million Welsh speakers by 2050” (BBC Wales has a habit of removing pages that may prove to be embarrassing to their cause).

The only external body invited by BBC to comment was the Welsh language pressure group (Cymdeithas yr Iaith), at best a looney organisation basing their ‘living’ upon a simple premise “Every child born in Wales has an entitlement and a birth right to speak Welsh”

Putting aside the sheer madness of their stance and unreserved support of anything Welsh or Cymraeg as they call it, BBC Wales doesn’t say, or asks how One Million Welsh speakers are going to be created.

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WELSH DEVOLUTION – A Single Party Governance on Orwellian Terms: 16 years of failure and more to come!


With the Assembly elections looming upon us the Welsh electorate has some unenviable choices to make, but can it make the real choices in the absence of the free media and with virtually no scrutiny  of the key issues that have made Wales a basket case ‘nation’ of Europe and the UK?

Of all the devolved UK regions, Wales happens to be relatively unique in the context that it has a ‘living’ minority language and a culture that has somehow become ‘More Equal’ and where some 7% of fluent Welsh speakers have managed to take over the Ownership of Wales.

It’s not simple to explain this phenomenon but the nationalist agenda of creating a ‘Welsh speaking Cymru (Wales)’ started a long time ago and over time they managed to infiltrate the key Welsh institutions, then simply waited for the right opportunity to arrive.

The following statement is from the House of Lords archives (1958) and it goes a long way to explain what’s happening in Wales today:

“Welsh nationalists have captured the BBC Wales and are making a determined assault on our schools. I am afraid these Eisteddfod-going Welsh-language-thumping people will stop at nothing to force their views on the majority”

Devolution has given them the gift they waited for, then the sinister political manipulation of devolved powers by the Welsh speaking Labour Party leaders (Rhodri Morgan first and now Carwyn Jones) who together with the unquestionable complicity and support of the Welsh Media (BBC / ITV Wales) and to the lesser extent Western Mail and the Daily Post seemingly managed to achieve the impossible – A Tribal Minority ruling the Majority!

Fluent Welsh speakers have created a myth that Wales belongs to them: “Their Country, Their Language, Their Culture“. Therefore, the Welsh Governance should be on their terms – A form of self-granted ‘Exceptionalism’ and all at a huge price to Wales and so it seems everything that matters or should matter to Wales is now in a terminal decline!
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LIGHT A FIRE FOR WALES – Burn an English Home

mug350Mug Inscription: Taniwch Dros Cymru which when translated means ‘Light a Fire for Wales’, the motif shown depicts a Burning Home and to make sense in the Welsh context it must be an English home?

This is a chilling and sinister Welsh souvenir from the not so distant past and whilst the burning of English homes has stopped, Wales now has a new and an equally sinister order named ‘ENGLISH NOT’.

The Welsh Labour Government over the last 16 years has used its devolved powers to elevate a minority language and its culture through compulsion and diktat to a privileged position.

The better informed but gagged and silenced people of Wales see this as a Social Engineering concept not seen in Europe since the Stalinist era and for some very good reasons:

It’s now no longer possible for the lesser equals (Non Welsh speakers circa 80% +) to hold most of the public jobs or to educate their children THROUGH THE MEDIUM OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE (The parental freedom of choice to choose educational language for their children in primary years has been or is being removed by the Local Education Authorities on Anglesey, Gwynedd, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire)

This policy has been fully endorsed by the Welsh Government and by Estyn also and is now a format planned for the rest of Wales.

These measures appear to have the full blessing of BBC Cymru Wales (note the order!) and other Welsh media who will say and do anything to suppress, sanitise, and squash an open debate on this subject.

Perhaps we should not be surprised that anything that matters or should matter in Wales is in a downward spiral; including standards in Education, the NHS and the Economy (Is a common link the Welsh Language)?

The people of Wales should take the heed of Gwyn Thomas and what he had to say on this subject some 30 years ago.

YouTube clip here : yt1

Finally and back to the contemporary Wales, came across a fascinating assessment of Welsh Government’s Orwellian world by Natalie Solent on Samizdata web pages and well worth reading:


YouTube clip here :yt2 (The original YouTube clip was taken down after Welsh nats sent a deluge of complaints to YouTube to silence Gwyn Thomas’ message – The new clip contains some other material but the key note about the Welsh language is about 15 min’s in)

Jacques Protic – March 2015